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aimz 2 plz

Surliness today, surliness tomorrow, surliness forever.

Bill slamming phone with thought bubble:



hb, tell Bill to take your advice from yesterday and cheer the &^%# up. At least there was this:

Holy frig, another frustrating loss. Hope we fare better against the suddenly-mighty Rangers than did los Tigres.

Well, at least we can safely assume it's not Marty at the end of Bill's line. Must be tough when your $avior Clemen$ doesn't come through and you fail to capitalize on the division leader's 3 game skid.

Glen Geffner is unlistenable and I don't think he and Joe are in the same booth. Honestly, it sounds like they are calling a game at different times and locations (like the way they do the voices for animated movies) and patching it together. Often Glen will say something and then half an inning or an inning later, Joe will say the same thing! WTF? How is this MLB radio? It's embarrassing, frankly. LC, I feel your pain.

The Angels got swept by the Royals.

Go fig.


This could only get worse if RS staht losing to the DRays and Rangahs.

Not to stir up a new hornet's nest, but there's an interesting article in the NYT today in which the author cites examples of SCOTUS surliness...basically showing examples of how Scalia calls out Roberts as a pussy for not gutting American jurisprudence.


Why oh why didn't Tito pitch hit Cora for Lugo in the 8th? The guy was O for ever...

You know Scalia would love to kick the shit out of Roberts. And I'm sure he daydreams about snapping Ruth B.G. over his knee like a dried old twig.

What we really need to see is Scalia v Ditka.

What we really need to see is Scalia v Ditka.

Cage Match? Hell yes.

I also cannot believe he didn't pinch hit cora for lugo in the eight. Then in the bottom of the eight lugo fails to throw out ichiro on a routine grounder. I think cora makes that play. Its time to start cora at short for a few games.

Also I can't really believe we will lose many more games like this one. Dice-k was great and we left a ton of guys on. Most days we win games like this 7-1.

The Horrah. The Horrah.

Are you an assassin?

No I'm Alex Cora.

Actually, Scalia and Bader-Ginsburg are well-known to be close pals - professional differences notwithstanding.

2 on, 2 out in a 1-1 ballgame. 8th inning. A righty on the mound, JJ Putz stirring in the bullpen and Ichiro due to lead off the bottom of the 8th. Lugo hasn't sniffed a hit in two weeks. This has to rank up there with 'he who shall not be named's decision to leave in Pedro...

What about that strike call to Ortiz in, I believe, the 5th? The game is tied at 1, two outs, bases are loaded, the count on Ortiz is 3-1 and Seattle's pitcher delivers a ball that's at Ortiz's letters and a foot off the plate. The ump calls it a strike. Unf!ckingbelievable. Instead of the go ahead run crossing home plate, now Ortiz has a 3-2 count, but worse, the strike zone is apparently everywhere -- unless Seattle's pitcher tosses one in the dirt, it will be called a strike. So Ortiz has to swing at any crappy pitch he's thrown regardless of how how much it sucks, it will just be called a strike anyway. The next pitch is low and away, and Ortiz grounds out.

To me, that's when the game was really decided. Whoever that ump was, he should be reprimanded.

Steve I could not agree more. The game was lost right there. Francoma was out managed in that inning. Of course a second grader would have walked Drew to pitch to Lugo as well. But only a home schooled second grader. ;)

Didn't see the 5th tas, but the umpiring was terrible for one of the San Diego games to the point that they must have been paid off. Maybe the same yesterday. That's the only explanation.

I now fear the Mariner. Let's hope the Sox don't face them if/when they go to the playoffs.

Clever linkage, h.b. Not sure if I've seen you do that before.

I guess the umps figure Big Papi can hit anything, so he should swing at everything. If you watched the game on MLB Extra Innings and got the Seattle feed instead of NESN, then you got to see their version of K-Zone on a lot of batters. It was laughable how bad the ball/strike calls were. And the Seattle play by play guy was a riot - even when the K-Zone showed the ball a foot outside, he would say "just caught the edge of the plate"!

