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Picnic, Lightning

And hitherto things had been going oh so swimmingly …

Last night, the Sox lost their fourth game in a row, 3-2. It was their sixth loss in seven games and third straight this week to the A's.


It is possible to be struck by a meteor / or a single engine plane / while reading in a chair at home.


Safes drop from rooftops / and flatten the odd pedestrain.


At a picnic even, / a flash of summah lightning, / the thermos toppling over, / spilling out on the grass.


"Once we got to the West Coast, it was a different feeling," said David Ortiz.


The haht, no valentine, / decides to quit after lunch, / the powah shut off like a switch.


"Everything's just changed, the intensity, all kinds of stuff, it's not there."


The instant hand of death / always ready to burst forth / from the sleeve of his voluminous cloak.


Author's Notes:
The character speech in panels 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9 is taken from Billy Collins poem "Picnic, Lightning" from the collection Sailing Alone Around the Room: New and Selected Poems


Well, as nasty as the past few nights have been (and as tired as I am), at least the pitching has been pretty damn solid. In the long run, that's what'll get us through. The hitting will come, Obi-won.

Blow up the team.

Season over.


OK guys,you can quit foolin' around now :(

God bless Tivo. The pain can be scrolled thru over a morning cup of coffee. An afternoon victory today?


Pitching has been great -- in the end, that will win games.

Nothing like a 9-1 victory today to give the boys a shot in the arm.

h.b., you left a man on base in the title (missed the "h" in lightning).

Still the best record in baseball and still a 9+ game lead on the rest of the AL East. I'm all good with letting the A's keep an edge over the Yankees in the wild card. Our hitting will return with a soft Arizona team just around the corner.

This would be somewhat easier to take if I wasn't so exhausted all the time. Also, my job picked a really bad time to make me come into work an hour earlier every morning.

Still, anyone who's stayed up to watch these games has to be frustrated. They just don't seem to care, hitting into double play after double play, and as far as I can tell, none were even close. They hit a light dribbler to the shortstop, and whether it's crisp or mirabelli, all are out by six feet.

They better figure it out in Arizona.

Thanks for the typo tip, Kaz. Of course, the URL/permalink of today's strip is going to be forever stuck with the misspell, but oh well. Seems fitting I guess.

BTW today's post wasn't meant to be a "that's it, it's ovah, we're dead" kind of theme, but rather an awareness that bad shit, like death, or going on a 2-20 streak, can just happen, out of nowhere.

When you least expect, expect, and all that.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't go out and enjoy your picnic, but if you get struck down dead by clear sky lightning, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Alright, deep breaths everyone of you.

So, the Coliseum is not the Pleasure Palace of the Pacific for the bois.

So, Lennie DiFuckinNardo shut them down.

So, Joe Kennedy had more pitches than the time he hooked up with Gloria Swanson.

So, I called them quitters back in August.

I will not be moved. Things happen. Good will prevail. They still have the BRIB®

This too will pass.


The A's are looking for their first four-game home sweep of the Red Sox since 1932, when they were based in Philly.

I'm sure you all remember who won the WS in 1932. (or you can guess). Gehrig and Ruth were hot that in that series.

It's alright, I'm sure your guys can knock around Blanton today. Right? He of the Bloody Sock will pull you through.

Ah, yes, 1932, remember it like it was yesterday.

Tough luck about the Lindbergh kid, though.

But, fuck, at least Iraq got its independence that year. And, man, just like the Yankees of the 21st Century, that has really, really worked out well.

Billy M, stay relaxed:

Omne ignotum pro magnifico est
(We possess grand notions of all that is unknown)

"Among these things, one thing seems certain - that nothing certain exists and that there is nothing more pitiful or more presumptuous than man."


Eh, I'd be worried if we were pitching poorly. The bats will come alive.

Caught part of the game on the radio on my way home from dinner. I think I'd rather they invite those kids from the Jimmy Fund who sometimes announce the players to do play-by-play than Geffner. Poor Castiglione tosses out these conversation-starter comments in this resigned tone, like "okay, let's see how fast this attempt at banter gets shot down with a notecard." (In my best Audrey from National Lampoon's European Vacation voice: "I miss Trup.")

Nat. Gefffo is catching on. He has his own wiki entry now (perhaps the shortest ever), which ends with the following words: "He is commonly criticized for his boring style of commentary and unorthodox broadcasting voice"



"Yankees es atrox."

-- Pliny from Southie

Thanks for the heads-up on the Geffner article, lou.

