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Bronson, we have a problem...

So golfah Sergio Garcia chokes in the British Open then claims there is a "curse" upon him … Meanwhile Jon Lester is stricken with anaplastic large cell lymphoma midseason, goes thru intense chemotherapy treatment all wintah, works his ass off getting his strength back, enduahs a long rehap stint in the minahs all without complaining, blaming, or whining.


Kind of puts things in perspective, eh?


Yeah, and not only does Lestah return to the Majahs, but he really returns, throwing 96 pitches, striking out 6 over 6 innings, with 2 runs allowed on 5 hits and 5 walks against one of the best teams the American League has to offah.




And I'm just going to kick back and enjoy the majesty of the Lester saga for a day befoah acknowledging the elephant in the room.


6 pitchahs for 5 slots?


Ssssshhhhh …



Six pitchers for five slots is a good problem to have.

Hey Timmy: welcome back to the bullpen. Sorry the Sawx couldn't trade Gabbard and WiMP for a stud.

No way, future. Wakefield eats too many innings and gives Varitek rest. Kason is the odd man out.

Not a chance, future...

Unfortunately for Lester, unless Gabbard falls back down to earth, Jon is headed back to Pawtucket for more work. Yesterday might have been the best game he threw this year, considering the opposition. No way we can expect that from him every start... at least not this year.

I got seriously teared up in the fourth when Lester struck out Sizemore to get out of the bases loaded jam. It hurts my heart to think the Sox may have brought him up for last night's game simply to display him for scouts in advance of the trading deadline. As hb's Bronson title today suggests, I think it'd be foolish to trade either Lester or Gabbard. Keep the young arms, Theo!!! No team has ever had too much pitching!!!

Put Schill in the pen

Is Dave Magadan yet been named 'hitting coach of the year'? Who'd have thunk it possible that Coco and Lugo will be hitting .300/.280 respectively before the end of September?

Also if you look at the walks those two are grinding out (they destroyed Buerhle in the first inning on Sunday) - great signs of confidence - and OBP is skyrocketing...

Ditto the pitching comment above, great problem to have. Only issue is if guys stop getting their turns, batting practice starts up again.

Would NESN have featured Lester's parents if he had given up a bases clearing double?

At what point did ever become a problem to carry an extra starting pitcher into August? The jury (medically speaking) is still out on Schilling, Wake, although good and eating a lot of innings, is 40+ years old and only 11 months removed from a serious rib injury. I know the talking heads all say that sitting on the bench on a major league team is not the way for a young pitcher to develop, but I have a little bit of trouble with that logic when you are wathcing Beckett, Schilling, adn Matusaka. Having 2 lefties in the rotation come August, September and October...killa!

Of course, you are never going to get more for Gabbard than you are in the next 2 weeks trade value-wise. Nice problem to have.

BTW, does anyone else see a WiMP, Hanson, and a bag-o-balls trade looming?

It could be worse. We could have Clemens.


Just for clarification -- the "problem" Doug is alluding to isn't the extra pitching but rather, based on precedent, how the FO will react and the likelihood, again based on what has happened before, that one of the pitchers is going to be on another club come Aug 1.

My gut says something big is afoot with regard to a trade. No evidence at all. Just a feeling.

His mother told him "Someday you will be a man,
And you will be the leader of a big old band.
Many people coming from miles around
To see you make your pitch when the sun go down
Maybe someday your name will be in lights
Saying Jonny B. Goode tonight.

Go go
Go Jonny go
Go go go Jonny go
Go go go Jonny go
Go go go Jonny go
Jonny B. Goode

Last night's game should have been on QVC, not ESPN2.

It was a showcase for Lester. He gets one more start before the deadline to show he's for real.

Theo has shown that he's cold enough to pull off a deal for Lester following his fairy tale/Mario Lemieux return. Just ask Hometown Discount Arroyo.

But, there are more than enough ?marks: Schilling, Wake...

I agree, h.b. That's my sense too, that a trade is imminent...and MY reaction is please god no, remember post-Bronson (I also hate Wily Mo, so that's a part of it). I like having "too many" arms.

Mike, you were being facetious, no? Clemen$, the bastard, looked good last night.

On further reflexion, I think that the arms up with the club are safe (as well as Buckholdt (sp?) and Ellsbury (sp?).

Those that are not: Lowell (but if you trade, you need an everyday 1st basemen), Pena, Hanson, Synder, and Lopez (even Tavarez if the right deal comes along) could all on the block. I won't even count out Heinske.

I think Coco's stock has risen enough to warrant keeping him.

Delcarmen?...not sure. He has looked good, but his stock is on the rise. I am sure other clubs are kicking the tires.

Let's hope for the 2004-type trade and not the Arroyo-esque

I think that Coco is now worth something to somebody.

Ellsbury is the Real Deal and will look very nice in CF come August.

If you like Gabbard (who doesn't), then you will love Bucholz. Having seen him in person a couple of times this year, let me say his stuff is killer nasty. As I have said before, the guy is nastier than a portapotty at a rock show.

Do you really think that Coco or Lugie will do any better in October than Ellsbury? I am willing to take the chance, especially for a masher like Nancy was supposed to be.


Nancy Must Go!! Hinsky in right all the time. Trade WiMP. Keep all the arms. Put Ellsbury in right if its a good fit.

6 arms in 5 slots is a 'problem' this year.
Next year - Becket, Dice-K, Wake, Lester, Gabbert - not so much.
The year after that - Becket, Dice-K, Lester, Gabbert, Bucholtz - even better.

WiMP and Hanson for Dave Roberts is a deal I'd like to see. Keep all other pitchers. If Schill returns before Sept 1, send Lester down and bring him back up, along with Bucholtz and Ellsby when the rosters expand. But I sure would like to see Lester and Gabbard both start in the Yankee series - two relatively unknown lefties.

