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I hear a symphony

Smokin' … But seriously,it's bad enough with all the cell phone chattahs at Fenway, but now we have to enduah people who can't seem to shut up at Symphony Hall too.


I know. And what's up with all the angah? These are halcyon days for New Englandahs.


Yeah, gotta figure that dude was a Yankees fan.


True. Totally fits the profile — Ill-mannered philistines with an awful lot to talk about these days what with underperforming, the dysfunction and the flaccid Wang and all.


Meanwhile, on the opposite Cartesian grid from underperforming we present Tim Wakefield… a streak of 16 scoreless innings and the new MLB leadah in ERA at 1.79



You know who else deserves some fan love? Pitching coach John Farrell. He's helping Wakefield, Schilling credits him for his recent success, and look at Beckett?


Absolutely. Farrell needs a tag line and t-shirt too.




Birthofasoxfan, glad your folks made it out OK.

And to all who give, wish well and/or send a good word to the First Cause of your choice ... thank you.

Never occurred to me that my forays into Red Sox Nation betrayed my alleged insecurity. By that logic, invading armies should stay at home... an interesting theorem to bounce off Clausewitz and Sun Tzu.

For my part, it is far more fun to spar on a Red Sox blog than to preach to the choir on a self-congratulatory Yankees site. Besides, that's one point I'll concede... Soxaholix is smarter by far than anything we've got.

C'mon, admit that my Yankees bring out the best in your Red Sox. Your identity is shaped in part by our very existence, like ham and eggs, Ali and Foreman. We complete you.

Thunder is rarely wrong about `rithmetic and history. The 1 in 27-1 dates back to the deal with the devil that truly gave birth to the rivalry. The 27, of course, includes this coming fall.

Now I'm off to watch our own version of name-that-pitcher.

Flaccid Wang has been tacked to the wall
A little incentive for the coming fall.


Meant to say Ali-Frazier. It's late on a Friday. Off to see 28 Weeks Later... it has a vaguely prophetic ring.


Gotta give a shout out to Al Kaprielian. Guy is a hoot.

God bless the apathy of Mariners fans: there are still cheap seats available for tonight's M's-MFY's tilt at Safeco. I have no qualms about cheering for a third party when they do battle with the Empire. If the camera pans the stands and you see a guy in a Sox hat whooping it up any time the Yankees get scored on, that's me.

Aw, who am I kidding? There will be lots of Sox hats in the stands. There always are...

Roy Halladay just went out 4-6 weeks with appendicitis!

What's going on in the AL East! Whatever we had last fall must have been contagious. It's 28 weeks later and it seems to have passed from us to NYY and Toronto. Except it's like the opposite of Rage...those infected are lethargic, inflexible, and prone to surgery.

As a young lad I watched every B horror movie I could get my hands on. That was back in the day of VHS and Betamax. Does anyone remember Dr. Butcher? In particular I watched most if not all the zombie movies.

I have to say that 28-days was the best I have seen. Very creepy, very well done. Very realistic.

I realize that it's a different director, but the reviews have been excellent so far. I may have to go it alone since the current GF is not into SciFi like I am.

Oh yeah... Go Sox!

//C'mon, admit that my Yankees bring out the best in your Red Sox. Your identity is shaped in part by our very existence, like ham and eggs, Ali and Foreman. We complete you.//
I once heard it said that 'Prince Hamlet would be seriously diminished without the gravedigger; but the gravedigger would be nothing very much without Hamlet.'

Sorry to 'feed the trolls' HB (see the very much ultimate post on "Satisfying and delicious") but I liked the quote (dunno where it's from) and couldn't resist.

We had the 'Sox v Birds on telly down here this morning - very ordinary with MASN commentary and all. The pick off of Lugo with Papi at the plate in (I think) the sixth made me screech but it was a snappy move by Parrish. Lick 'em tomorrow.

A good quote.

On a similar subject, beware the Irish proverb, "When you dig a grave for others, you may fall into it yourself."

Thunder sends his regards down under.


Bob and Matt - Why the talk about the Sox winning 100 games? The Sox don't win 100 games. The last time was 1946 (61 years ago), when they won 104. They won 98 games in 2004. The closest they've come since 1946 was 99 wins in 1978. Even the great 1986 team only won 95. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Julio Lugo and Coco Crisp to lead you to 100 wins if Rick Burleson and Fred Lynn couldn't do it. - Paddy24

Then again, if every Red Sox player would start corking his bat like Mike Lowell, then 100 wins might very well be possible.

What a tool :o

Don't feed the trolls.

Deepak & Rich - Apparently you didn't see Lowell's last two home runs. One was on a pitch down and away that he pulled with one hand off the end of the bat. The other was on a ball that he got jammed on and popped up. Something wrong. Perhaps he should have mishit more balls the past few seasons the way he did those two. - Paddy24

Holy crap, saw 28 Weeks Later last night. Definitely worth seeing, if anyone has yet to, and super-creepy. Also, wonderfully shot still, although not as good as 28 Days Later, which, admittedly, is hardly fair. 28DL had to be one of the best horror/thriller flicks ever, but 28WL was real good too. Made me want to bust out the 28DL DVD tonight.

Meanwhile, I think Steve Trachsel just threw his 400th pitch of the 4th.

Apparently, I hate periods and love asides and run-on sentences.

paddy24's comments reminds me of those ESPN News ads with people talking out of their "ignorance". I just wish there was a better way to express laughter over the internets.

...not with a bang but a blister...

Hats off, Josh.

But wait! What a comeback! I'd walked away from the computer. Yippee. Go Red Sox!!

And regards back, he of the thin vertical lines that often precede precipitation.

Manners above dogma.

Civility shall rule today
Enjoy your triumph over Ray
The Thunder won't pontificate
Relaxing while you celebrate
Search for jacob, finding jack
Oh hell, we're only eight games back.


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