Unfortunately, lines like that are not appropriate for Wikipedia without hard evidence from a secondary source...particularly in biographies of living people.

I killed that line. If there's a newspaper article or other review of Geffner's work this season (the source must be reliable per Wikipedia's rules, quoting yourself from 38cliches doesn't count), then a more neutral comment could be reinserted to indicate that he's no Trupiano.

Safes drop from rooftops

Heh. That flashed me back to "A Fish Called Wanda" in a New Yawk Minute. That yorkie's leash gliding up into the old woman's hand from underneath the safe is a classic.

Sorry, guys. Too, too tired to offer beisabol insights today. Refuse to be overly worried though. The Captain will right the ship and steer the pitching through rough waters.

Kaz, np. I think you are suggesting I was responsible for the line. I wasn't.


Off topic, but it steams my cockles. Paris Hilton was released from jail (after 5 whole days), and will spend the rest of her sentence in home confinement.

"I don't care, so I think I'll hit into a double play."

oh, good grief.

Bad stretches like this (and it will happen again) are the reason why you build up a huge lead.

Meanwhile, there is no more offensively hapless team than the Chicago White Sox. They are just painful to watch. Last in MLB in BA (.234), last in MLB in OPB (.309). They couldn't hit water if they fell out of an effin' boat.

Typo: she was only in jail for 3 days, not 5.

Nah, wasn't blaming you lou, but I did see you use 38cliches in a few places as a reference and just wanted to give you a heads up on that as well.

res ispa loquitur - in law school I always remembered this as "shit happens and it's somebody's fault"

Last night partial blame to Mr. Magoo behind the plate - granted I was sitting a couple hundred feet away but by the 5th you could tell he was inconsistent.

Never seen Papi jump so high than that called 3rd strike.

"Doesn't mean you shouldn't go out and enjoy your picnic, but if you get struck down dead by clear sky lightning, I wouldn't be surprised at all."

Then perhaps you should bring your 1-iron to your picnic and wave it around because, "Even God can't hit a 1-iron." - Lee Trevino

"And remember, no matter where you go, there you are." - Confucius

Anyone have a good comparison on MLB.TV vs. ExtraInnings on cable?

MLB just dropped the price - might be worth it.

Sonoma, here are some opinions from Sox fans:


And here's the SOSH take on it:



After being in front of a laptop for most of the day, the last thing I want to do is spend 3+ hours in front of a laptop at night.

MLB.tv is great for day games, but that's about it.

Sonoma - personally, I think extra innings is well worth the price. MLB was a life saver before I got an HD box, which our cable co. requires for xtra innings, but I'm happy with spending the xtra cash.

My current little bit of extreme sunshinny happiness is that I can ditch the whole matter now, because we're moving to Mass and will enjoy NESN night and day. So long, Texas heat.

Ut Popeye praeclarus said , " ego sum quis EGO sum ". Sit quoque res publica habeo said " operor non nutritor trolls "

Game time in 10 minutes!

Let's go, Schill!

hey kaz if you think the d'backs are soft - so is your head . the beantown bums lead is dwindling .

Ugh, that sucks! That single will be shown a bazillion times on ESPN tonight.

Well, that Stewart hit sucked, but my God, did we need that.

Wow. Schilling. Huge outing for the struggling bats!

Shannon is a girl's name anyway.

As a friend texted (?) me some weeks ago: he may be loud mouth, he may be old, he may vote for George Bush and tell everyone else to vote for George Bush but, fuck, can he pitch!

What a stopper!

Go Red Sox!

Dwindling, eh, gator? How you like that 1-hitter shiznit?

Wow, what a game for Schill..

When your #2 pitcher was dropped from the Yankees because they were concerned that he was getting too old...you might be the Diamondbacks.

When your best hitter is Eric Byrnes...you might be the Diamondbacks.

When you have to plump up your record to just above 0.500 by beating teams like Washington and Houston...you might be the Diamondbacks.

Thanks for that Kaz Soxworthy!


From the NYT

"The Yankees remain 10 ½ games behind the Boston Red Sox in the American League East. The Red Sox won Thursday behind a one-hitter from Curt Schilling, whose bid for a no-hitter was dashed with two outs in the ninth inning at Oakland.

The Yankees watched that game on television in their clubhouse, and when Shannon Stewart singled for the Athletics, the room erupted in cheers, players bursting from their seats and shouting."

They were, are, and always will be the MFYs.

Time to put on the foil, coach.

wow , the big schill has a 1-hitter vs. the "mighty" offense of the a's . you all should be proud .

Go RedSox!

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