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The tickled pinkest [Was: "On hold ..."]

No kidding. I mean his adversarial relationship with Schilling is adequate, but with Schilling already having proved himself and with his good deeds with the SHADE Foundation, it's difficult for the CHB to get his full throbbah hate-on going.


Randy Moss is like a perfect storm for Shaughnessy. With Moss in town, the CHB may even be able to surpass his Offerman "piece of filth" level of malignance.


I bet Borges is pissed he's missing out on this chance to get in early on the malice.


Reminds me, do you think that when plagiarists are suspended for plagiarism that they plagiarize a little off the clock just to, you know, keep the skill set savvy?



Is it just me, or does the Soxaholix web page on H.B.'s work computer look like it was PhotoShopped in on top of some pr0n...?

If H.B.'s so busy, why is he reading Soxaholix at work?


Never mind.

Work? What is this work the palm-tree-in-a-glass speaks of?

And, a May 1 shout out to the Last Place New York Yankees!!!!


BTW, everybody see CHB's Moss-rat-of-the-day?

Has the Pube lost EVERY sense of subtlety?

It's basically just a long list of every malconent ever, and how we'd all bow down to any one of them if they were on the OUR TEAM.

That's bull. There's a difference between borish behavior and cheating the game through steroid use. Between being a dick, and being arrested 10 times in a year.

But dear, dear CHB doesn't get that.

Well, he probably does. But that would get in the way of his goal: finishing a column in under 10 minutes so he can make it down to the radio or Tv studio.

Everybody check out the headlines on cnn.com.

"Yankees fan who trained terrorists turns informant"


Maybe he would have been more effective training their pitchers.

Maybe he would have been more effective training their pitchers.

I'm guessing he did, Bob. After all, that Yankee staff has really blown up this April.

Smerlas had a funny comment yesterday about Borges - said he must be like John Nash (actual quote was "that Beautiful Mind guy"), with Moss newpaper clippings, annotated photos, etc wallpapering his home office.

Nice one Rob!

My take on thugs or otherwise unsavory or unlikeable characters on one's favorite team is that IT SUCKS - whether or not they are good, great or hall of fame caliber athletes. I grew up a Cowboys fan and was in football heaven through the Jimmy Johnson days. But it just got to be too much to bear. Good or bad, right or wrong, the personalities and general humanity of the players is important to me as someone who spends time and money on my favorite sport. It's why I would not be happy to see A-rod in a Sox uni, no matter his numbers. The guy appears to be a jerk and I don't like to watch him play. I've long since given up on enjoying football.

//I've long since given up on enjoying football.//

For every Terrell Owens in football, there are 10 Vince Wilforks. You just don't hear about them. Professional athletes are just like the rest of the population - there are jerks and nice guys, and the jerks get the most attention.

As for Moss, he blows up, he's gone. The Patriots aren't turning into the Bengals; they'll take a chance, but they aren't afraid to cut their losses and dump the drek.

Moss, Schmoss. How often do you get to say that Randy Moss was only the second biggest asshelmet your team picked up in one weekend? At least he never stomped on a guy's head during a game, unlike our first round pick...

CHB = when Dip met Shit.

CHB isn't the only one crying this is the end...ProJo is doing the same


I take it the WWBBD crowd has gone silent?

Back to the Sox or ex-Sox:
A-Gon is tearing it up of late

Asshelmet. Heh.

Ass helmets save lives:


I would like to officially apologize for agreeing with CHB yesterday. While I still think Moss (and Merriweather) are dangerous additions and that Belichik may have finally bitten off more than he can chew in the "player rehabilitation" department, I read Shaughnessey's followup "WHY WON'T YOU ALL PAY ATTENTION TO ME???" column today and burst out laughing.

Jeebus, that screed is a riot. The tone of contempt and disbelief is palpable. "Do you not know who I am? I am DAN SHAUGHNESSEY, and I have declared the Moss trade to be a disaster! Who are YOU to disagree with me, you ungrateful wretches?"

CHB has finally had his "I'm Keith Hernandez!!" moment. The dude is puberific...

Thanks for the May Day shout out, Bob. See you in September. Let me repeat what I said yesterday, because even the simplest of minds learns through repetition. I have four words for you -- 14 1/2. The Thunder has spoken, and Arturo agrees. Trust the wisdom of your hot dog vendors.

//At least he never stomped on a guy's head during a game, unlike our first round pick...//

Come on now, Richard Seymour was fined $20,000 by the NFL and apologized profusely. No need to rehash this.

Right on Aaron. I thought I was the only one sitting there thinking, "he's basically telling his readers that they're fawning sycophantic morons".

As for Moss himself, can we all remember that the Pats gave up a FOURTH ROUND PICK for him? And that they're paying him a third of what he was scheduled to make? Why would a malcontent give himself a pay cut to go somewhere and be miserable? And maybe I'm not up on my current NFL CBA rules, but can't the Pats cut his ass if he gets out of line? Seriously, where's the downside?

"pinstripe thunder" - that was the sound I heard walking past the men's room at Yankee Stadium on Sunday.

Yay team! Cheer up Kaz, by the end of the year, Tavarez will be able to blow big games just as well as Papelbon. Of course, by that time he'll be 8-11 (instead of a probable 12-4 from Papelbon). The main thing is that we have Papelbon to close the big games. And I know Theo will get us a shortstop, center fielder and second baseman. Varitek will really start slugging the ball. The Yankees won't get any pitchers back. Oh darn, Hughes has a no-hitter going in the 5th. - Paddy

Hughes left the game with an injury. No way! A Yankees pitcher with an injury?

Yep, you're right on the money, paddy. By the way, how does that shoe taste?

Besides, at this rate, we could have Okajima closing with Timlin/Donnelly as setup and move Papelbon up to the starting rotation... Oh, wait. You forgot The Lester.

Seriously, paddy, I pity you sometimes.

//Thanks for the May Day shout out, Bob.//

Huh? What the hell are you talking about?

I know I am a day late but I need to comment on the Pats. This was a great move by BB/SP. Low risk high reward. And if you have read anything about Moss, you will not be worried one bit that it "won't work out". This guy wants to win and he is coming to the right place for that. The double teams he draws will open everything else up on the offense. I am giddy with excitment.

As far as our 1st round pick is concerned, everybody deserves a second chance. The kid is young and acted foolishly that day on the field. Then again EVERYONE did that day. He can step right in and provide some needed depth at a tough position to play. With all the injuries in the secondary it seems every year this was a great pick.

Go Pats!

Sorry, Bob. The comment was actually intended for louclinton, who I suspect may be one of Bill's inbred Ozark cousins -- unless, of course, he is the REAL Lou Clinton (who was both a Yankee and a Red Sox), in which case he gets a genuine shout out for his July 1962 gamewinning hit against Kansas City. It was a truly enjoyable game (11-10 in 15 innings -- those who don't know their history ARE doomed to repeat it). Though a lifelong Yankees fan, I do believe the adage of knowing your enemy.

Speaking of... amidst all of your unseemly rejoicing over Phil Hughes' hammy, which will sideline him for about a month, did it ever occur to any of you that you were watching the man who will become yet another bane of the existence of Red Sox Nation for the next 10 or 15 years or so? Didn't think so. Celebrate while you can.

The Thunder has spoken.

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