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Red Skies at Night

So your chum Mahty (and by "chum" I mean, of course, a mixture of fish parts and blood used to attract fish) was right — the Yankees are still capable of losing.


If I wasn't in such a good mood today I'd be prone to bitch about the Yankees' cosmic good fortune of late …


The Sox, meanwhile, will face Kazmir this weekend and both Bedard and Guthrie next week.


Whatev. It's all good. Let the Yankees feast on diet of false hopes. It'll make for the our eventual schedenfraude all the bettah.


Absolutely. And don't look now, but when Schilling takes a break from being the Grand Poobah of Baseball and God's Anointed Spokesperson on Earth to, you know, STFU and pitch, he looks good.


.550 ball from here on out, gets us to 95 wins.


These guys are not ruining my summah!


Of course everything looks rosiah on the eve of vacation*.


*The Soxaholix will be on vacation next week and will return with new strips Monday, August 6th.


What's not to like?
7 is better than 6. 3 out of 4 at the Jake where Geffstradamus told us (about 45 times) that no visiting team had done as well tere this year.

Enjoy the weekend. I'm gonna buy some beer.


A nice one, indeed.

What's up with Gabbard? He was throwing that same shit in his second start...

Just in time for trading deadline:

1)WiMP shows glimpses for his POTENTIAL power: Stock up...may get more for him in a trade then previously thought

2) Gabbard may be coming back to earth: stock cooling off...may be time to sell high

3) Taveraz shows his value as a middle-reliever: Stock up but one we may want to hold on to

4) Snider not seeing much action: Stock down...with Taveraz lookiing like the long to middle reliever of choice he may be superfulous

So, who will bite for a deal with Gabbard, WiMP and Snider and some minor leaguer other than Ellsbury or Buckholz? Cheers lc and all...gonna buy some good local beer. Enjoy these wonderous, fleeting weekends of summer in New England.

Geff was just so excited to tell us that Tom Mastny is the first MLBer to be born in Indonesia. Now that shit is wicked interesting.

FoT- had the same thought re: WiMP's performance last night. Might just be enough to get us a fungo bat along with the bag of balls.

Have a great vacation, hb. Hopefully the comments won't go all Lord of the Flies like the last time you were gone. :)

...when Schilling takes a break from being the Grand Poobah of Baseball and God's Anointed Spokesperson on Earth to, you know, STFU and pitch, he looks good."

I've been saying this for like 3 years. Curt, just STFU and pitch!

Wow--Indonesia. Cool. Let's send Phil Hughes there for some extra rehab, say until Novembah.

But Papi still looks weak--we go nowheah widdout him.

I thought I hated having to listen to Geffner through the first 2 hours of my travel to Syracuse...

...it was even worse listening to Cleveland's hometowners from some AM station out of eastern Ohio that I could pick up just outside of Albany. Dude kept calling Tavarez as "hoolian" instead of "julian". I wanted to reach through the radio and rip off his family "hoo-lls" (jewels).


I heard a bit of the Indians announcers this week. They are on WTAM, a 50k flamethrower on 1100 AM. Those guys are homers, I'll grant you. Listening to the 1-0 RS loss, was rather painful.


I will remain solidly off the bandwagon.

Now I will have "Red Skies" by the Fixx running through my head all day...

After pitching brilliantly to get out the 5th, BST once again melts down after an error is commited in the field behind him. What is with that guy?


Would you rather have "Spider Pig" going through your head like I've had all day?

Last night the skies over Cleveland opened as did the bats went wild. Good to see after two nailbiters.

It was so wonderful to see the boys. I hope those of you who live close to Fenway appreciate what you've got!

Damn I wish there were an edit feature here....

I should have added that I enjoy those old 80's tunes. So thanks h.b. Have a great vacation

I literally just got out of an all-day meeting.

8:30 to 5:27.

The Sox better win tonight or I'm killing everything withing a four block radius of Pete's Pub.

Oh, BTW, have a good weekend everyone.

How 'bout Manny's first homer yesterday - is that what you New Englanders mean when you say 'he hit that wicked fahr'?

Have a fun break HB.

What is it with meetings today? I was tied up from 9am to 7pm straight through.

The Cleveland series did a lot to restore my confidence in this team. Seeing how they bounced back after a 1 run loss reminded me exactly how much grit these guys have. Manny's first home run was massive - anyone who has been to the Jake and sat in the outfield knows exactly how far that part of the park is from home.


Just before that homer my sister was yelling, "I hated you when you were an Indian and I hate you more now." I was just cheering him on...It was nice to 'win' one over my older sister. It was the 3rd longest shot hit at the Jake.

Clemens eats another loss. Yay.

Speaking of Clemens, check this out from Kepner at NYT:

"When Roger Clemens joined the Yankees last month, he gave T-shirts to his new teammates. On the front is Clemens’s Rocket Man logo, and on the back, in bold letters, is a personal slogan: Tough All Day."

I don't know if any of you have been to Graceland but Clemens is starting to act like he spent too much time in the Jungle Room. He's falling into late-era Elvis mode with the cheesy slogan...on the King's tombstone is "Takin' Care of Business" with a lightning bolt symbol. What's next - teaming up with Jackie Chan (in place of Bruce Lee) and Kareem Abdul Jabbar for some "high flying jujitsu action"?

Sorry Roj, there's only one Kkkkking, and it ain't you.

Clemens is neither welcome nor needed in RSN. His demise is our joy. Schadenfreude has begun.

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