What about that strike call to Ortiz in, I believe, the 5th? The game is tied at 1, two outs, bases are loaded, the count on Ortiz is 3-1 and Seattle's pitcher delivers a ball that's at Ortiz's letters and a foot off the plate.

The k-zone thing that they rate the umpires with(or used to?) had it way off the plate. That was a terrible call.

Ortiz went 0-5 with 7 men LOB. I'm not saying Papi was to blame for the loss, but I also think that Lugo's craptastic season wasn't the sole reason we lost either.

2 more Ks for Ichiro at the hands of his fellow countryman. Is it me or does Ichiro look really vulnerable against the Red Sox (not just Daisuke) this year? Yet his numbers show that he's still the kabuki king with a bat in his hands. I think he needs to play for us to eliminate his troubles against us.

Tito better get his act together again in bench management. Not pinch-hitting Hinske because "Seattle had a lot of left-handers in the bullpen" is just garbage. Hinske is .250/.250/.625 in 8 AB vs lefties this season (.227/.292/.380 lifetime). Lugo is .185/.223/.261 vs righties this season in 211 ABs (.270/.333/.397 lifetime, wtf, son). Given the 0fer33 skid of Lugo and abysmal season stats, how do you not play Hinske vs WHOEVER they have in the pen if you're going to quote handedness and likelihoods had you pulled the trigger as your excuse?

Tito's got a loyalty to Lugo going and I've seen him hope and pray for a guy before (coughcoughRenteria). I hope he can pull out of this death spiral before it's too late to eject at SS. Theo, please reassure us you're looking into our 153rd SS in 3 seasons, thanks.

....and this just in-Spice Girls to reunite. The horror,the horror :D

Tas, when I saw that call, the words that came out of my mouth would have embarrassed the Naval officer in charge of cursing.

I know, I know, no game is decided on a single call. But in a way, this one was.

I hate umpires. Always have, always will.

They're like security guards: Napoleonic, wanna-be-real-cops mentality.

I'm STILL pissed at that call. Really, I'm actually sweating in anger right onto my keyboard.

Oh. Wait. My left arm just went numb...

Not to mention that the vaunted lefty Seattle had in the pen had exactly 2.2 innings of MLB experience...
and how about the balls shown by Lugo when he WAS finally PH for in the 11th? Dude went and threw a tantrum in the dugout, breaking his bat and shit.... what the hell does he expect?

I Theo we trust - except for shortstops...

Anybody notice the season O'Cab is having? Or Gonzo? Maybe we should let Lisa the Temp pick the next SS...

I wonder is Coco can play short? He seems athletic enough. Coco at short (Cora as a late inning defense replacement) and Ichiro in center!

// Dude went and threw a tantrum in the dugout, breaking his bat and shit....//

Funny thing was, when he swung the bat to break it, he missed.

What a fucking day.

I put my shoes on to go to the Sox game. Sole falls off. That should have clued me in right there.

Go to the game, find parking. $30. Give the attendant $40, get $10 back. I had $60 in my wallet, but when I get to the game, can find only $10. So apparently I gave her a $20 tip.

I see several close calls, all going against us. I figure I will watch them on HD when I get home, as I set my DirecTV HD DVR to record the game.

I have a meeting at 6:30, so I leave the game at 5 (in bottom of the 11th). Perhaps the only really good thing that happened all day.

Get to car. My $20 tip got my car broken into, apparently, and by the stupidest fucking thieves on the planet. They tried to pop open the handle on the passenger's side, but failed, so they did it on the driver's side. Then they wasted their time stealing a shitty $200 Alpine stereo that's worth no more than $100 now, and ignoring the $300 iPod that's still worth every bit of that $300.

I go to my meeting, get home, and figure, well, at least I can watch the end of the game that I missed, but my fucking DVR decided that channel 95 no longer existed (it did) and canceled my recording for me. Gee thanks, you fuckers.

Yikes, pudge, that sucks in every possible way.

That said, my left arm is still numb, and the side of my mouth has started to droop.

On the bright side, the rocket is now 1 and 3 - he is turning out to be an even poorer investment than Pavano ($4 mil per win versus $2 mil). If they get swept by the O's tonight, I can forsee an owner exploding in Tampa!

