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For some reason...

Ah, memo to the Red Sox: It's now July, you can stop the June Swoon stuff, mmm-kay?


Yeah, I'm really not wanting to consider the June Swoon becoming July's Demise.


Meanwhile, once again Batshit Tavarez has the quote of the day: "We are good. Because for some reason we're in first place."


Seriously, the incongruity between the way the Red Sox have played in this Texas series and the fact that they remain entrenched in first place cramps my brain to considah.


Yeah, it's so bad, that I can't even take full pleashuh in Scot Proctah's Bonfire of the Insanities.


Hey, did you hear that Julio Lugo tried the same thing?


Get out. Lugo?


Yeah, but Lugo misread the instructions on the matches — He thought it said "Strike out to light."



When poor Lugo got caught stealing third with Y O O O U U K at the plate (THIRD for goodness' sake!!) I almost choked on my Fenway Frank. But those two events may have been unrelated.

Heh. The Soxaholix gang looks like a far-more-sober version of SDU, Buckner, Kaz and me at the Baseball Tavern Saturday. That was fun. Although I did end up falling asleep on the Green Line and ending up in Lechmere.

Hey everyone, don't forget to vote for O.K. today.

Without pain, there is no pleasure, right kids?

What was that, about 498 LOB the last three nights?

Saw Clay Bucholz in AA Portland on Sat Night. Five Innings, no hits. He was on a pitch count, so was pulled.
Dude is as filthy as portapotty at Santa Claus Village. Theo was there, looking all Theo. Man Of The People, so to say.


For those who missed it yesterday, here's the blurry outcome of Saturday's rendezvous of which Bob speaks:

Yesterdays seats were in 21 again and were even better! But the outcome was the same 'for some reason'. :(

The pics of the rendezvous have pretty much wiped out any lingering malaise I had from dropping 3 straight to Texas and reminded me of the simple truth that it isn't all about winning any given game.

Thanks for the link and the pics, SDU.

Great fun, indeed! Thanks Bob and Kaz also. Glad to see you made it inside finally- sorry I had to bug out. Other friends and Sam Lights awaited. Hopefully the boys will pull out of this minor deviation, starting with Mr Gabbard tonight. After all, we could have Andy 'way back' Pettitte going for us, right PT?
for those that can make it, another informal gathering will be held at the Baseball Tavern Wed before the game, around 11:30. lc?

tnx HB but winning would be good, right?

Meeting up at the Tavern was fun. We'll have to do it again on July 4th.

In the meantime, I want Lugo quarantined before he ends up giving the entire team whatever he has that causes him to lose the ball at the plate.

We're not just leaving guys on, but it really looks like we can't even put the ball on the bat squarely these days.

And can we brainstorm potential ways for Lugo to screwup when he's not even on the field? I can feel it coming...how can a bench guy get the team disqualified?

Forgot to mention a cool moment Saturday. When the guys and I were having our sausage with peppers and ONIONS!, we wandered over behind where Tom Carron and Jim Rice were just finishing up their broadcast. Rice looked over, I pointed at the "Let Jim IN" T-shirt I was wearing, and he gave us a big smile and thumbs up.

Then I spilled Siaracha sauce on the shirt, but I don't think he saw that.

Ha, that picture is great, but it doesn't do the conversation justice.

I tapped out earliest because I kept getting calls from my friends whom I had told there were MD crabcakes coming. That food was really the only saving grace that night watching the loss.

I had the waitress take a shot on my camera too, but I tried to get a "night mode" shot and she moved too soon after taking the picture and the extended exposure gave us the true blur that we were building up to that afternoon.

I'd take any single loss if it meant they were playing a game and some of us could get together from across the globe. The fact that the entire AL East is on a losing streak just makes it tolerable. Too bad we couldn't be putting even more distance on every single team at once. We also lost our league-leading win percentage, but we'll return to glory.

I think you can see the soon-to-be-immortalised one behind you, lurking, in a couple of the photos, Bob. I think he wanted to join us - the guy he was with was BORING.

