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"You are Number Three."

Jeez, the second Schilling "schillacking" in as many games.


Yeah, who knew he shot his proverbial load in the one out away from a no hittah game in Oakland?


Seriously, since then he's allowed twelve runs (11 earned) in 9 1/3 innings … But I'm not panicking or anything.


Me neithah. I think it's helpful if we begin to (if you haven't already that is) ̾ begin to transition ourselves into thinking of Schilling as our numbah 3 or 4 guy and not our numbah 1 guy.


Beckett, Matsuzaka, Wake, Schill, Batshit?


That'll work for me.


And don't forget Lestah the Molestah waiting for the call to head north on 95 from Pawtucket.



Does it seem twisted that batshit is #3 right now?

...having said that, he's still the first to go to the pen if (when) Lester comes up.

For 13M, you can have him for another year. Time to begin thinking about the farewell tour.

Personally, I think Schilling has a "tired arm" or something else he is trying to work through. Sox should shut him down for 15 days before it worsens and bring back Lester before the pennant race really heats up in Aug and Sept.
HB, no mention of Coco in today's strip? He'll be disappointed!

Wow that was a strange game last night right? Coco and JD mash the ball... Renteria acts like hes hitting off a T and the rest of the redsox were sleeping. Pedrioa looked like a little leaguer at second.

The real turning point in the game? Snyder relieves Schilling and mows down the braves, then gets dropped for heinske to pinch hit when there are already two outs and its only the 5th inning.

Who comes out? TIMLIN!!! I love him for 2004 but he is horrid. Snyder should have stayed in for two or more innings and kept it close.

Oh and why do MFY fans show up to non yankee games in full gear, then proceed to talk shit even when they are 71/2 back?

Why does the schedule favor the Yankees yet again? They had an off day prior to their rocky mountain/west coast swing. WTF

I'll be headed to the Rockies/Skankees game Wednesday in my full Red Sox gear to boo/heckle as loudly as possible.

It's 8 games, jamesfrmmaine.

Yikes, that truly was a frigging T-ball game against Schill last night. I mean, other than the Braves' pitcher getting that weak looper, everything was being smashed and/or bashed.

Should be a good pitching matchup tonight. But with my forecasting skills, it'll probably end up 15-14. Sox of course.


"I'm not a number I'm a free man"...

Right on, Scott! "The Prisoner." Amazing how ahead of its time that show was. Twin Peaks, Lost, etc all have their roots in The Prisoner.

Talk about a surreal moment. When I walk through the airport and hear Big Brother announce an 'Orange Alert', I am tempted to freeze and let Rover pass. The Prisoner - arguebly the greatest TV show of all time.

Why does the schedule favor the Yankees yet again?

I don't know - I read last week that the Yanks had so far the (statistically) most challenging schedule of any team in the majors.

Would it be helpful to begin to transition to thinking of the Red Sox as a third or fourth place team and not a first place team?

(Just some gentle ribbing folks. I can see the scoreboard.)

"Why does the schedule favor the Yankees yet again? They had an off day prior to their rocky mountain/west coast swing. WTF"

Actually, the Sawx have an off-day enroute to San Diego this week. I think they are better off with it there, even though they look like they were comatose last night from the 2 hour flight to Atlanta from Boston.

I don't like to mix Church and State, but what the fuck is the deal with Glenn Geffner? The guy is bloody awful and he is spoiling my summer.

sdu: safe travels.


I just added the entire 10 disc The Prisoner series into my Netflix queue. It's been awhile since I've seen it. Time to revisit.

Weird, all this talk of "The Prisoner." Years ago, I actually stayed at the Hotel Portmeirion for a week.

If we're lucky, Rover will smother Julio Lugo...

But what I really want to know is when will Schilling make a boat from toilet paper rolls, toothpicks, and plastic forks with a sail made of scabs and dynamite and get off The Island. It's clear he's just been replaced by a sub-standard German replica who can't pitch.

Marge: Homey!
Homer #2: Marge honey-fräulein, I'm home.
Marge: You're not my husband.
Homer #2: Ja, please forgive my unexplained two-week absence.
To make it up to you, we will go out to dinner at a
sensibly priced restaurant, then have a night of
efficient German sex.
Marge: Well, I sure don't feel like cooking.

