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For your consideration ...

… Somewhere on the Green Line a possibly sagacious and certainly loony (and, frankly, urine reeking) neerdowell likes to pose questions to nobody in particular …

Rider on Green Line:
So the Sox are 1 and 3 in June, is this the staht of the swoon?


Rider on Green Line:
I did not get this from any book
I got this on trust and betrayal.


Rider on Green Line:
I got this on trust
I got this on trust funds


Rider on Green Line:
on loan
with interest


Rider on Green Line:


Author's Notes
Our Green Line rider's rant is partially composed of lines from Jan Heller Levi's poem "Get This" from the collection Once I Gazed at You in Wonder


If the Sox keep insist on losing in late or extra innings in games that end way after midnight, well, I have a mind to...to...oh crap, who am I kidding. I'll still watch.

No need to panic. Lost 4 of 5, so what? Final game to Cleveland (after winning the first two games), 2 of 3 to the pumped-up MFY, and the opener in Oakland (no greenies). An aberration, not the start of the June Swoon. Bumps like this are to be expected. I Tivo'd the game - sped through it this morning. Tivo stopped recording with the bases loaded in the 9th and no outs. I was surprised that it went to 11 innings. Hopefully, Mothra has been getting some really good home-style cooking in the Bay area and is ready to get the team back on the winning track.

This is amazing (in an awful way):


The third paragraph is the key to the whole story.

Marty? Is that you? Buddy, why are you stumbling home from Sunset Tap and Grill on the B Line? Shouldn't you be heading for the Jamaica Center Express to catch your LIRR home to Port Jefferson?

1-3 in June, yet still the best record in baseball. We forced stalemates with Pettite (ended with the win) and Haren (ended with the loss). We lost to Wang with "I can't solve the Yankees" Wakefield. Let's see how the next two go against the likes of old friend DiNardo (vs Matsuzaka) and Wakefield vs 1-4 Joe Kennedy (not the home heating oil guy, but he probably pitches about as "well").

How about them basement Yankees, eh Lou?

I think it's great that the Sox even played as well as they did, given the time change, the busy schedule, and the tough loss the night before.

Francona said that he'd have to rest some of his starters during the inter-league trip, but I think you'll see that this team can win anyway.

Wow, Bob. I hope we figure out who these assholes were and stomp craters into their four skulls.

I'm tired.


A quirk of TiVo and MLB-Extra Innings on DirecTV... The feed from DTV is shut off usually within moments (sometimes minutes) of the game ending. And it goes to no signal, not the DTV logo, so there's nothing to record.

So, basically, this morning, after staying up through the 10th inning, I was zipping through the 11th, and when the Sox didn't score in the top half, and I saw there was only about 15 minutes of recording left, it was "Aw crap..." I knew that the game couldn't make it to the 12th inning in that short amount of time.

The TiVo giveth, and the TiVo taketh away.

Well Marty,it's no "Third Lung Review"

The ending really sucked, but I don't think they expected to win last night, with that starting line-up and Tavarez up against Haren.

Tarrkid - you need to TiVo on the MLB Extra Innings channel, not NESN. It only records for 3 hours on NESN (i found out the hard way in 2005 - Sox rallied in bottom half of ninth inning and missed the whole half). The MLB channels (734++) tape for six hours. Also, you can extend the end of the taping from 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc., to 3 hours.

1). Ready to go to sleep after 5h the previous night at 12:30, I flick on the score one last time to see Pineiro let in a run. I watch anyway.

2). I stay up until 2, watching and swearing as Hale waves around Pedroia like he's Rickey Henderson (he's not), and we see our 2nd game-winning homer in 2 days against us.

3). The dog next door starts screeching at 7AM, as always, though i'm not scheduled at work 'til 10.

In short, they better win tonight's game. Big.

Off topic - anybody know what the Pawsox rotation looks like for the 4 game series in Richmond this week? Thinking of going to a game - would love to do it when Lester is pitching.

Even more off-topic. Here's the new TV campaign for the iPhone:


Ok hb, granted, but I never ride the green line in that condition, usually just stumble the sidewalks and accost couples/groups of people with such things.

COD - Lester should be pitching Sat. - he pitched yesterday.

I thought Wendall Kim was let go years ago what kind of incarnation was Hale doing.

Nothing like returning on a 21 hour trip, jetlagged to watch the team w/ pride get out coached by their own. Best part of the trip - folks in the Dominican definitely love the Sox. I got NESN in my resort room half the day!

Heading to the Oakland abysstadium tonight - could use a gem from Mothra

I was at the game last night amid the usual throng of Sox fans. We should've lost twice, so I'll begrudgingly accept defeat... Any appearance of Joel Pineiro is a harbinger of death, by the way.

Best Sox fan-initiated cheers: "Keep in Embree!", "We got Randy!", "This is landfill!", and my personal favorite "Let's Go, Fremont!"

I had just poured a bowl of cereal and sat down when Chavez hit the HR...guess I jinxed it. I had just swore I'd give the Sox one more inning. We looked pretty awful out there. Cant guys just throw strikes?

sono have an Anchor Steam or 6 for me.