"// Dude went and threw a tantrum in the dugout, breaking his bat and shit....//

Funny thing was, when he swung the bat to break it, he missed."

Good one Bob - comment of the week. But I think you should get to a hospital pronto.

Steve, oh yeah, was very happy that at least the Angels and Yankees got swept too. And that Roger was part of why.

I'm content to blame this one on jet lag.

Y'know, the whole time shift flying from San Diego, where the Earth spins faster being closer to the equator.

The change in climate from SoCal to the PNW can do a number on your sinuses, too.

Thought you guys might like to see what baseball looks like if it's a horse race:

Baseball Race Player

I usually turn off the leader line and slow it down just a little if I'm viewing 2007. So sweet to see the Yanks struggling along with everyone else in the AL East while Boston pulls out in front and begins to look uncatchable...

C'mon, cheer up. I have no idea what you guys are grousing about... your team isn't 200-something games out of first and doing a double reverse death spiral (think maybe that had something to do with my mood yesterday AM?)

SCOTUS cage fighting has great potential, but any Scalia v. Ditka match has to go through Bill Shatner first, HB. We know that Clarence T has serious rasslin' experience, and never underestimate Souter... he's one of those wiry and wily types. But it will never be quite the same without the chevrons.

Supreme Court cagefights... my day has brightened considerably. If you want to brighten yours, Steve in Md may be on to something... who do you think is the worse investment? Pavano or Clemens? The floor is open...

A kinder, gentler PT

Wasn't just Ortiz taking the do-nut...Manny AND Youk w/ the o'fer, Lowell and Tek w/ one??!!!

For those who saw the game, were they hitting the crap out of the ball only to be caught on the warning track? Was there some sort of Seattle gust pushing balls back?
I only got updates via phone & web...a lot of "fly out to DEEP center/left"

So it's about 5 or 6 years ago and my dad is getting his towable (the new word for trailer) serviced in MD or VA. Big time work so it is done outside. Next to him some guy is also having work done on his Class A RV. Dad goes over to chat - swapping stories about kids, interests, traveling, etc. Other guy is dressed like one would dress to take rig to service area - one step above that of a bum. Dad says 'where do you live'. Man says 'DC area'. Dad says 'what do you do'. Man says 'I am a Supreme Court Justice'. Dad comes to the realization 40 minutes into the conversation that the man is Clarence Thomas. The point of all this? Dad (pretty liberal) says he is a really nice guy - I doubt CT would last long in a cagefight.

I dunno... CT strikes me as pretty stubborn. I wouldn't bet against him in a cagefight... he'd tell himself it was another version of a high-tech lynching, and he wouldn't go quietly. I think he plays good D and might go into a sumo crouch early in the fight. I would seed him about 5th, right behind RBG.

I think Roberts gets #1 seed, not just because he's CJ... youth be served and all that. Scalia is obviously a very tough #2 seed, and Souter is my sleeper choice at #3.

Breyer looks soft, but I'll bet John Paul Stevens still has some Zen Master moves left in him. I don't have a good feel for Alito or Kennedy one way or the other.

Pavano will always be special to RSN for two reasons: a) he flamed out with the yanks, and b) we traded him for Pedro. the rocket will need nine more wins this season to reach the $2 mil per win level of Pavano, so at this point, I'd say it isn't close. On the other hand, if the rocket's presence results in Phil Hughes turning into a #1 starter, he may be well worth the investment in the long term, since this season is probably shot for the yanks anyway.

Why a cage match? Why not MMA? Let these justices show some versatility in their beat-down rulings.

For those interested in the immigration bill one way or another, big news:


Cool story, yazbread.

While we are complaining. Why the F do the stinkin talentless Spicerack Girls get all this pub for their reunion? Where was the pub on Yahoo, AOL etc for the Dio Black Sabbath reunion earlier this year?

Who BTW are returning to the US this fall for another round of shows if anyone here is into that type of music.

As I said the end must be near...

You can thank the mercenary Mr. Beckham for the Spice Girls pub (look for a 10th anniversary reissue of the Spice World DVD any day now). Think of a younger, more talented version of the Rocket...

