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No, no-no, but still all smiles

Cripes, did we need that game or what?


Yeah, too bad he had to shake off Tek on that 2 out in the bottom of the 9th pitch to Stewart.


Well, live by the blowhahdness, die by the blowhahdness. That's just Schilling being Schilling.


Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if when Schilling is engaged in conversation with his personal savior, Jesus, he's obstinate the entiah time.


Meanwhile, here's something I don't get — if there's a fear of jinx about discussing a no-no while it's in progress, shouldn't that extend as well to the so-called "live blogging"? I'm looking at you Bob Bradford.


Meanwhile, the next time someone plays down the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry and insists it's only the fans who care, they need to be pointed to this:

"The Yankees watched the end of Schilling’s game in the clubhouse Thursday afternoon. When Shannon Stewart broke up the no-hitter, the room erupted in cheers, players bursting from their seats and shouting."


You've gotta love the universal Yankees fan and playah hatred for Curt Schilling.


Yeah, I think their animosity towards Schilling easily eclipses our own toward A-Fraud.


Of course it does! I mean their hatred is rooted in getting their asses whipped by The Bloody Sock, while our animus stems from the fact that A-Rod is an innefective, joculah, slappy blue-lipped putz.


"I am pumped about this," said Rodriguez. Oh, I bet you ah, A-Rod, I bet you ah.




You can bet that Brackman and A-Rod will be cruising for she-male strippers together.

I never realized how exciting the real time data feed on CBS Sportsline could be prior to yesterday. I actually screamed NOOOOOO when it registered the hit.

Okay, here's the scene: I skip out of work 10 minutes early and go to Pete's Pub. My friend Reed is there. The bar is full. And quiet. Two outs in the ninth.

And Reed says, "He's gonna pitch a no hitter."

The silence turns to venom. "Are you f-ing crazy you f-ing f-er!!!

I try to reverse the gooch with a simple, "base hit, first pitch."

Unfortunately, it became prophecy.

Eh. Great performance in any case.

BTW, not that ayone could give a flying A-Rod, but I'm on vacation next week and will probably only be checking in here on rare occasions.

Have a great weekend and week, all. I'll be at the game Wednesday, so if anybody wants to meet up, downstairs bar at Copperfield's before the game.

That's the karmic retribution for shaking off 'Tek one time too many. Either that or the Captain got so tired of Schill's insubordination that he Crash Davised him.

"All right, meat, show 'im your heat. Fastball comin', Shannon."

Yanks fans hate Schilling for more than the bloody sock. He was half the reason for the World Series loss in 2001.

give 'em Hell, Curt! a man so hated by Spankee fans is OK in my book, even if...

Off to Phoenix for the 3-game series. The schedule has not been kind to the Sox of late. A jet lagged series right after a night game and now facing the RED HOT Diamondbacks winners of 11 of the last 13. Not expecting too much from our exhausted DHless 9. But the barnolculars will be in effect so win or lose it will be fun.

"Are you f-ing crazy you f-ing f-er?"

Those were my thoughts exactly after drafting a SS named Dent...

Tessie? Helloooooo...tessie? Just wondering what King Logan is up to. Wondering if maybe invoking his name will start another long winning streak for us. Get the Sox rolling again.

And so:

All hail King Logan
One time newborn lucky charm
Smile now on Fenway

The Diamondbacks may be "RED HOT", but it's the NL. Granted, our lineup has been NL for the past week ("Not Living", that is), but I'm expecting to see a sharp turn-around soon.

In the meantime, Paris Hilton goes to jail just as the Red Sox arrive in Oakland and begin their 2nd of a 4 game losing streak. After the Sox drop 4 games in a row, Paris is given home detention due to "psychological problems". She gets out on June 7th, the day Schilling pitches his astounding near no-no...

I can only draw the following conclusions: 1) Paris Hilton is a Red Sox fan and their losing streak drove her crazy to the point of not being fit to remain in jail. 2) Somehow, Paris' detention is mystically linked to the Red Sox performance and we must not rest until she is freed from all restrictions (thus freeing our bats *and* our pitching to win again).

