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Have a Happy 4th!


Site announcement:
The Soxaholix will return on Friday, July 6th.


You too, hb. And thanks for your recommendations some weeks back re 'The Entitled' and 'Is this a great game or what?' both of which I have acquired here and am currently devouring.

Can I be forgiven for repeating my recent post:

//A call for Oki:

Summer classic calls,
Vote like the Chicagans vote:
Early and often.

Matsuzaka san was AWESOME last night. Wow!!!

Happy 4th all.//

Off to meet Mrs Buckner WF, Kaz, BWF and, if he wakes up, the notorious Bob.
Go Timmy!

PS Only half the pretty picture is showing up on my computer?

I cast 25 votes for Okajima this morning. *#@** validation key.

LOVE Ellsbury. Reminds me of how Youkilis struck me when he was up and down from the Pawsox. Plays real hard.

i cast a bunch myself and no shit on the validation deal!! go okie dokie san!!!!

oh wait i been meaning to say this for a couple days now. how bout some props for hinske. the man could start on alot of teams out there and yet he rides the pine in boston with more class than 3/4 of the major leagers...

Just got in from a LONG day at work (not everyone gets the 4th off) Just want to say outstanding pictures as usual,Peter.I only wish I could have been there :(

Thanks Rich - I wish you'd been there too.

SDU, came into work this morning and my Outlook calendar is newly packed with (useless) meetings.

Don't see how I can get to lunch today.

Are you around for lunch tomorrow, or taking off before that?

Hey Bob, thanks for the fun yesterday. That hot dog eating contest still has me shaking my head. As Vonnegut said it's the 'capacity to astonish' that makes this country so very frightening!

Here's some photos:


No worries about lunch - if you can make to Los Angeles I can do Friday - Venice perhaps?


Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Awesome seats too. Not an easy task getting into a Sox game any more.

SDU, there's a bar (naturally) right on Venice Beach with outdoor seating that serves Watney's on tap in pitchers. Old fav college hangout of mine ("pitcher of Watney's and a side of fries").

Saw a mime get thrown to the ground by an angry man right in front of the place.

Good times, good times.

Have a great trip, and thanks for the great time. Next time you're back, we'll have to go to a game in my bleacher seats to experience the "people's Fenway."

(BTW, Kobiashi's "reversal of fortune" was one of the greatest TV moments ever. The entire Baseball Tavern was going crazy.)

SDU and Bob-
Great fun at the Tavern again, guys- thanks. Glad that the game lived up to the excitement of its Nathan's prelude- I don't think I've seen a completely crowded bar so riveted on one thing since at least the '04 season.
SDU, great pics, too. Nice that you caught the fist bump coming out of the bullpen. Safe travels home. Truly a pleasure to hang out with you a bit

Looks like you guys had another great time before the game yesterday. Is that Lou(ise?) in the shot with you all? I wouldn't have guessed that at all, but I bet she's even hotter with his/her? Manny cap on.

Sorry I couldn't make it to join you all but I basically woke up about noon and then headed over to my friend's house to start 12 hours of imbibing and gurgitation. I then proceeded to miss my bus this morning.

Official decree: There will be no more Wednesday holidays ever again. All agreed say "Yay". The yays have it.

I was there and cruised sec 20, but couldn't find the bois. It was a crisp, well played game, and I'd like to see Jacoby Ellsbury signed for about the next 15 years.


sorry we missed you, lc. I second the notion on Ellsbury. And add Mike Lowell for the next couple at least

Hey SDU,

I'll meet you for lunch Friday. I don't know Venice well did you have somewhere in mind?

The place Bob mentioned doesn't sound bad if we can find it. It's been a long time since I have had a Watney's Red Barrel.

Or how about Sharkeez in Manhatan Beach?

Might be my hangover and staring at a computer screen all morning creating brain mush...But SDU could be mistaken as Nuke LaLoosh - maybe SDU should stick around to see how Gabbard does on his next start.

Sonoma Sox, I think Buckner (far right in this shot) and even I (middle) look more like Tim Robbins than SDU.


SDU bears a slight resemblance to Al Pacino.

Yep - got everyone confused. Damn booze. Bob, you definitely have some sort of Robbins thing going on...Does Ms. Bob have a Susan Sarandon look?

So THIS is what happens when you blow you anonymity!! You mean a YOUNG Al Pacino, don't you Bob?

SoCal Sox - I'll have to take a rain check - I was just teasing Bob really. I am only in the City of Angels for 36 hours and have a shopping list as long as the Big Unit's arms (both extended) to try to compensate for my life partner cheerfully putting me on the 'plane for this 'conference' tour. Thanks so much for the invite.

//Does Ms. Bob have a Susan Sarandon look?//

The girlfriend doesn't visit the site so I can say it:

No, she doesn't, unfortunately. Although she is a nubile 29-year-old, so I'm not complaining.

And SDU, of course I mean a YOUNG Al Pacino. Pacino circa "Scarface."

heh! I'm da bad guy - you not gonna see a bad guy like me round here no more!

don't tell anyone but this is actually Mrs Bob and Bob in intimate embrace:


She usually shaves a little closer.

Bob, I hope so, cause those pits could use some Quattro attention.

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