At least my Stones don't have to do reunion tours, because they never broke up. Far as I'm concerned, they can keep touring until they're 80 (or are they already 80?)...

SCOTUS MMA works as well. RBG strikes me as vintage Muay Thai; Scalia is the consummate sprawl and brawl man; CT looks to be a ground and pounder.

My 13 yr. old stepson has Rainbow on his iPod. Just struck me as odd. And now this - the third Dio reference I have been exposed to in less than a week. It's kind of freaking me out.

A side attraction at your cage fights could be Scalia and Sister Helen Prejean. My vote is with the Sister.

I'd like to see Ann Coulter versus a Kodiak bear.

Vegas odds open at even.

Greatest rock gods, in no particular order:

1. Charlie Watts
2. Neil Young
3. Duane Allman

Hey, it's an off day. What you going to do, read Amalie Benjamin's "The Sox I Know"?

What if the Kodiak bear is gay? Do the odds change?


Neil Young is God - period.

Well, from what I've heard about his groupies, he's certainly caused a burning bush or two.

This is fun; I'm simultaneously posting on Soxaholix and watching focus groups online rip apart my ads.


Agreed. Hands down.


Sorry to hog. I'm off to the dentist, The Barking Crab (another Neil Young sex reference?), then to see Wilco.

Roger and out.

Bob- what online focus groups? That is what I do for a living, facilitate online market research communities. I wonder if you are one of our clients??? How wild, if so...

Watching a group in Southfield, MI on FocusVision.

I believe the research company in MI is called Shifrin Hayworth, but we use different companies across the country.

Neil Young may be God but, in my pantheistic world, so is Charlie Watts. That's one subject on which LC and I agree. He's the only person who I know for sure is older than I am. Forty-five years of the greatest drumming in history, and he's never once changed expression. Charlie Watts v. Scalia... THAT would be a great cagefight. Charlie Watts would win without moving a muscle... he would just sit there and look sleepy, preternaturally cool and... Godlike.

If Ann Coulter gets in the mix...Michael Moore/Al Franken need a place ring side.

Tag team:

AF/MM v. CT/AS (CT can't think w/out AS)


1. Lennon/McCartney
2. Page/Plant
3. Robert Zimmerman

Read Fear an Loathing in America instead...some good Justice Thomas anectodes there (obviously fabricated though utterly hilarious), for the record.

Charlie Watts?? Are you kidding me? Vinny Appice, John Bonham, Keith Moon in no particular order all better than Watts IMO. Are you just impressed that he has survived longer than most musicians of his age? Is this some kind 40 insider thing, because I don't get it?

If anything in my world is more immutably carved in stone than my Yankees, it's the greatness of Charlie Watts. The drummers you named, Scott, are all very good, maybe even brilliant, but they're not Charlie Watts.

He is the heart and soul of the Stones, and Jagger and (especially) Richards will be the first to admit it. A brilliant jazz musician for whom rock `n roll has been his day job... a superbly gifted cartoonist... married to the same woman since `64... one of the best-dressed rock `n rollers in history. Played pool at the Playboy Mansion while the other Stones frolicked with groupies.

As for his skillz, name the best Charlie Watts drum solo you've ever heard in his 44 years with the Stones. Exactly... not his style. I rest my case. The Wembley Whammer transcends mortal commentary.

Never been a big Stones fan - but I am a fan of Mick and Charlie. For me, the parts are greater than the whole - go figure. Check out Keith's 1988 'Talk is Cheap' for a nice solo effort.


I understand it is more than just the drumming. His name just did not pop up in my mind when listing the greatest of all time. When you add up the whole package he could be up there at the top in some lists sure I can buy that.

The Stones longevity certainly must count in the equation too. I was shocked at how good they sounded in the mid 90's when I saw them live. I had assumed they were done, but was pleasantly surprised.

Anthony Crawford, an old golfing buddy of mine was one of Neil Young's Shocking Pinks. He was a better singer than golfer...

I'd still take the gay kodiak.


How about Lugo versus a pitch... any pitch?

the king is gone but he's not forgotten
this is the story of Johnny Rotten

No strip, no Lisa? I need a little warning - I can't go Cold Turkey.

holy shit, did hb David Chase us?

