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Out of Office Autoreply (2)

The Soxaholix are out of the office on business travel. …

Your omniscient author in absentia: Strips will return on Friday.



Wow. Genuine naugahyde seat covers.

Dude standing up on the right looks suspicious.

Sure isn't fine Corinthian leather-wait a minute,isn't that Tattoo?

It's just a bunch of XM subscribers canceling their subscriptions.

Glenn Geffner sucks.


"My legs.... Da da da da da da da...
Stickin' to the pleather! da da da da da da da..."

The Naugas died for our sins.

It looks like the tall guy at the far back left is grabbing a woman's ass.

I did not enjoy last night's game.

There. I said it.

There was a game last night?

Ugh ... Donnelly's good start seems to have disintegrated.

The room has the overall curvature of the orbital space station in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

"Open the pod bay door, HAL."

"I can't do that Dave."

Woof! That scene is even creepier than this site...

Thanks for the spam Ted. Hopefully HB will come up with a way to skewer and ridicule you in tomorrow's strip.

Can we make spam comments now?


Send me money.

My email is linked to my name.

Again: money. To me.

My Nigerian banker friend will be so pleased!

Hey, Ted. Tell Manny that I'll come to his signing when he can get off his ass at the plate and score Wakefield some runs for once.

Thanks, Ted.

What's the deal with weather and my tickets this season!?

I have the Wed/Thurs/Sunday 10th man plan.

I have had 2 reschedules and today's game will probably also be canceled. I've seen 1 game (from my 10th man plan) on its originally scheduled date and time so far.

Oh, and Ted, let me know how all of the V1AgR4 and porn subscriptions are for you, since I just signed your e-mail address up for about a dozen of them (and 12 will get you 60).

Kaz, I have the Mon-Wed-Sat. plan, and each game has has great weather. In fact, Monday was particularly spectacular.

(Now that I've completely gooched myself for the next game...)

How your mouse works. This is excellent:


"Again: money. To me."

Comic gold throughout, that post. I literally LOLed.

Good thing I'm unemployed. 12:35 PM start time tomorrow suits me just fine. :)

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