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Watching for lies

Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
So if yesterday I watched 6 hours of US Open coverage and, concurrently, watched 3 hours of the Red Sox and Giants, does that mean I watched 6+3=9 hours of TV or just 6 hours of TV or, because of the simultaneity of it all, did I somehow actually cheat time and only watched 6-3=3 hours of TV?


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
Dude, have you ever like considered getting a girlfriend or something?


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Yeah, it's on my list.


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
OK, so Barry Bonds, right? Here's my deal with him …


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
For me it's not so much that he is an alleged asshole or that he's pumped with more hormones than a steer bound for Big Macs, no, man, for me it's that godforsaken dangly ass earring.


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
I mean, nothing against earrings in general, but Bonds has been wearing that same thing since, what, the 80s? Hey, Barry, it's not "Hammah Time" anymore. It's 2007.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Pack up the parachute pants and get in tune with the times, man.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
That's what I'm talking about, D.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
And here's the other thing. The dangliness of it just creates this awful visual discord, an aesthetic unbalance of the dainty dangle juxtaposed against Bond's hulking mass.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Hmmm …


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Now that you mention it, funny how the earring hangs out there on the side like, I dunno, an asterisk or something.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
For reals. Maybe Bonds is subconsciously projecting an asterisk?


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Say it isn't so.



Whoooa say it isn't so...

Sweep be good for the Monday attitude. I was concerned that Bonds would hit an important one after MDC's walks. Was that really Piniero getting the big outs?

Joel/us were lucky?

If I were Barry, that's the second most important dainty dangle I'd be worried about

Great...Hall and Oates songs are already trying to creep into my subconcious :( Must..Fight..Them..Off

"Huge Giant Head"

These two guys are the s-holix version of Oldman and Roth in "Rosencrantz/Guildenstern are dead."
The humor mixed with philosophy, the continuing journey, et al.

Where are they walking? What's in the red case?

I was thinking last night that it stinks picking up just one game after sweeping. But then, I looked at it from the other point of view: it must really stink to take two of three and drop back a game. Context matters, I suppose.

Maybe Barry will surprise everyone and hang it up after #755. Well, I can hope anyway.

Is that Vinnie Chase in his Pablo Escobar get-up?

In the red case: an Egg McGuffin.

Funny that over the weekend the Globe had a little feature on that other hulk of a man who wears dangling earrings.

Jason O: Not to harp on this too much, but you know that, in fact, Oldman and Roth play the titular roles in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead," which was (and, by all accounts, still is) a fantastic play before it was a very clever movie....

All correct cultural references aside, it was a very, very nice thing to sweep Roidsy Bonds and his crew after being so soundly spanked by the Rockies....

Ryan With a Capital R, nice Hitch ref. I think he's carrying that black powder from the wine bottle.

Back from vacation. Saw two games, the 12-2 Wednesday debacle, then the 1-0 Saturday thriller.

Anyway, it was pretty relaxing, though far too short.

What'd I miss around here? Anything remotely violent?

The way he's holding that red box it must be a dick in a box

Ryan with a capital R:

Something that belongs to Marsellus Wallace, perhaps?

Actually, it's the false piety of the earring that irritates me.

Interesting article from the Sunday NYT on pitching that mentions Wakefield and DLowe quite a bit. See:


All I know is it's way too early in the week for words such as "concurrently", "simultaneity", "juxtaposed", and "subconsciously", especially in a strip which also contains words such as "dude" as well as more than one Hall and Oates reference and an M.C. Hammer one, too! I got paper cuts from my Interweb Dictionary while looking all those up! Quite frankly on Mondays H.B., I can’t go for that!


Dear Barry:

Sinbad* called, he wants his earring back.

And I concur about the gratuitous Hall & Oates references. Stop it! The suck! It's everywhere! It burns us!

*Note: for you kids out there, "Sinbad" was a comedian who enjoyed an inexplicable run of popularity in the late 80's-early 90's.

What to pack, what not to pack, what I’m not so sure about … a story in three photographs:


I dunno. Barry's PR powers are better than my nunchuk skills. You see all the good shit he's saying about Beantown, Wakefield, Okajima-san, etc. in the Globe and Herald? I kinda don't hate him anymore.

SDU, you get into town a week from Friday, right?

BTW, everything but the pink hat works for me.

A week from Saturday I think - booked at Oiishi (mmm 4 types of toro) that early evening and the six ball games after that.

There's something coolishly ironic about a guy in a pink cap that appeals to me, though, it is quite probably one of the cases where the theory (e.g., the ironic) and reality (e.g., taking shit for it from those missing the irony) don't jive.

You can wear a pink hat...just be taller that 6' 2".

than 6'2"

My name is Sue, how do you do? That sort of thing? The hat stays behind with its owner!.


It seems to me that if you wash that Pedro jersey again, it's will more closely resemble your pink hat. I think that particular item deserves a nice autograph from Petey and a dignified retirement into a frame.

How about a minor investment in a new Sox jersey with "58" on the back?


I am philosophically opposed to pink RS hats. However, on my last trip to Fenway I, uh, sported a pink hat from the Punalu'u Bake Shop, in Hawai'i, "The Southernmost Bakery in The US". Does that render me perverse?

Go Sawx against their "natural rivals", the Braves.


pj - if you can organise the autograph, i'll invest in the frame and, maybe a no. 37
lc - no, THAT does not render you perverse but ...

Thanks for all the advice but Mrs SDU reckons we've invaded her privacy.

Go Sox, it's an even number so Curt should be okay and the monkey's paw is still on the mantle.

"pj - if you can organise the autograph, i'll invest in the frame and, maybe a no. 37"

Sorry mate! I have no intention of going anywhere near a Mets player at this point in time regardless of his previous affiliations...

You could try shipping it to him at Shea with a postage paid return envelope and a friendly note requesting the signature. Players do that kind of thing all of the time and given the fact that you are "from another land", it definitely gives you an "in"!


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