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Knuckle knock gnosis

Is it me or is Manny's hair stylist Lmonstro staring a Tina Cervazio's rack during most of this segment?


"Hey, Lmonstro, I'm up here, dude."


So, the bright side to an off day is you get stories like this one about bullpen cop Billy Dunn and his fist touch routine with Paps.


Absolutely. That wins my feel good piece of the year so fah.


Yeah, despite their sports pages being cluttahed with detrital dips like the Shaunghnessy, it's pieces like this one that make me happy to pay for the Globe every morning.


And by "pay" you of course mean access for free on the interwebs.


Well, duh.



Ha ha ... you said "feel good piece".

Bats out of the slumbers, guys!

I'm tappin' out. A hairdresser travels with the team?

And, file under "Who Saw This Comin'?"

The fat cop's name is Billy Dunn. [What, there weren't any 'Danny Sullivans' available?]

"He was one of the officers probed for possible brutality in the aftermath of the 1989 Carol Stuart murder."

Gotta love Boston, what a fuckin shithole.


I believe that the combination of LMonstro and Billy Dunn make for a much bettah overall human mascot theme than Nelson de la Rosa did "back in the day". At least these two actually serve purposes within the Nation other than some diva's freakshow sidekick! de la Rosa was actually the toy dog in the purse before the toy dog in the purse! See? Some things other than whiskey and wine actually can get bettah with time...


Male hairdresser interested in Tina's rack? Something doesn't add up here...

Or maybe that anti-stereotype is the counterpoint to the Irish Boston cop.

"Gotta love Boston, what a fuckin shithole."

That is the dirty little secret we all harbor and/or fear is true to varying degrees, isn't it?

hb: yup.

Sorry, the surly washed over the lovable on that one.

In my haste to launch that blast, I overlooked perhaps the quintessential quote [in this case from Dunn] that could be attributed to a RS fan.

"I've seen a lot of history committed by these guys."

That is breathtakingly accurate and sad.

The Red Sox are constantly "committing" history. And we are their accomplices.


Wow lc thanks for shitting all over that cop and nice feel good story to start my day.

Im glad you can look down with disgust on the rest of the world with your past free of mistakes.

Cops can be bad everywhere, but they often can be good too. I have family from Dorchester and its not an easy place to grow up, you gotta figure not much education and then a marine... then he switches to a cop after he gets out. I know a few guys just like him. They can make mistakes and or be good just like the rest of us.

But you know... stay all high and mighty you fucking prick.

All of a sudden I feel like we've just morphed from Soxaholix to the Lord of Flies.

jfm: will do.

I love the awesome view from up here. By the way, I think a guy down on the street just shit himself, would you mind cleaning him up? Thanks.

That said,

I wasn't saying Dunn was a bad guy[To be fair, the story also says he was exonerated], although it's fine with me if you have that impression.
My observation was more to underscore, to coin a phrase, "The Wonder Of It All", that the seamless web of Boston life, with all of its highs, lows, winners, losers, pricks, trannies, Howie Carrs, Mark Parenteaus and a drunk bus full of Kennedys is something that we cannot get away from. It is why "The Departed" was spot on, notwithstanding the poor accents. It is also why the Sopranos episode on Sunday, although initially deflating, was brilliant.

Don't stop believing, bro.


Officer Dunn was cleared of all charges. I for one will give him the benefit of the doubt.

As I was a little surprised by what I considered a harsh judgment, I guess I did the same thing... so a "fucking prick" you a probably not. Still If a guy comes out of Dorchester then served as a marine and then a cop in a tough department in a tough city, goes on to bang knuckles with God's gift to Sox Fans every night... I just don't know how your first thoughts turn to how shitty Boston is... when you could just take it as ray of sunshine with your coffee this morning.

Secondly, from your commentary you must live in or around Boston... although I grew up in Maine, and went to Mass. every summer(my dad took me to Fenway at least once a year growing up) I now find myself living in that real shithole of modern metropolises... Atlanta, Georgia. We have no decent public transportation... high murder rates, crackheads wandering around like zombies, and fucking insane rednecks as far as the eye can see. Don't you know they are trying to Ban Harry Potter in public schools here?

So forgive me if I came across too harsh but damn, what the hell are you complaining about?

"fucking insane rednecks as far as the eye can see"

And, of course, James, there aren't any of those in Maine. :)

"what the hell are you complaining about?"

What aren't I complaining about?


H.B. Shhhhhh...

Opinions are like assholes...