Oh, I forgot to mention the coincidence that Lugo's position is "Number 6"...Go get him, Rover...

I think Schilling's pitching hand turned into a monkey's paw!

Can breakfast cereal be surly?

Until further notice, the player wearing the #38 jersey shall be referred to as "Shelling."

Carry on.

No time in the strip and only one comment about Coco's awesome perfohmance? BDD somehow managed to turn this into a negative, as Coco tore the cover off the ball but didn't talk to the press afterwards.

BDD sucks. Two-three years ago they crawled up CHB's sphincter and decided to camp out for eternity.

JFM - Don't think Dusty looked bad at 2d. Booted one after the rain but gobbled everything else up - playing great the last 6 weeks. Rather see a Dusty/Cora combo right now.

I'm sure Geffner sucked again but Obie and El Cowboy on the Ocho weren't much better.

Patrick McGoohan was the man.

Prisoner, Ice station zebra, etc.

forgot Edward I in Braveheart...total bad ass.

Sonoma - "Don't think Dusty looked bad at 2d. Booted one after the rain but gobbled everything else up - playing great the last 6 weeks. Rather see a Dusty/Cora combo right now."

I agree with you but he had a chance to make a play on another hard hit ball that would have eneded the inning. Love the way he his playing... just that stuff was indicative of how the game went last night.

I will be there with my first beer in about 3.5 hours... GO SOX.

Yeah, and Silver Streak and Scanners, too.

OK, maybe not.

If you grew up in the era when Sunday night television was limited to Walt Disney, McGoohan made a strong impression on young kids as The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh.

Hey, Gang, do you want the Sox to win every game? Sure, we all do.

There will be streaks and there will be slumps but the Sox are, and will remain, the best team in baseball.

The Yankees are basically a washed-up group of fat, aging veterans. To wit:

"Papa Bear" Clemens: used to be one of the greats; now he's one of the most bloated husks around; is really Don Zimmer in disguise.

"Fats" Giambi: Clemens's baby brother; compare him now to his Olympic Team photo. One word: "Wow!"

Mussina: Looks like he hasn't slept or shaven in five days, everyday.

Johnny "Haircut" Damon: used to be Jesus, but now he's Jim Jones. He drank the Kool-Aid.

Other denizens of the Bronx:

Smokey Eyes Jeter: not to be trusted.
Shemp Matsui

Red Sox Nation: there's going to be a hurricane comin' through Atlanta tonight! It will be so bad for the Braves, it will be like General Sherman burnt the city to the ground all over again!

Go team!

TNX lou, 2 more sleeps. Geffner's spoiling my winter, but which is the church and which is the state?

As for grand old tv shows - what about 'Soap? Different genre but equally ahead of its time.

As for Curt, he's been hit and miss all year, but he's an August-October sort of guy (I hope).

"Soap" really was ahead of it's time.

As was a show my middle school buddies and I never missed.

SDU, do you remember the name of that Australian series about women in prison?

Ooo, it had us hot and bothered.

'SDU, do you remember the name of that Australian series about women in prison?'

It was called 'Prisoner' without the definate article. I think it's still running in England along with a number of other pretty ordinary Aussie soap operas.

Female cons running around prison half-dressed certainly wasn't average to this 12-year-old horn-dog.

Now I can't get the soppy theme to 'Prisoner' out of my head. Thanks! {'on the outside blah blah blah...'}

Yeah, the lesbian sex was understated to be sure but a teenage boys imagination knows no bounds. And they were all locked up.

I still can't get over the ultimate babyface being dubbed "Lester the Molester." Hah.

//BDD sucks.//

Got that right. THAT should be on a sign held up at Fenway.

Let's savor the rest of June, gang! It will be the last month this season that ends with the Sox in first place. Don't look now, but there's a 2,000 pound boulder gaining more and more momentum. Final impact will occur around mid July. Any fans that act like giddy little school girls when there team is up in early May deserve whatever they get. Yes, Kaz, that would be you.

Uh huh.

Boston's July schedule:

July 1-2: Texas at Boston
July 3-5: Tampa Bay at Boston
July 6-8: Boston at Detroit
July 12-15: Toronto at Boston
July 16-18: KC at Boston
July 19-22: Chicago at Boston
July 23-26: Boston at Cleveland
July 27-29: Boston at Tampa Bay
July 31: Baltimore at Boston

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