I mean, the last word in the panel is "forever", right?

And Bill's arm is in the orientation of the universal f-you.

And, the last word in hb's last comment is "change"

I guess my vitriol for SCOTUS will have to wait....


It gets worse, yaz.

It's Friday...Monday feels so far away.

[to the tune of Don't Stop Believin']

Working hard to get my fill,
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin anything sit in Right,
Just one more time.
Sox will win, Sox will lose
Sox fans born to sing the blues
Oh, the innings never end
They go on and on and on and on


Dont stop believin
Hold on to the feelin
Fenway people

the horror

Lou is on to something...

Is Bill's tie more orange than normal or is it just this monitor??

The title of the strip is "aimz" 2 plz...like if you were about to fire your gun!

If you take every other letter from h.b.'s last post, it spells:

Wait eoiker sad ted sh ne

...Ok, that was pointless, but seriously, I think Lou is on to something.

Good pick up Kaz. Totally missed the obvious orange clue.

Moreover, if you stare carefully at the contours of the folds in Bill's shirt and turn your head 18 degrees to the right, you can make out the outlines of the Japanese characters for the phrase "trolls"


It could not be clearer.....


If you take every other letter from h.b.'s last post, it spells:

Wait eoiker sad ted sh ne

Kaz... I had to think about that one, but you totally have it nailed.

"Wait eoiker sad ted sh ne"

is an anagram for

"Weakhearted seditions"

There's no turning back from this conclusion....

This is what happens when we don't get the occasional Lostaholix fix.

And in the strip from 8/16/06 where this image made it's first appearance, there is a link titled "It's over."

Wait a second...did Arturo the hot dog vendor walk in to the bathroom near Bill's desk?

This is altogether weird isn't it? Dondesta el hombre??

Anyway, Bob and I have arranged to meet at 4-00pm on Saturday on the 1st floor of the Baseball Tavern. Bob will be wearing 'Let Jim In' while I will be wearing 'Okay Okajima'. We'll probably be drinking English breakfast tea or something like that.

Any interested Soxaholix most welcome.

Also, Buckner was Framed and I are both going to the 4th July game. Again, we hope to meet at some time but arrangements are not yet fixed. I'll post again with details.

I sure do hope HB is okay.

see what happens when you leave the children unattended?
They start seeing things.

I think you're all on to something.

Another interesting point: H.B. uses exactly 8 Rs in his spelling of Grrrrrrrr.


(See you at 4:00 tomorrow SDU. And any other Soxaholix who care to join us at The Baseball Tavern.)

If you look carefully at the frame, you can clearly see that Bill is barefoot. And try pronouncing the "Grrrrrrrr" backwards at slow speed.

Anyway, safe weekend and a happy 4th to everybody, including hb, wherever you are. And please don't blame me, lc... I already feel like the little kid who banged a stick against a utility pole at the exact moment the great Northeast blackout of `64 started.


I fear Captain Obvious has laid this little diversion to rest [see above]. Nonetheless, as the final clue, we have the most obvious tip-off that it is game over.

Using the anagram approach again, we see that the title of the creepy strip is [spelt in words] "aimz to plz"

This of course converts to

"Optimal ZZ"

Has hb declared his desire to sleep later, rather than cull the overnight Paris crotch shot photos to entertain us at the beginning of the work day?

Enjoy the weekend


It is so unlike HB to leave us in the lurch (I don't buy the Sopranos ending). At what point do we suspect foul play? Waiting until Monday morning only provides the perp with time to cover their tracks.

Have you noticed, peeps?

"Surliness today, surliness tomorrow..."

"Segregation today, segregation tomorrow..." --George Wallace, 1963

Precedent-setting SCOTUS decision on segregation...

It's all connected.

Or perhaps H.B. is giving us a clue to his real identity...hmmm, who would be called surly "today, tomorrow, forever."?

BTW, I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

we're all quite mad you know.

Bob. The parallel with Wallace is truly creepy. I had a whole SCOTUS rant ready to fly today, but put it elsewhere. I hope our hero is ok.


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