Billy Dunn looks and reads like he was taken from the pages of a Robert Parker novel. Working a decade and a half in an anti-gang unit? Anyone here want to try that? No thanks. God knows Dunn deserves the green grasses of Fenway right now. As to 'The Departed'. Loved it - I'll take the Irish Mob over Scorsese's Italians anyday. I think the Whitey/Billy Bulger story paints a pretty accurate picture of Boston.

(Sniff) can't we all just get along?

Let's take our cues from this guy.

Best. Video. Evah.

"I now find myself living in that real shithole of modern metropolises... Atlanta, Georgia. We have no decent public transportation... high murder rates, crackheads wandering around like zombies, and fucking insane rednecks as far as the eye can see. Don't you know they are trying to Ban Harry Potter in public schools here?"

James, I feel your pain. I spent two awful years living in the Atlanta area. I got a lot of "Oh, you're from Massachusetts? Bless your heart!"

"Let's take our cues from this guy."

Wow! If that guy's not a dirt dog, I don't know who is! Can he hit? The Sox can sure use a guy with hands like that at SS right about now! He'd also be perfect for the pink hat wearahs, too. And he's already used to living in a shithole...

Everyone thinks that their own place where they live, their region of choice is the best and that the other places are crapholes.

And not to piss on the New England parade, but having lived in a lots of different regions myself, Boston/New England's greatest differentiator is IMO the Boston Red Sox.

Beyond that it's not particularly special or better or for that matter worse than any other region.

Pros and cons, good and bad to all.

Again, the big exception is the Red Sox.

Ain't nothing else like it anywhere. And the relationship between the ball club and the greater New England community is unmatched in all of US sport. (I put the US specificity on it, as I suspect the UK football/soccer clubs have a similar thing going on.)

But your own mileage may vary, of course.

Not everyone is afforded the luxury of living wherevah they want H.B., yes, even here in America. Living in Atlanta is proof of that (see also living in most "Red States")...

Of all the places where I've called home, I'm rather fond of the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Fort Myers area unless of course, it's hurricane season. During that time, it's a shit-and-miss-hole!


There have been times when I've felt more at home in many respects while in the "Red States" than I have in my native Massachusetts.

But you know, I also own several firearms and I'm rather patriotic. Both of those character flaws brand me as a loser in the elite liberal circles of greater Boston. (And don't tell anyone, but I have a few country songs on my iPod.)

Back to shucking clams, ayeh.

If LaMonstro is staring at Tina's rack, it's probably because he's thinking 'yo. Me and boy Manny are with some broad in a hotel room. When is she going to shut up so we can get busy?"

As a very left-leaning lover of all things Cash, Yoakam, Chicks, and Ketchum (oh, and even Toby Keith), I'd like to see a Venn diagram of blue state knee-jerk liberalism and knee-jerk country music hating. Concentric? Equally intellectually vapid?

I'd move to Phoenix in a heartbeat if I didn't need the ocean and non-stop Sox coverage the way some people need to breathe.

Besides the Sox, Boston has that whole "more-historic-than-most-European-cities" and "more-institutes-of-higher-learning-than-London" thing going on. I've been out of the city going on 8 years, but I still look back with fondness. NYers shit on the Hub, saying it is second-tier. Ah, well. I'll take clubs closing prior to 5am and having a tree or two in the city proper over ADHD and cocaine addiction being handed out in high school along with the text books.*

* That last part applies to Manhattan, I think. I don't know a single person from Manhattan who didn't rock the Bolivian marching powder throughout college.

I'd move to Phoenix in a heartbeat if I didn't need the ocean and non-stop Sox coverage the way some people need to breathe.

I also love the ocean and couldn't bear to live too far from it, but having traveled extensively for a former job, I've managed to at least set foot in all 48 contiguous states. There are many places in the middle of the country I enjoyed visiting and wouldn't mind living in (at least for a few years, until my Ocean Withdrawal kicked in):

Austin, TX
Flagstaff, AZ
Fort Collins and/or Durango, CO
Missoula, MT
Lawrence, KS
Bloomington, IN

to name a few.

Okay, so those are all college towns. Microbrewed beer and eye candy rank 1-2 on my list of requirements for quality of life. :)

Oh, ditto on Austin TX, Aaron. Although I'd go with Boulder over FC or Durango. Add to my list Chicago IL, Nashville TN, and Charlottesville VA (hey, all college towns... hmmmm....)

"If LaMonstro is staring at Tina's rack, it's probably because he's thinking 'yo. Me and boy Manny are with some broad in a hotel room. When is she going to shut up so we can get busy?"

That's just hilarious.