Despite his impending free agency, keep Lowell - he the team leader in RBI's - you can't trade your leading RBI guy during a pennant race, can you? Even if they plan to go hard after A-Rod (and I think they will), I'd rather have Lowell at 3rd and A-Rod at short than A-Rod at 3rd and Lugo at short.

Ah, that was a beautiful thing. After our ups in the first, as Lester came out of the dugout, all the Red Sox fans in attendance- and there were many- gave him a standing ovation. I was all choked up. We told the Indians fans around us why and they were quite touched. Life is life no matter what team you root for.

Getting out of that jam in the fourth was miraculous. I am so glad I got to see that.

Logan's parents will be there tonight so, hopefully his good karma will be obvious. Go Sox.

Nat -- In 10 games Clemin$ has pitched 60 innings, with a not-so-stellar ERA. ...oh, at over $1M/start. MFY's can keep him.

I think WiMP is gone. I think a second-tier minor league pitching prospect is going with him. WiMP is useless right now -- can't pinch hit; can't be defensive replacement. He's gone for someone who fits either category. I love the Dave Roberts idea, but I won't hold my breath.

The only way they trade Lester/Gabbard/Buckholtz is if we get one hell of a bench player in return.

Miketc- in re: Clemens, hey, I don't want him! I don't care if he posts a 1.00 ERA and wins the Cy Young, I can't stand that guy (and yes, I would cut off my nose to spite my face). I just thought the timing of the "at least we don't have Clemen$" remark was weird, given that he pitched pretty damn awesome the night before.

//I think WiMP is gone.//

From your mouth to God's ears, Mike.

Not to get too spammy, but if anyone is interested in a Coco Classy tee (top right), please hurry as we have received a C&D from the Coca Cola corporation, and will most likely have to get rid of the design in the near future. Dangobit! Just as his bat gets vicious, a greedy company takes the fun away.

So, h.b., did you like Harry Potter? If you don't want to spoil any others, would you be willing to email me just with some general reactions? I'm just very curious what you made of it.

I liked it a lot, I thought it wound things up very well (though I'm sure I will note some things I am more dissatisfied with later...I have a few minor issues as it is), and will make re-reading the series intensely interesting with everyone's motivations and histories clear, knowing what the plans are, etc.

Plus, my girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend...she's my fiancee! I asked her on Sunday after she finished reading (we went to this house in the country with a bunch of people to read it all together), and she said yes! I am ecstatically happy when you combine a very satisfactory end to Harry Potter with my looming marriage. It was probably the best weekend of my life.

This is only a problem if you actually consider Tavarez a "pitcher" - he was making a case in May but his unfortunate reversion to form makes this issue much more tractable.

Congrats Devine!

So funny that you waited until after she'd finished reading to ask. Makes total sense!

I'm only a bit over half way. Didn't get started until Sunday and haven't read since Sunday night late. (Had planned on reading last night, but after Lester, Delcarmen and the win, I was too much into the Red Sox world and it felt too late to enter the Wizarding world.)

I'm planning to knock out another chunk tonight, but don't know if I'll finish.

I'll shoot you an email when I do finish.

So far I'm really enjoying what I have read.

//Plus, my girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend...she's my fiancee!//

Congratulations, Devine! That's great. Hope things are just as great for you two, say, 19 years from now.

By the way, Joel "I coulda been a closer, I coulda been somebody" Piniero will be included in any trade that we're about to make. He's out of options and value (even if as a crappy add-on) will be gotten.

WiMP, Piniero, and maybe Lester for Jermaine Dye and MacDougal? Igh...I feel dirty just typing that. :(

Oh and da kine, I've been on the fence about which shirt of your's I would get for quite a while...but a limited edition rarity from an early discontinuation pushed my hand. I've already placed my order for what is sure to be a KinTee "Classic". You should send out signed copies of the C&D with every order ;) . It's not every day you attract the attention of a major corporation with something as little as a PayPal T-Shirt company. Kudos! (oh wait, do they own the trademark on that candy bar too?)

/This is only a problem if you actually consider Tavarez a "pitcher"/

If you look at him as a reliver by seeing what he did first time through the order you get: .185 batting average against and a ~2.33 runs (earned and unearned per 27 batters). Those are pretty damn good numbers. And at least half the hits he gave up first time through were infield singles. He hasn't given up more than two hits first time through since June 9th. And, unless I missed one, only 3 homers in 162 batters.

Oki in the eighth
A blessing in all seasons
The Tribe had no clue.

I would have thought that sdu would have today referred us to his rather insightful commments he posted the other day when he suggested the easy solution to this delicate problem is to send Timmy and batshit to to the bullpen. But, no, instead we get one his haki-saki-wacki-thingys instead. Why?


That's the sort of culturally sensitive observation that one might reasonably expect from, say, a Mets or Clemens (closet Yankee??) fan.

I truly hate to start rumours, but a state trooper told my girlfriend last night that Tedy Bruschi has passed away. Don't know any more details, don't know if it's true. I pray it's not.

Great timing. Now the (soon-to-be-ex) girlfriend emails saying she thinks the trooper friend was just busting her chops.

Damn her. No sex for her...one year!

Who would have ever thought Bruschi'd have something in common with Mark Twain?

Who'da thunk Bruschi'd have something in common with Mark Twain?

Okay, this has to be replied to (I'd guess) very quickly. Just as I'm going into another meeting of course.

An emfrom a work colleague:

My friend in NYC is looking to sell Police tickets... if you are interested, let me know ASAP!


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Just mention my name (Bob Shiffrar) in any response.

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