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6-5 homestand? We'll take it...

So aftah taking 3-straight from the White Sox and the club seeming to return to their winning ways, can I go ahead and cancel my preordah for "Terry Francona and the Deathly Hallows"?


It's funny, I was having an internal struggle on Friday wondering whethah this team was just in a slump or was actually the suck but then, you know, I just let it go.


Seriously, in a 162 game season there are times where you just have to say "What the fuck" and just let it be.


Meanwhile, Schilling appears healed and has "his swaggah back" according to Edes.


And it's the end of the "Batshit as Stahtah" era as John Lestah returns exactly one year to the day of his first staht evah.


You know I think Tavarez is owed a tip of our collective fan cap — I mean when I heard he was going to be stahting back when the season began, I anticipated an uttah disastah. But he did OK for awhile and it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.


Here, here, to Batshit! And may he nevah be asked to fulfill that role again.


So the always "classy" Yankees put up 21 against the Tampa.


Well, you know, with a bullpen as weak as their's, no lead is really too safe.



(Sigh of relief)

A symbolic rub of Batshit's head.

And a symbolic pat on the rear for Mr. Lester.

kaz: Wrong, Mahty...but at least you've both got the same assumptive self-importance about you.

I was talking about the comic character, Marty Silverstein, showing up to rag on Bill (which usually draws out a number of the lurking NYY trolls like he's their cult leader or something...and only when that voice shows up in hb's head for the day's strip do they gather the strength to voice out).

Fair enough... I'm not sure why I deserve the "assumptive self-absorbance" slam. This kind of thing is why I don't bother to post here too often any more.

I made the assumption because a) obviously the character Marty has appeared here less than 11 months ago and b) you sandwiched your mention of "Mahty" in between BobStanley and Jason O, two "real-life" people. Silly me.

A tip 'o the cap to Batshit, may he remain in the bullpen for the rest of the season.

Sorry to change genres, but is Sergio Garcia the Gary Sheffield of golf or what? During the various news conferences, the only thing he missed was blaming his failure on his clubs...haven't done that since 9th grade.

Yo, Dougie boy, with the free time on your hands, (no book order) would you like to borrow my copy of"Pride of the Yankees" on DVD?

Yeah, I agree sabout Sergio. While I recognize his disappointment, he came across as one whiney baby.

The funny thing is, he complained most about that wait he had while the bunkers were being groomed. One of which he landed in on his next shot.

What if they hadn't been properly groomed? Thenhe would have complained about that.

h.b., I think you've got a correction coming. This is not the anniversary of Lester's first start evah...only one year to the day of Lester's first start "in his home state of Washington".

I remember Lester's first career start last year on a Saturday in June, because I was back in New England for my sister's high school graduation party (wouldn't have happened in July). This seems to be fit into the Globe's habit of obfuscating facts to provide some false sense of numerological meaning (see: Shaughnessy, Dan).

Thanks for the correction, Chili. I'm sloppy and tired this morning. Totally missed that.

I was at Lester's first start in his home state of Washington. I was excited because he was so hot, coming off some great outings.

He sucked. And so did Gabbard. And Timlin.

May history not repeat itself in two weeks ...

Obviously, these things even out during the course of a 162 game season, but in the immediate future the schedule is much kinder to the Yankees than to the Sox. The MFY's next 16 games are all against teams with losing records. Combined with the past 12 games against the Rays and Jays, that's almost a fifth of the entire season without playing a single winning team.

Meanwhile, the Sox get road series at Cleveland, Seattle (where they've lost eight straight) and Anaheim in the next three weeks (sandwiched around a soft, doughy filling of Tampa and Baltimore, true.) 16 of the next 19 games are away, to boot.

Oh well, that's what they get for screwing around with what should have been the easy part of the schedule. Now they'll just have to do it the hard way.

If we plan on playing past the ALDS, we're going to have to prove our worth against teams like Cleveland, Seattle, and Anaheim anyways.

And to you, reader Mahty, you're a Yankee fan on a Sox fan blog and you chose the absolute worst time to chime in as every good Sox fan was having their own personal (yet shared) Paddy Moment for the season. Also hilarious that you feel the need to act as if there's a world of difference between you and the character Mahty...when your post that day was a response to Harwich Rich's comment on Clemens and it was directed at the character Mahty! Blur the line when it suits you but feign innocence when someone else does?

So, let's let it go, buddy.

PS - h.b., I feel you this morning, dreary day...dreary start to the work week...

PPS - "homstand"? Sorry, it keeps calling out to me from my browser tab like a sore thumb.


Argh. I need a nap.


Hey y'all!

I'm happily looking forward to donning my Soxaholix T-shirt tonight at Jacobs Field! Should be an interesting week for me as I'm not used to staying up "late" and will be going to 3 of 4 games in this series! I'm glad to be getting the chance to see Lester pitch.

Tessie, please talk to or otherwise communicate with Logan before the games and bring that karma with you. The fellas need some inspiration. Enjoy the games!

I am right by saying you think the Yankees are classless because they put up over 20 on the rays?

The Sox scored something like 25 on the Marlins a couple years back, and I didnt think they were classless. What are hitters supposed to do, strikeout on purpose?

If they were bunting up by 10 or stealing bases in the 8th, then I understand, but what's the big deal? (Or am I just reading into that statement too much?)

I'll field this one, h.b. :p

Evan - The characters speak for themselves, not for h.b. I'd say that Bill does imply that, and maybe that's not fair (of the animated character) given your comparison to the Sox-Marlins game, but remember that this is filtered through the lens of a partisan Sox fan.

I don't know exactly what happened in either game, but the classy move in such a situation is to sit your starters and let the bench get some p.t.

True, Mahty, but only if you want to risk your #1 ranking in the AP poll..

They sat Jeter, Abreu and A-Rod, didn't steal a base after the 3rd, and even sent the pitcher up to bat twice (after putting the DH into the game). No complaints from me on the way Torre handled it.

As for TB leaving Shields in to take a 10 run beating in just 3.1 innings, that's another matter...

Yeah, any chance the characters get to dis the Yankees they will, even if, or rather especially if, it isn't "fair."

But they are just as likely to do the same to the Red Sox, players and management. Look back on the 2004 strip to see lots of that. (They were more cynical before winning the WS.)

H.B. They will be more cynical again after this year. Sorry... my bad. The unsolicited invitation to become President of RSN must have set me off. Good choice... wonder who else they're recruiting?

Sox Nation is an amorphous mass of hardcore fans that spans the globe. It is NOT a card-carrying subscription base that is headquartered on 9th Avenue in New York City. Once again, Bud $elig takes the cake as the biggest assjack in baseball... nuff said.

That you ranting again, Red Sox Chick? Don't rant... life is too short. Wish I knew how to live blog and post at the same time. I can't even walk and chew gum...

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