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On eloquence

The Red Sox are just so, I dunno, so eloquent right now... like a kite high in a day-at-the-beach blue sky.


The Sox are eloquent and effortless, like a dog who sleeps all afternoon in a corner of the couch.


Oh, are you guys friggin kidding me or what? C'mon, The Red Sox right now are eloquent, effortless, and full of purpose, like Salma Hayek's pregnant titties.


Righteous, bro.


Seriously, Hayek's old rich dude has done a very good thing.



RIP Rod Beck

Beckett was awesome.... can he play short?

Is this the HG Wells version today...?

and is that Gil Santos with Doug and Mike?

Okay, my monthly math experiment:

If the Sox play .500 the rest of the way (and with their pitching, I find that hard to believe), they'll win 92 games.

For the Skanks to match that, they have to play .630 ball. In other words, a 102-win-season pace.

Now, I know I'm pretty, (smacks lips) but I ain't as pretty as a couple a titties...

-Gary Oldman, True Romance*

*Thank you hb, I have wanted to use that quote for months.

Isn't that Paul Wolfowitz in there today? I suppose the dude has the spare time these days.

That was a fun weekend in San Diego. Missed the finale but found the fish tacos on the second night, and somewhere in there I was introduced to tequila chasers, which was nice.

Petco is a silly place, So Cal generally probably (forgot my Bermuda Shorts). Maybe the biggest cheer came in the bar beforehand when the Giants scored in the (?) 13th to beat the now third placed AL East team. The place went off! Another big cheer came before the game when they introduced Luis Tiant - he took his jacket off and pumped a ball into the catchers mit for the ceremonial second pitch (the first, thrown by someone I'd never heard off, was in the dirt).

The atmosphere generally was great with the San Diego faithful getting REAL excited in game 2.

Anyway, while I promise not to turn this place into my holiday (er, conference) snaps page, heres some pics:



The Red Sox are still playing? I have seen/heard approximately 17 innings in the last three weeks, given the two West Coast trips. It's much harder to keep up for us on the East Coast, especially if you have a pesky job.

On the other hand, I was in San Diego once, and the Padres were playing the Indians in interleague play in a game that started at 9 a.m. local time. Tough when the day's game is over at 11 am.

Beckett was sublime.
Lugo looks like he saw a ghost everytime he is up to the plate.
Then again, Crisp has come around, and I had given up hope for him.

Lugo is not yet an Andruw Jones-like disappointment (.199 in his contract year).

This lineup can weather a few substandard performances. What about Dusty at ss, Youk at 2d and Papi at 1st? He looked pretty nimble over there.

I think the guy on the right looks a bit like Gordon Edes. Is that a church candle in his hand? Well there ya go! That explains the eloquence to date right there...


The job took me to Boston last week. Of course, the Sox were in Atlanta...

It was fun to at least watch the game on TV with the locals though.

SDU - San Diego AND SoCal generally are bizzare - different style. Couldn't believe the locals were actually on their feet cheering toward Saturday's end. Never seen anyone SoCal citizen get that excited over anything save some tasty waves, a pair of Uggs and sunglasses 3X the size of their head and then "exciting" wouldn't be the proper word.

Those in NorCal are far more refined...

LC - let's keep Papi at DH and put Cora and 2d or SS for a month. Lugo can go talk w/ that Jamaican telephone psychic and get the closet cleaned out.

Are the Sox really that afraid of the Yanks getting Buerhle??

Does adding MB make sense? Could Schilling be done for the season? Is this a move just to keep the 3rd place team from getting him?

I like Buehrle. He pitches quickly and gets outs. What's not to like?

When I bought tonight's tickets back in April, I never envisioned that the pitcher we'd be throwing would be Tavarez. Sure, I would've rather seen Mothra or Cy Beckett in person, but Batshit's not a bad alternative.

I anticipate an offensive explosion, as Seattle's pitcher is Jeff (8.56 ERA) Weaver. (Granted, he did pitch a complete game shutout in his last start, but c'mon, that was against the Pirates.)

If any Soxaholix are heading to tonight's game, the best place to meet fellow Nation members is at the Pyramid Brewery right across the street from the stadium. We usually outnumber the Mariners fans 3-1 there.

Hey! Watch those comments about San Diegans! If you don't "get" San Diego (especially those from NoCal), it's because you don't live here.


I scored a ticket to yesterday's game on Friday, when the Padres released 1000 online. Great game! Between Beckett and Papelbon, the Padres hitters didn't stand a chance. RSN was out in force, with the crowd seeming to be about 50/50.

Here's some pictures I took at the game:


First pitch to Coco:

Beckett delivers his first pitch:

Varitek steps over a prone Jake Peavy for a triple:

Coco singles to center:

Ortiz slides around Barrett's for the third run:

Beckett strikes out Adrian Gonzalez on a nasty curve in the 4th:

Tek scores after his 8th inning homer:

Papelbon strikes out Russell Branyan:


What's with the new guy's golden chalice there?