I think my son is going tonight.


High noon has come and gone, and I miss my shout out. It completes me. HB -- a masterpiece, sir. And you wonder what a Yankees fan is doing on Soxaholix?

I had read that poem a few years ago... Awesome stuff, hb. I love the next line (perhaps a cautionary note for anyone getting too exercised at the notion of the swoon): "I got this from inhale inhale inhale, exhale exhale exhale."

I hate West Coast games. Like lc, I am tired.

As long as we're all on a sleep-deprived off topic jaunt, may I offer the antidote to Bob's firehouse story? No MFY connection, but restores some faith in fellow humans. I heard the guy interviewed this AM, and he was predictably low-key

LC - can't wait for a few Anchors - I'd say I'll be thinking of you but that sounds a little...well you know, Geffner-esque

Also will keep a look out for a Mr. Surly Loveable, Jr.

Love the "Let's Go Fremont" cheer. I guess "Snow Bowl" chants have lost some it's luster?

"Tuck Rule" chants are done too?

There was a few balls I thought fure sure were going out of the park last night. It could have ended different

I was at the game lastnight too & my favorite (of all the different chants that seemed especially genius lastnight) was right after the game ended & people in the exits were all chanted together "Yankees Suck!"

At least we'll forever agree on something in Oakland. Can't wait to hear it at SBC too!

In re: Fremont. I think it's a good move to go there. It's not a bad town, and it's right across the bridge from Palo Alto and just up the road from SJ. It also has one of the 21st century's greatest inventions: Fry's Electronics.

Even so, I have probably seen more games in the Coliseum that in any park other than Fenway. Raider fan is much on display at the pahk. They do great tailgating there.. the only other place I've seen it done to a degree approaching Oakland was at old County Stadium in Milwaukee. And, the A's have smartened up... they have covered over the third deck just as the Padres did at Jack Murphy stadium, and it compacts the crowd a bit more.

A few memories of the Coliseum:

1. Day game vs. the Orioles, maybe 10 years back when they were building the luxury boxes in center field. The work crews, jackhammers and all, worked through the game. I guess Al Davis needed it done in a hurry.

2. Dollar beer night vs. the Twins about 5 years ago. That was a shitshow.

3. Saturday afternoon game vs. Devil Rays(!) this April with sbl, jr. and the undersigned sitting in the sun.

4. Game vs. the Sawks that Pedro started. I got a single ticket in the first row directly in front of of where the pitcher warms up in the visiting bullpen. D Lowe, then in bullpen, trying desperately to pick up anything with breasts. Wake, also in the bullpen, gets up to warm and the security guy sitting on the field looks at the knucklah, then looks up at me and says "What the hell is that?"

respectfully submitted,


[go sawx]


I always thought the baseball and football crowds were entirely different groups. Are the baseball fans there really the same people as the "worst in the NFL" Raiders fans?

Scott, not in the sense that you are suggesting.

They are just passionate fans. Oakland is a blue collar town and the A's fans just seem to really be into their team and being around each other. Everyone seems to have A's gear (some of it home made) which is well-worn. Contrast to the pink hat crowd at Fenway who look like they stopped at Twins' Souvenir for their gear on their way into the pahk. Maybe more knowledgeable people would have a different view, but I think the tailgating is more a function of having a wide open space (albeit a parking lot) to stretch out in. I am guessing that most of the A's fans don't have big lawns...

that's just my opinion, and it could be wrong...


If in case you haven't seen it...Matt Damon and Letterman discussing the Sox last night. http://tinyurl.com/38o3hr

RE: A's fans

I think you're pretty on LC. Most out here that are A's fans don't have a yard bigger than my office (10X8) & those are the wealthy ones.

There's definitely some Raiders overflow - couple years ago the grim reaper guy was walking around the A's/Sox game. But those aren't the same blue collar guys sitting in the bleachers w/ the drums and flags.

The tailgate scene isn't life/death at A's games - although a Yankee friend of mine did get jumped last year after an A's/MFY game. Of course it does help when the A's/Sox fan split is about 50/50 - you have safe pods of little Danvers and little Saugus spread throughout the 100 acre parking lot.

I've also seen an increase of the pink hat crowd over the last 7 years out here - they're not sitting in the bleachers.

shoot the third base coach...

Just a little more the A's/Sox games or Sox v. fill-in-the-blank games


Matt Damon had some great zingers in that COD, thanks.

"Clemens played for the Red Sox too..."
"Yeah, 40 years ago when he was 20."

"How about that HR by A-Rod the other night to win the game?"
"10 more of those and you're in second place."

That clip was so full of win.

Oh yeah, it's a swoon. I can't believe they just fucking got shut out by Lenny DiNardo. Two straight losses to a sorry goddamn team. Fuckfuckfuck

yeah, fuck fuck fuck

SDU -- if the answer is no runs, two hits, six walks and a virtual monument to pitching incompetence, what is the question?

Hey, PT, go fuck yourself.

Seriously, dude, just stop posting, huh?

I think I probably deserved that!
Is the question 11.5?

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