FREE PARIS HILTON! Do it for the Red Sox!

The Red Sox will thunder across Arizona like a Big Wheels through a cotton field. They will continue to make MLB and the global sports community quake with fear.

The pitching staff will continue to throw bombs and Schilling will be the most untouchable pitcher in all of baseball.

John Henry was a steel-driving man, but Big Papi is a baseball-driving man.

The Sox will win, they will win it all, and they will win it big. At the end of the season, Theo Epstein will publish his memoirs, "How I Assembled the Greatest Team in Sports History."

Then the entire roster will appear on Oprah.

As long as they don't dance :D

Kaz, love that Paris Hilton connection.

Meanwhile, I'm imagining Paris Hilton hooking up with Batshit Tavarez and living happily ever after, i.e., ironically, it's Batshit Tavarez and not the actors and sons of tycoons who can really offer what PH needs.

Cue romantic music....

See, I like to think of Paris not good for the Red Sox but toxic for the Yanks. After all, she kind of looks like a tranny, so she's right up A-Rod's alley.

Reach out and touch faith, indeed.

True, Nat. Paris H is much more of a Yankees type. I'm surprise, really, she hasn't been connected to one of them already.

h.b., I think the batshit/paris connection would work... after all, didn't Tavarez have "adult film star" as a back-up plan if he didn't make it in baseball? With Paris, he can do both!

//Meanwhile, I'm imagining Paris Hilton hooking up with Batshit Tavarez and living happily ever after//

Good Lord, H.B., the result of that union would look exactly like the creature Paris carries in her purse.

Three years from now in Bizzaro-world:

"Paris Hilton and husband Julian Tavarez are the proud parents of their first child, Manny Ortiz Hilton-Batshit. The baby weighed in at 1 pound, 1 ounce, and Paris immediately admitted him to the Beverly Hills Weight Loss Center.

Mother and child are said to be doing well. And cocaine."


Bob, your strange Red Sox affiliation aside, you almost became my hero.

I thought for just a moment you were talking about kinkajou records, the label of the great Texas independent Kinky Friedman, i.e., the only full blooded jew ever to play the stage of the Grand ole Opry.

...according to the Kinkster.

Is that the same artist as Kinky and Little Jewford?

I still think the kid would look like some strange Ferengi

A Ferengi wearing Fendi...


A redneck nerd in a bowling shirt was guzzlin' lone star beer, talking religion and-a politics, for all the world to hear....

Gawd-what a bizzare bunch we are.I LUV this crew :)

J.O., they oughta send you back to Russia, boy, or New York City one.

Okay gang, I'm off to vacation-ville. Lots of cold beer and hot women. Well, beer anyway.

As the horrible, horrible Michael Kay would say, "See ya!"

Hey, do you guys celebrate the Queen's Birthday? [Insert smug MFY-type snigger here.] Many countries in the 'commonwealth' do - hence its a THREE DAY WEEKEND downunder. [DITTO]. Funny thing is, she's the Queen of England and it's NOT her birthday.
Guess you should rethink that tea throwing overboard type behaviour...

Paris and Julian, nice lookin' couple.

From the BBC:

"Paris Hilton sent back to prison

Celebrity heiress Paris Hilton has been taken screaming from a Los Angeles court after being told to return to jail to serve out her sentence."

NOOOOoooooo. Prove me wrong, Fate! Prove me wrong! Let us win tonight and break the curse of the Hilton!

Man, am I glad the D-backs aren't soft or anything.

Who could have predicted we'd roll in and wipe them up from the first batter onwards? Oh, right, me. Suck it, haters.

Go for it Kaz: resident troll slapper.

Hope dear old Batshit has some energy left after a week of 'conjugal visit sex' which, as I recall it, is even better than 'makeup sex'.


Okay, Okajim-
a lone a last a loved a
long the riverrun ...

Great game. Schill was amazing

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