I think the Bronson Arroyo trade proved you can never have too much pitching, so I'm on board for this Buehrle move. But boy, Eck sure isn't. Heard his comments this morning on EEI... not so much a big fan of MB.

Bosox Bob, I "get" San Diego. It was discovered by Germans and its name is from the German for whale's vagina. Right?

Youk Rules, excellent HG Wells reference...

Just about to start my annual 3 hour trip down the I5 to see the boys. Gawd, I hope it is not like last years 3-day drought.

Aaron, I'll try and find you at the Pyramid.

BTW thats Jim Belushi with a candle for his Cubs.

re: San Diego: sarcasm, BSB - sarcasm

NorCal doesn't get up for much either. Us New England expatriates were far more excited about the Giants taking 2 of 3 than the locals.

As for MB - Nat, I agree pitching is key but no way want to give up our pitching studs on the farm for MB. Think they'll take Lugo instead.

SonomaSox, yeah, I should have qualified my statement. I am okay with our giving up position players like Lowrie but NOT young guns like Lester, Hansack or Buchholz.

Bob, I am on the other side of the airport from LMU. In the little town of El Segundo, where Billy Trabor played his high school ball.

Griffin - The picture of Drew in the LA Times was of him grimicing in pain after a foul ball hit his foot. It was in the place that many times had pictures of him dancing in the Dodger dugout.

The article was about how people in Boston are viewing Drew the same way he was viewed at the end of his time in LA.

LA has 99 problems but Drew is not one.

Maybe it's my working class New Hampshire upbringing but I tend to not like people that take a lot of time off work.

Every Dodger fan I have told that HB reffers to him as "Nancy Drew" in this strip loved it. Some even said I can't believe we didn't think of that when he was here.

Aaron, I'll try and find you at the Pyramid.

I should be easy to find; I'll be the guy in the Sox hat. :)

Seriously, though: all this talk about the blase attitude of Cali sports fans? It's not exclusive to CA. Seattleites are infamous for it as well. In the ten years since I moved here, I've caught probably 20-25 Sox-Mariners games, and the only year in which we didn't outnumber the M's fans in their own stadium was 2001, the year they won 116 games. And even then, RSN was a good third of the crowd.

Obviously, the Sox have a huge fan contingent anywhere they play, but I'm betting it's more pronounced in the PNW. Part of it is the huge number of New England transplants out here; I've met so many fellow ex-Mainiacs that I'm fairly convinced there's nobody actually left in the state. Just my parents and, like, five other people.

"I've met so many fellow ex-Mainiacs that I'm fairly convinced there's nobody actually left in the state."

LC - Feeling lonely?

Actually my father likes it that way - just gets pissed when the tourists arrive - typical NE'er curmudgeon

Aaron, the Mariners fans still haven't gotten over the Kingdome. It might be another generation before they shake that off and realize that oh hey, we have a REAL ballpark to play in now, how 'bout that??

It was fun watching the games this weekend -- Petco is one of the parks I've been able to cross off my list, as my job involves mucho travel and I intend to hit every ML park along the way. Tho I'm sure for these games I wouldn't have been able to do what I did that day, namely walk up to the box office 10 minutes before game time and score a sweet upper-deck seat directly over home plate. The Pads were playing the Phillies that day ... I still have the scorecard around here somewhere. Nice stadium.

ss. There's still plenty of teeth-sucking, coffee brandy drinking hillbillies here, including me. My two sons couldn't be farther away, and still be on US soil in the lower 48, so they at least have some sense. Plus, I get out from time to time. Planning a trip to PacBell/ATT/Steriod City later in July. The way BigHead is going, I might still see the show.


"There's still plenty of teeth-sucking, coffee brandy drinking hillbillies"

So, you've met my in-laws?

Those of us from York Co. (me) never give much credit to those in Lincoln Co. (the wife) and beyond.

Just wanted to let you know that I am now cheering against the Mets. I like Randolph and Beltran and Wright and those guys, but I can't handle "everybody clap your hands" anymore. What the crap ... is everyone in Queens deaf?

I'm a Red Sox fan who lives in Chicago. I keep track of how the White Sox are doing. I'd love to see Burhle come to Boston; he'd win some games and could make a big difference. You generally get a quality start from him. Now, I'm not up to speed on prospects enough to judge whether or not it's worth giving up an arm from there, but I figure it could be the difference in the end between getting to the playoffs and winning them.

So I'm looking at the Salma Hayek pictures, and after my brain returned to normal function after looking at the first one I thought:

"That would be one HELL of an ad for Underarmor."

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