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See how the mainsail sets

So I had this really crazy dream last night that the Red Sox made the incredibly radical move of altering the lineup.


Unbelievable. And here I was thinking that having the worst leadoff OBP in all the majahs was some part of some diabolical managerial strategy that was just too sublime for mere fans to discern.


Ah, yes, on the good ship belly flop, the colors are fah from struck.



Wake was great...

The Sloop Johnny D??

I get the Shirley Temple reference, H.B. Thanks for making me feel like the 2000 year old man! Oh, these "Modern Times"!

You will have to excuse me now, I believe it's time for my nap...

The barge analogy is great; I am yet again reminded of Heart of Darkness: "the greasy, slimy swell swung her up lazily and let her down, swaying her thin masts. In the empty immensity of earth, sky, and water, there she was, incomprehensible, firing into a continent..." Here's hoping the Yanks are as impotent as the French man-of-war.

In other news, RIP Mr. Wizard...

Howdy, Just checking in now from the weekend series in Phoenix. Had to avoid the interwebs since I missed the Sopranos on Sunday and couldn't catch it till last night. What a weekend! There were 85% Sox fans at the game on Friday and Saturday. More like 50/50 on Sunday. Sox fans from all over the country. It was incredible. Red Sox Nation basically rented out Chase Field for the weekend. Actually ran into a guy I went to high school with and hadn't seen in years.

I was thinking the same thing on Sunday about the line-up, Francoma and leaving Papi on the bench. Also I agree about David Chase given his fans a giant FU with the ending of the series. He always left many story lines hanging during the 7+ years. Why not try something a bit different? Anyway it still was an enjoyable episode.

Schedule has not been kind to the Sox and has been more than helpful to the Spankees. They don't face Johnson but the Sox got to.

Francis is the best Rockies pitcher. Should be a great game on Thursday.

I agree that schedule has alot to do with the Skankees current win streak! I believe another hole will appear in their ship once again!

And once more,
we play our dangerous game,
a game of chess,
against our old adversary...
the Red Sox Navy.
For years,
your fathers before you
and your older brothers
played this game--
and played it well.
But today,
the game is different.
We have the advantage.
It reminds me of the heady days
of Dent and Reginald Martinez Jackson
when the world trembled
at the sound of our comeback.
Well, they will tremble again
at the sound of our Rodriguez.
The order is:
Engage for Pennant drive!!

(With apologies to Sean Connery, i.e., the man)

JO, it would have been funnier if the last line read "at the sound of our Rod".

Let's worry about winning games, and let the Spanks do what they may. Recall that we were flying pretty high last year during interleague play. Wake up the bats, fellas!

Hard to get that Russian accent with the Scottish burr just right.

Very good Jason,but didn't the Red October defect?

Reverify range to target; one ping only, please.

Conn, sonar! Crazy Ivan!

Ah, Harwich Rich ... I just got the Sloop John B reference in the title. Well done!

I'll be the first mate, because he got drunk

But please don't break in the cap'n's trunk.

In other sporting news, the U.S. have glided through Group B in the CONCACAF Gold Cup (not a goal scored against them). They play their quarterfinal match this Saturday at 4 PM at Gillette as part of a 3-fer (Quarterfinal 1: Canada v Guatemala, Q2: US v TBD, Game 3: Rev vs Crew).

Can't beat 9 hours of soccer.

I was happy to see the linupe change yesterday. Well to be honest I was happy with a bunch of things. Lugo came around abit last night, wakefield finnaly had a decent game, Paps was hitting high on the radar gun again, and Tito finnaly changed the lineup around.

I was reading McPaper in the gym today. It seems Posh Spice was at Dodger stadium on Monday to throw out the first pitch. From the article:

"In a nearly empty Dodger Stadium, the wife of soccer star David Beckham played catch with Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe in preparation for throwing out the ceremonial first pitch."

Why am I not surprised that DLowe was warming her up?

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