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Today's strip has been postponed

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Sorry, technical difficulties (e.g., oversleeping) — No strip today.



Ah, well - hey, Sox win, Yankees lose. The Red Sox have MLB's best record and biggest divisional lead. It's a good day!

Let's see a couple more wins and a couple more Stankees losses.

Hear hear, Youk Rules!

Funny how one perfect day suddenly makes everything seem so rosy. I checked the Braves forum and they fully expect to tee off on Tavarez tonight. Hope they're wrong, though I hate how poorly the fellas have done on ESPN games lately.

Watched the Sox game and the Rockies game simultaneously at a local Sox friendly establishment here in Denver. Twice the fun.

Headed to the game tonite to cheer the Rockies as they do battle with the empire. Skankee vermin have crawled out from underneath rocks and the caves where they dwell to attend the series.

I will be close to the field so any help or ideads for insults/jeers would be appreciated.

BST has pitched well his last couple of games... The braves(except against Schill and Timlin) have not batted that well lately. Tonight should be a shootout with us winning like 9-4 or something like that.

I got to watch Paps warm up last night in the Braves visitor pen... dude is so intense even in warmups. I love that guy.

Scott, I believe the current anti A-Fraud chant is currently, "Who's your stripper"...clap-clap-clapclapclap. Of course, it fun to substitute any number of alternative words for stripper. Let your imagination run wild.

Wow, H.B. must be really hung-over or tired today. Not even a lovely Lisa sighting.

Anybody going to the big BBQ fest on City Hall Plaza this weekend? I'll be there Saturday with a feedbag on.

BST is sort of growing on me as the season goes on. He seems to be sort of an Al Nipper/M L Carr type of guy - funny and keeping the team loose when not on the mound.

Bob, I'd love to go, but the Stalinist architecture of chp makes me incredibly depressed.

Isn't there always some plan brought up every 2 years to improve that utilitarian nightmare?


Does that mean we get a doublestrippah tomorrow?

Yeah, dragging my ass today.

Lisa, as it goes, often takes as much effort as a regular strip since you all have certain expectations of her character. So I can't just have her say "no strip today" w/o adding some Lisaisms.

I checked the Braves forum and they fully expect to tee off on Tavarez tonight.

Braves "forum?" That would seem to imply that there are Braves "fans." I've heard of this elusive creature before, but have never actually seen one in the flesh.

Several years ago, I found myself in Atlanta on business on a day when the Sox just happened to be in town. I was able to buy great seats on the day of the game, and at least 75% of the crowd appeared to be Sox fans. And this was several years ago, back when the Braves were actually good.

RE: "Braves Fan". It is kind of weird. I've lived in several different cities and have met Braves fans in each one. When I say Braves fans I mean real fans, not fake yankeelike fans. Yet the stadium is NEVER full. I think part of it may be the brave system. They always seem to bring up unexpected players that perform well. That and most Braves fans I know are of the mindset that the National league game, meaning small ball and double switches with no DH, is a more pure game. That and the team being on TBS every other day probably help. Two of my good friends that I typically watch games with are Braves fans and I gotta say I enjoy watching them and rooting for them, during non-interleague play of course.

On days when you feel especially creative, HB, you oughtta do some extra strips for throwing into a file that you can just post up on sick days.

I CAN NOT TOLERATE days when we win and the Skanks lose and there isn't a strip!



Headed over on I-20 from Birmingham to Hotlanta to watch our boys . . .

What matchup do I get?

Batshit vs. Buddy Carlyle

Oh, well. Was hoping to see Dice-K, but maybe BS Tavarez will provide enough general chicanery to make up for what I miss in the global phenomenon that is Matsuzaka-san. Go Sox.

Aaron, to create a "forum" I think you only need about 3 "fans". These folks appear to be the diehards.

But yeah, there are Braves fans out here too. For one guy that I know his Braves affiliation come from his dad, who was a Milwaukee Braves fan.

Would a person who is a Braves "fan" by virtue of the TBS exposure be the equivalent of a pinkhat?

I love the Braves/Sox games. It's great fun to talk trash with my Mom who is a Braves fan from the Boston days.

