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Doug didn't watch the Home Run Derby

Oh, c'mon, don't give me that "glory of the game" crap.


The All Stah Game is to the glory of big league baseball what seeing a lion show at the circus is to the glory of African savannah. It's trivial, dumbed down mock entertainment is what it is.


Baseball is about trying to win the World Series. Nothing less.


I dunno. I think there's something cool about seeing the Red Sox All Stars out there in their game whites representing Boston and the fans.


Yeah, OK, Al, and if tomorrow we learn that Josh Beckett tore or blistahd or othahwise tenderized his dainty digits aftah pitching in the All Star Game, how cool is that gonna be?



Amen, Doug, amen.

Aaack! I hate these three days with no baseball! I was actually reduced to watching the stupid HR derby last night, just to get a taste of some baseball. I wished that my nephew had a tee-ball game yesterday ... watching a bunch of kids standing around, picking their noses and wearing their mitts on their heads seemed more like actual baseball than listening to Chris Berman prattle on about the dimensions of AT&T park.

I can't tolerate Berman any more, so I didn't watch the HR derby as well. Plus, the HR Derby is slowly going the way of the Slam Dunk Contest. Used to MJ vs. 'Nique. Not so much any more.

In the lead up to the HRD on ESPN, they had some great home run calls. Two by Trupiano. ESPN didn't get the memo denying his existence, I guess.

Talk about aimless...I heard part of the HRD on the radio [Dave Schulman]. He acted like Jose Rios had just dropped out of the sky. Nobody told him what the rules were, so he was calling a contest not knowing how the winner would be determined. And what's with all the breaks between batters? The alchoholic 1st base coaches they have throwing BP need 5 minutes to warm up??. Then, once the hitting started, they go down to the field for an interview, since the TV people got the same people during the break in the action. It made no sense to me.


There will be a thunder in Fenway Park this week, as the Red Sox plow under the Blue Jays, Royals, and ChiSox.

The pride is back!

ESPN screws up everything it touches. Only that damn network could stretch batting practice between 8 guys out over 3 plus hours.
That's why guys like Papi and Bonds don't want to do it, because they have to stand around 45 minutes between turns.

And Kenny Mayne was in a kayak out in McCovey Cove. Wow. Now THAT's sports journalism.

BTW, the next time you think this country can be tough on its politcal figures, remember this: China just heavily disciplined their former Food & Drug Administrator.

By executing him.

No presidential pardon after that I guess.

To be honest, my brain and my house could probably use the time off from the fantasy league.

Plus the pictures of Little Papi and Manny, Jr. are worth a couple days with no games.

Jumping to today from an earlier thread, because I've been on simultaneous writing and home improvement jags, so haven't been able to check in until today.

(This business of two hours of sleep a night is going to have to give, sooner or later.)


The wine from Buckner was, indeed, Widow's Walk.

Tonight, I think, I'm going the single malt route -- scribbling be damned, a fellow's got to sleep sometime.

You guys are COMPLETELY missing the point of the Home Run Derby:

"Golden Chalice" Al has a name!

Wikipedia, here I come! :D

ESPN is horrible - even worse now that we have to endure a million commercials about the bronx burning...ice pick to the eye.

Speaking of torture, LC did you catch Schill's predicted winner of a Sox hot dog eating contest over at boston douchebag dogs? Your boy, Goofner.

HB - When will Al get his t-shirt? He obviously holds some greater wisdom.

Yes ESPN, Berman and Co. are the worst. I did listen to a little of the HRD on the radio and did consider it much more tolerable than watching on TV.

Will be watching a bit of the game tonite, if for no other reason than to hoist a few (dozen) before our 10pm softball game.

I haven't watched the AS-Game for the past 10 years but I'm somehow drawn to it this year.

I'm psychologically more invested in this year's Sox team than any in recent memory, including 2004 (the excitement there, of course, came toward the end of the season, and I was wrapped up in it along with everone else).

I have some neurotic need to follow every game and, given the four-day dearth, I've somehow convinced myself that the All-Star game is a satisfactory proxy.

I agree with Doug re the HR derby; give me the hot dog eating contest anyday - it's funnier, it's shorter and it's far more disgusting.

Berman was driving me nuts with his, "That's going all the way to...(Fill in distant San Francisco landmark or NoCal city)". Way too over used!

I think before he starts talking he should think back back back back to what he has said before.

Berman's "back-back-back-back" shit is terrible. I fucking hate it.

And I didn't even watch the Derby this year, but Berman's calls grate on my memory like it happened yesterday.

Saw video of the Ortiz/Guerrero bat ceremony/switch-up which led directly to Guerrero's victory, seemingly. Since that was almost certainly the highlight of the evening, I'm glad I saw it...and nothing else.

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