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Your omniscient author in absentia:
Sorry, no strip today.  I'm taking a previously planned day off from work, and though I had good intentions to publish today … well, let's just say that didn't work out. Seems I had a little bit too much, er, joy in seeing Halladay getting whacked around last night and, consequently, I'm having some difficulty moving around. — Hart



What a glorious start to the second half - things could not have gone much better. Batshit is due for a win and the Rocket is overdue for a pounding.

"I'm having some difficulty moving around."

Maybe it's time you considered a Hoveround or a Rascal, Hart. They even come in red to match... you know...


HB, you publish a comic strip AND have a day job?

Paging Oscar Goldman...

maybe h.b. has a previously unannounced meniscus tear?

Yanks are back at .500. Look out everybody... pretty soon the Sox's lead is going to be back in the single digits!

After 2 different celebratory buffet dinners (Brazilian BBQ Tuesday, All-you-can-eat Sushi Thursday)...I also find myself limited in movement.

I don't want a laceratio cruditas or a reversal of fortune. The commute in today was abusive.

Oh, and Harry Potter fans will enjoy the latest release. Good pace, good action, good acting, just a well-made movie.

Heh. Seems like "difficulty moving around" is a common condition today. I feel like batshit.

(Good omen for tonight.)

Yanks are back at .500. Look out everybody, the Yanks might reach 1 game over .500 before the week is out!

I have some sad news for all of you who knew of the King of Kenmore Square, Mr. Butch. Harold Madison, Jr. crashed his scooter into a street pole in Union Square in Allston late last night and ended up with a broken neck that ended his life.

Street icon dies at 56

I would frequently run into Mr. Butch after his move to Harvard and Comm Ave on my way to Marty's Liquors or Our House bar and sometimes in the winter inside the Fleet/Bank of America ATM room. I had no idea his history from Kenmore Square since I got to Boston in 2000 after he'd already been harassed out of the area (I also missed out on the Rathskeller and IHOP from what I heard from the locals...at least I went to Baushaus occasionally before that shut down too). It seemed from my limited contact with him, that the man was a good person who simply chose a different direction in life. From reading the obituary article and this other article from April 2006 it seems like he had a great group of friends who helped him out in a lot of ways.

Allston just lost a bit more of its cool (much like the Kells going Asian and the community boards being replaced with those stupid ad/map signs). At least we have the Sports Depot back.

Somethings do come back from the dead, Mr. Butch. Others never leave us because we'll always keep them around in spirit. (Sorry, Mr. B, that doesn't rhyme, but you were always the one to handle that...)

Sorry had the date of the accident off by one day. It was early morning (7 AM) yesterday (7/12) not late last night as I originally thought.

Kaz, sorry to hear of Mr. Butch's passing. Based on the newspaper write up, I'm wondering if the "Emperor of San Francisco" character in Christopher Moore's 'Blood Sucking Fiends' was based on him.

Hey Steve - I don't know what the Christopher Moore story you're refering to, but Emperor Norton (of San Francisco) was a real-life person in 19th Century S.F.

Really cool story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Norton

Thanks Billy - Norton was probalby the inspiration, althought the setting in Moore's hilarious novel about vampires in SF is a modern one, not 1800's.

Back to Baseball (sort of) - any consensus nominations out there for President of Red Sox Nation? I thinking of Paul 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald (townienews.com) just in hopes of a NESN interview that plays on MLB Extra Innings... A presidential debate between him and Remy would be great

fucken snyder

Two things.
Firstly, I'd like to see a breakdown of Manny's stats on the days that his friend, Batshit, pitches- they must be off the charts
Secondly, does anyone, particulary you long standing Sox fans, feel any sympathy for the Rocket as he continues to dimish his reputation? Ok, silly question.

Sympathy? I've got more sympathy for Paris Hilton than the Rocket, and that ain't much.

Did anybody else notice that ESPN is matching up Brady and Papi in thiere What's Now competion today? They highlighted Papi's 15 walkoffs, but after last night I can see it being Brady in a landslide. We haven't seen a Big Papi walkoff in almost a full year.

fucken one run games

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