Jason O., during a summer internship, many years ago, I worked on a dictionary, where an editor who worked on the bio section wanted to include "responsible for Boston's Government Center" in I.M. Pei's entry.

There are only two ways to improve City Hall Plaza: implode it, or hold a BBQ fest there.

Believe me, low and slow smoked meat from texas, Mephis, etc. is the only reason to spend any time in that "modernist" nightmare. That, and the Farmer's Market on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Oh, and as a quick way to cut through to The Red Hat.

I hear Ripley's has a $5,000 prize to track down a live Braves fan who doesn't root for another baseball team at least twice a week.

Anyhow, Lisa is sort of "tied up" today.


nola, that's funny as hell.

Bob, and the hill tavern is down the street, fucking great burgers, steak tips et al, they get their meat from savenor's

And I will say this about Boston: When you order a half and half, every bartender knows that you want harp and guinness.

On the subject of, "Why Not Just Put Some In The Bank?", I think that misses the point of hb's creepy strip. The beauty of this foul site is its topicality, leveraging off the successes, failures, shenanigans and peccadilloes of our heroes on the ball field.

I have no doubt that hb could bank a few "ARod is a Purple-Lipped Mook" panels, but unless Arod 1) acts like a dick 2) has his dick in a hooker [uh, stripper] or 3) is seen canoodling at Nobu with a guy named Dick, well, then it doesn't have the same punch.

In the same way, having a panel with Lisa's luscious 2-dimensional gazongas,globes,grapefruits,headlights,honeydew melons etc., "she" is not as much fun.

In summary, in my world hb can do whatever he pleases. In the meantime, if you are really bored, check out this mindblowing deconstruction of the Sopranos final episode [warning: you will never look at orange cats in the same light again].



SBL, untie those leather thongs right now!

Half and half more commonly referred to as black and tan in Boston.

I'd certainly like one US dollar for every bar, watering hole, licensed tin shed etc that Bob has mentioned in this creepy place over the last couple of years. Proposed conversation borrowed deferentially from Jim Joyce (not the umpire):
Me: Can you make a hole in another pint?
Bob: Can a swim duck.

Heh. What better guide could you have in Boston, SDU?

Exactly, enjoy the meat fest.

Schilling got placed on the DL. Beckett's taking his place Sunday.

The Atlanta Braves are the ONLY team in MLB (and quite possibly in all of sports) that doesn't have sell outs for all of their home playoff games... just so you folks know...

Amazing, isn't it?

'Schilling got placed on the DL.'
Does this mean I stand a chance of cheering 'Lestah the Molestah' in his first start for the big team at home since his cancer went into remission? Is he likely to be called up?

Shaughnessy named most hated man in boston. dig it.


I heard it was Hansack who was first in line for the call-up, but that could change. Gabbard pitched better than he the last time, for example

great pitching matchups in SD this weekend, btw

Schilling got placed on the DL. Beckett's taking his place Sunday.

Well, that sucks royally. I have tickets for Monday night's game in Seattle. I was looking forward to seeing Beckett pitch in person for the first time; now it'll be some kid up from P'tucket for one game. Great!

Bats become alive
Winter turns into summer
Batshit T is sick.

Back to double digits for the gap between us and the Yankees.

Hey, Pariah Paddy, suck it.

I know it's silly, but I have emotions involved in this...why do people continue to refer to my man as "Bat Shit" Tavarez rather than "Hooligan" Tavarez, which both preserves the meter and has a logic to the parody? Please, for the love of all things good and/or holy, start calling him "Hooligan"!

(It helps that Boston is an Irish town and "Hooligan" is an Irish expression.)

buckner was framed

That kid is going to be Jon Lester.

//(It helps that Boston is an Irish town and "Hooligan" is an Irish expression.)//

Oh, untrue, da kine. "Hooligan" originated in London, as that's what the bobbys called Irish "criminals." Supposedly, it's a phrase that came into vogue in Englsh police reports after an Irishman named Hooligan taunted and evaded them for some time until getting caught.

Thus, there's no stinking way I'm using that term.

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