I think the key phrase from the interview is when Tina says to LMonstro 'and you do guys all across the league'. I'll bet he does.

next to microbrew & eye candy, I'm all for sun and 70's.

after my progression from Maine to Virginia to NC & SC back to NH, Mass and the Watch City, I made the leap to the Bay Area and now Santa Rosa - pretty nice especially when it's raining and 40 back home.

Even with the ocean out here - nothing beats those 12 days in Maine on the ocean sometime in August that are dry, clear - perfect.

But definitely miss that euro soccer league affection for sports teams - the Raider psychos really just make sundays in the fall like halloween - there's no 24/7 obsession like back home

You can throw down Asheville, NC as a top 10 place.

BTW - even Nat stares at HM's rack during interviews...I mean who doesn't

Just received something to add to yesterday's Sopranos conversation from a client; semi-amusing:


Okay, clearly I have no intention of doing work today. Last random post, I promise, but this made me DIE with laughter. One of my all-time fav 80s hairbands, Poison, is staging a comeback with an album full of covers. Your guess as to which song they will release first? If you said SexyBack by JT, claim your prize, if you haven't wet yourself. Have a listen here:


Wow Natalie...and I thought Smash Mouth's version of I'm A Believer was the all time worst cover in the history of covers....the entire Poison album sounds utterly craptastic! I can't believe they were allowed back into a studio. ps: for the record, G n' R kicked the crap out of all those makeup crusted shemales

"Back to shucking clams, ayeh."

Have a few handfuls of Steamahs for me!

"But definitely miss that euro soccer league affection for sports teams - "

I think part of that is because teams in the UK don't move around - there's no need for them to since every town of any size has a professional team (there are 92 in the English Leagues alone). But if you want to see real 'affection' with a good dose of religious bigotry and hatred thrown in - go to Glasgow and watch Celtic play Rangers (particularly the New Year's Day game). Not for the fainthearted, and nothing to be proud of.

I saw the Rangers play a match against Dortmund about 5 years ago in Glasglow. You have to go to experience it but the police presence is overwhelming. No alcohol sold in the stadium and Officers shoulder to shoulder everywhere. Was a great time though.

The cop did redeem himself: More recently, he was a witness against two Yankees players involved in an October 2003 bullpen fracas that sent a Fenway groundskeeper to the hospital.

I concur that Boston is a shithole, but everyone always thinks where they live is shittier. Except for New Yorkers who think their shit doesn't smell and therefore Boston is worse. But then again, that's part of what makes NY so shitty.

From living in Chicago, Pennsylvania, and a handful of other places (not to mention where I've visited), I'd rather live in Boston than anywhere else. The entire midwest is a garbage dump, completely devoid of anything to do. Yeah, I'd love to get some decent weather during the winter, but nothing's like Boston.

Seriously, Chicago is horrible. Pizza... and nothing else.

Sean the bars in Chicago are fun. And Wrigley is a baseball fan's paradise.

lol lord of the flies

That video link in the first frame is some seriously weird shit.

//Seriously, Chicago is horrible. Pizza... and nothing else//
Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park; The Art Institute; a short drive to Lambeau Field; that beautiful big lake; the best skyscraper architecture on earth; pizza; Wrigley Field; the Four Seasons Hotel (mmm); Charlie Trotters; Michigan Avenue.......

Hey, I think I might just take a trip there - next week!! Yippee.


And Sydney is quite nice also.

"Back to shucking clams, ayeh."
Have a few handfuls of Steamahs for me!

Lord, PJ. I hope those aren't Cleveland Steamahs!

Okay, so I guess you can call me "Rob in NYC" for a while. I'm working down in the financial district for at least the next 3-4 months. Nice work, but I was pissed about no Red Sox. Then, tonight I'm walking home from a late dinner on the East Side and WONDER OF WONDERS (!) an oasis in the desert. A sign on the door of a corner bar (88th and 2nd) declaring "Your Home for the Red Sox in NYC". Pat O'Brien's, I love you! I walk in and order a Blue Moon just as Big Papi bounces his 8th inning shot off the wall of the bullpen. Hot damn! Manny walks, and Drew comes through with the deep sack fly. Follow that up with Paps lights out, and the perfect ending to the day.

Not that it matters to anyone, but I can read but not post at work, so it'll be evening comments if any at all. SDU, have a safe and wonderful trip stateside. Enjoy! lc, make it less surly, and more lovable. Geff must have you tied up in knots.

Hey thanks Rob, you are gentleman but aren't you supposed to be cruising the Carribean? YouR post means I don't get the loser award for last post of the day yet again....DOH!!!

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