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Holding it in

I know we just took 2 of 3 from the D-Backs and are still up by 9½ in the AL East, so why do I feel about as comfortable as Paris Hilton in a jail cell with a full bladdah?


Leaving Ortiz on the bench in the 9th? Jumpin Jeebuz.


And what the frig is up with putting the numbah 3 and numbah 5 worst hittahs in all of of baseball in the same lineup and batting them back-to-effin back?


You know we have the the lowest OBP out of the leadoff position in MLB, right?


Lugo and Crisp are black holes. And, you know, it's one thing to stick with guys when they are going through a slump, but Lugo and Crisp aren't slumping — They are what they are, terrible hittahs.


Yeah, a slump lasts a couple weeks, maybe a couple months in extreme cases, but these guys are now in in their 2nd years of hauling the lead bats.


I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, we bitched about Francona's management back in 2004 and, chagrin, chagrin, the guy went on to lead us to the promise land, but that doesn't negate the frustration any less watching it now.


I know. It's like, OK, a 100 win club is still going to lose 62 so on and so forth, but why does Francona always seem to be working toward the 62?



"Lugo and Crisp are black holes..." Doug better watch it before he gets Imus'd.

Who knew it would take a 3-4 road trip for the Red Sox to "get back to normal"? That sounds like a pretty normal road trip to me.


On a more serious note, I'm very disappointed in this. To me, this seems more like something A-Rod would do! I mean when was the last time Schilling refused to answer questions about himself? It's not like he was particularly busy in Phoenix over the weekend dining with the Johnsons or anything. Can you imagine if he's no longer in Boston in the near future and does the same thing to say... CHB? Gasp!



This is so true...and you didn't even touch on the JD Drew lovefest that must go on in Tito's office...because that's the only way I can understand why he continues to hit in the 5-spot behind Manny. A few great hits off of NL pitching doesn't reassure me about this guy yet. Drop him a few spots...let Youk and his hot bat take over the 5-spot for now...

Finally, Thank You Mike Timlin. You are forever one of The 25. But seriously, buddy, retire to the hunting reserve already, please.

One of the reasons I read the Soxaholix every day is that so often the strip mirrors how I'm feeling about the team. Last night, I couldn't get over how we're letting the MFYs back in this by letting little games get away. Why are Lugo (.213) and Crisp (.224) at the top of the order? Why didn't Ortiz hit for Crisp? And then the characters debate the same thing. Right on, H.B.!

This week is critical -- we cannot lose a single game to the MFYs between now and Sunday. After that, we go back on the road to Atlanta, SD, and Seattle, while the other guys play easier opponents (Colorado, San Fran, Baltimore). We need to keep the petal to the metal and keep this lead around double digits!

Sinc it's so quiet around here today...Pictures from the Pawson game @ Richmond on Friday night.

No sign of Lester though. He must have been hiding in the dugout.

Nice pics, COD, thanks!

Anyone else in post-Sopranos confusion this am?

I'm in a post-Sopranos frame of mind, though not necessarily confusion.

I think I'm in the minority in thinking it was a perfect way to end the series.

OK, I'll confess I'm a little confused over why they spent so much time showing Meadow's parking problems. That couldn't have been just tossed in there to kill time; it had some deeper meaning. But it's too sublime for me to discern so far.

9.5 games is alot for the yankees to be up.."why not us" hey the yanks played a team that without a doubt is the worst in the majors prob only a midlevel team at the AAA level. rocket didnt look invinsible to me and thats still basically an old pitching staff. so call me ascotch glass half full kinda guy if you want (rob in ct i highly recomend trying bowmore 12 /o its awesome stuff)but thats the way i see it crisp can play centerfield for my team anyday and lugo i believe is amongst the rbi leaders for leadoff hitters not to shabby since its rbis that score runs not a batting average.oh well i snuck out early from work just to post this and now i must return OK BYE!!

"Anyone else in post-Sopranos confusion this am?"

My wife and I thought the reception on our DIRECTV® went out...

Temporarily diverting your attention from the possibly threatening scene in the restaurant to the mundane parking problem is pure Hitchcock, a tension builder.

Think Rear Window, when J. Stewart is distracted from the murder across the way by the other run of the mill stuff in the building, e.g., the hot dancer, the couple arguing, etc.

Yep, tension builder.

I love this thought on the finale:

"The lack of resolution -- the absolute and deliberate failure, or more accurately, refusal, to end this thing -- was exactly right. It felt more violent, more disturbing, more unfair than even the most savage murders Chase has depicted over the course of six seasons, because the victim was us. He ended the series by whacking the viewer."

That, and Chase could do 120m domestic box office easily...

"Temporarily diverting your attention from the possibly threatening scene in the restaurant to the mundane parking problem is pure Hitchcock, a tension builder."

"Think Rear Window, when J. Stewart is distracted from the murder across the way by the other run of the mill stuff in the building, e.g., the hot dancer, the couple arguing, etc."

Like The Birds in Detroit yesterday?

Great comment, Jason O. Ending of Sopranos was pure Hitchcock. I was thinking Torn Curtain when Paul Newman goes to the E. German post office to pick up a package. Though nothing happens, the viewer is filled with dread every time the door opens to the back room.

how could anyone have missed this? "Lowell revealed he has plans to start a blog. "Not for me," he said. "My philosophy is, if Manny is willing to sell a grill for $20,000, I'll tell him just to talk to me, and I'll type a blog for him --Mannysblog.com. And I'll pay him $21,000, he'll think he sold a grill, and I'll negotiate a dollar a hit. I'll be a gazillionaire, and Manny will be happy because he can buy a new barbecue . . . Everyone wants to know what Manny's saying, so all he has to do is give me two legitimate answers and after that I'll make up anything I want, and nobody will know the difference." is that last sentance a shot or what?

From the Blue line.

Do Lugo, Crisp and Drew actually take batting practice? And if they do, do they ever make contact? When they do make contact, do the balls go very high in the air near third base/first base or do they bounce sharply to the side of the infield near shortstop?

They should all bat consecutively so we can get their outs out of the way so as to not kill rallies.

This season keeps reminding me about Epstien's biggest mistake: not keeping Orlando Cabrera...

Lugo will come around but we gotta trade Crisp.

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