Oh, yeah, I also promised you guys a primer on creating web links here in the comments:

<a href="website"> opening tag and </a> closing tag

<a href=" http://www.bostonredsox.com "> Boston Red Sox Homepage</a>

should create -- Boston Red Sox Homepage

Let's see if that works...not sure what coding h.b. allows.

Just remember that you can only put in 2 web links per post before the automatic spam filter complains about your post and won't let it go through. If you add 1 or 2 web links, you'll get what they call a "CAPTCHA" to make sure you are human and not a spammer.

BWF -- I wish you did. You can have them all. They should all burn their gloves, since they're clearly not using them for anything else. Maybe the flames will illuminate something... like how to win.

My Yankees are playing like SDU posts when he's drunk. I think I just figured out why Finnegan's Wake reads the way it does.

PT aka Captain Obvious

Lugo, Lugo, who's on first?
You are not there
I fear the worst.

Tnx Kaz, I may have finally figured it out. Let's see....


At least Lugo now is guaranteed a job with Fox waiting for him when he's done playing, a la Steve Lyons. 'course then he'll get fired in a few years for saying stupid things.

and how about a shout out to our 5 All-Stars? Even though Youk was robbed and I'd rather Lowell get the 3 days off, that was great to see. OKie will make 6 (5* with Manny) and Becks starting- niiiice

Close, lc, make sure you remember the closing tag: </a> after you write the text you want to show up as the link.

If you look at your post, not only is the 'lc' a link, but you turned the 'Posted by:' into part of the same link before typepad handled its own closing link.

1) Opening tag: <a href="the webpage you want to direct people to goes between the quotes">
2) Text: This will be turned into the link.
3) Closing tag: </a>

Warms the haht to see you guys together. Thanks for the pix. It's nice to see the faces behind the comments.

Oh yes, Bob, Wilco was outstanding! Old and new material and they were upbeat here, too. They played as the sun set over the Adirondacks and I was in and out of the beer tent (Magic Hat, of course). Great time. Then caught Bela Fleck last night in Concord NH, another great show.

Definitely time to start winning again. We could really be opening up a lead. I predict that Gabbard has enlisted help to pull his head out of his ass and will throw a gem tonight.

Apologies to Nat and others for last week's defensiveness. On we go...

Those pics were sweet. Makes me wish I were an east-coaster again.

Weekend games sucked donkeys, except for Friday. Go go Gabbard curveball!

What's this about A-Rod's wife wearing the "F&%^ you" shirt? Is she trying to appear more manly?

Speaking of swooning, I was at Wednesday's game and saw Coco nursing his glove paw after diving to get the first hit, which turned out to be the first run, in the third inning.

I snapped this picture of him in between batters, with his glove off, stretching out his digits:


So if you're wondering why he isn't in the lineup ...

h.b., is golden chalice guy going to become a regular? are we going to get a name and bio for this new watercooler denizen?

Was great to see pix of Soxaholix at the game, faces to names and all that...

To a 'holix we wished you were there wearing 'teal' Natalie!

Thanks, SDU, I as well! Maybe in the future? Bob and I are sharing 4 tix to the final game of the season (right field roof box) so perhaps there can be another Soxaholix rendezvous at the Baseball Tavern on Sept 30. If you fly back from Down Under for the occasion, I promise to show up in that teal bridesmaid dress, flip flops and my well-worn Titleist hat with the B logo (since I think y'all'd kick my ass for wearing my light blue one). :)

tempting but, regrettably, unlikely :(

shoot SDU, if that's the payoff I think maybe we could take up a collection to fly you back here for 9/30
anybody else with me?

I have right field standing room tix to that home game too, Natalie. I definitely think we can do something before heading to our seats.

My biggest problem is how to make it from my brother's wedding the night before in MD in time for the game. I'm scouring my flight possibilities for that perfect semi-hungover morning-after-reception make-it-back-by-noon flight.

//I'm scouring my flight possibilities for that perfect semi-hungover morning-after-reception make-it-back-by-noon flight.//


good luck, bro

Don't forget to vote for okajima:

My click finger is already sore...

Kaz...wondering where you got the "Let Jim In" T-shirt. My brother is one of his biggest fans.

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