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Calling it quits (no, no, not us)

So did you hear the latest? The Yankees have given up on 2007.


Good for them. Unlike Britney Speahs, the Yankees know when it's all ovah.


Meanwhile, don't tell Paddy, but Theo Epstein remains one smaht mofo.



Now we have to analyze this strip to determine if it is indeed HB's work or that of a very clever art forger.

Hmmm, interesting thought, yazbread.

Come to think of it, there's an E in the first panel, a K in the second, and an O in the third...

Okay, enough conspiracy crap. Who's gonna meet up with Soxdownunder, me and maybe Buckner tomorrow at The Baseball Tavern?

Oh, BTW, Wilco was superbly superblicious last night.

The conspiracy theories were superb and sublime.

And that was a conscious reference to Wallace re the "today, tomorrow, forever" but not meant to be a ref to recent SCOTUS decisions as well.

Just got crushed by the day job all morning. Big pre-4th of July project release rush.


Just when I came back to post my own conspiracy theory about the name Hart Brachen being some sort of code for Heart Breaking a new strip appears.

That does it I'm getting my magnifying glass and going over each frame of every strip. I don't care if I have to go back to 2003.

Well, I'll be there Bob. For those who missed the post on the 'grrrrrrr conspiracy stip', we'll both be dressed by Kintees: Bob will be wearing 'Let Jim In' and I'll be wearing 'OK Okajima'.

HB, I am glad that soap opera style cliffhanger didn't roll over to Monday. Phew!! Stupid day jobs.

Bob, I'm on my way out the door to see Wilco tonight in the Burlington area. I can't wait given all the great reviews I've been hearing.

They were amazing, vermonter. Best I've ever heard them. And the set list covered everything you'd want to hear, from early to new. Plus, they (especialy Tweedy) were in a really upbeat mood. Which is unusual, to say the least.

Bob, I have a ton of things I want to get done tomorrow, but meeting you guys at the Baseball Tavern might just have to be one of them.

I'll know better tomorrow unfortunately.

If I show up, I'll probably be sporting my Ortiz jersey.

just got in and saw the post. What time you guys meeting up?


dunno if this is too late but it's 4pm at the baseball tavern (level 1) downstairs (level 1 ??) for english breakfast tea and then it all gets very confusing (but I gather upwards) after that.

somewhat (well, quite) drunk in chicago,


ps 'let jim in' and 'okay okajima'tees should give us away.

Send pics Guys-I'll be there in spirit (or should that be spirits?) Rich

glad hb returned.

I'll be at 7/4 game. sdu tell me where you are sitting.


& Bob.
That was great fun. I eventually found my tickets and had amazing seats in the grandstands right behind home plate - I could have called balls & strikes (and it may have resulted in a better outcome).

Here's some ludicrous pictures (especially, but not exclusively, for you HR):


You will see the inherent blur of the occasion as well as the view from my hotel room and the actual Jim Rice behind the Kin-tee.

We had a theory that the exceptionally healthy looking barmaid may have been hb herself but considered, finally, that it was just wishful thinking.

Lick 'em tomorrow.


Hope you're enjoying your visit to Boston and Fenway. The Charles makes a fine riverrun, past Longfellow and Harvard and Eliot and Anderson Footbridge. And even Boston has atoms (Adams?). Happy 4th...

PT aka Captain Obvious

They even sell pretty good stout but, shucks, can a swim duck?

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