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Hey, Lar, can we give out the #21 jersey now?

Well, I can't say that wasn't expected.


Are you kidding me? Hearing the news that Clemens is going to the Yankees surprised me about as much as hearing that Paris Hilton had the herp.


As the great Winston Churchill once said, "It's one thing to rat, it's another to re-rat."


Yeah, but at least there's truth in the "the Yankees need me" statement. The Red Sox, according to Clemens own agent even, ? not so much.


But while Clemens is definitely going to improve the starting rotation, the irony is that he isn't going to give the already ass dragging Yankees bullpen much of a break.


Clemens averaged just under 6 innings per staht last year in the NL so I can't imagine he's going to improve on that much in the toughah AL.


No mattah what this certainly makes the season more interesting. I'm oddly giddy.


Can't wait to see Big Papi square off against the human growth hormone.



Had to call my buddy Shawn yesterday when I found out. The discussion centered on "traitor" or "mercenary". I'm thinking the latter, plus Clemens probably doesn't want to play second fiddle (or fourth, perhaps) to the rest of the Sox rotation.
At this point, no longer would I feel insulted that he won't be wearing a Sox cap in the Hall, I would be thankful.
Bring on the rest of the season!

I hope he does play on June 1st.

I hope we tattoo everything he's got into HR territory.

I hope it's yet another question mark on the season for the Yankees.

Disappointment gave way to excitement. Clemens starting off against the Sox in June? Whatever happens it's a great story.

Are they going back to Toronto already? Cripes I hate that place.

"Oddly giddy."

I agree. It's weird. I feel really happy. The rivalry is kicked-up yet another notch, and that's a great thing.

Although I have to say, the radio call by Suzie Waldman (the Skanks announcer) when Roger did his over-the-circus-top thing was unbelievable.

She sounded like that crazy soccer announcer.

$950,000 a start?

In a league with 9 hitters in the lineup?

Can't get out of the 6th?

With a bullpen where Scott Proctor is the horse?

Does he have to give back the truck that the Yanx bought him the other time he retired from there?

Good luck, bro.

The devolution of the Yanx will be even more tasty now.


I am a big Clemens fan. As I have said before, he alone taught the Sox the value of top pitching and the ability of a single pitcher to halt a losing streak. However, in this instance, I have visions of Willie Mays playing with the Mets in the 1973 WS - an ill-fitting end to a glorious career. 44 years old and moving to the AL. He apparently needs the month of May to get ready. Maybe 20 starts for the MFY - assuming that he can stay healthy. I would be surprised if he even managed 8-8 with an ERA of 4.5. I am glad the Sox managed to pass on this deal.

Hey, 2 of 3 in Minnesota - what a great start to the road trip. Tremendous outing by BS, he got stronger as the game went on. Hopefully, the team will give him a longer look before thinking about a trade.

In other news, Steinbrenner consulted with noted spiritualist John Edwards to find out what the Babe really feels about the rivalry these days and to ask for his help with the wind in Fenway to ensure those warning track hits all end up homers for his team.

C'mon, the Yankees are stocked with talent but there is a reason they are doing this bad. They had a great team last year but did not make it to the big game. Bringing in more players is not going to solve this issue.


I foresee about a 7-7 record for Clemens.

hey bob a crazy soccor mom with a boston accent...made me sick...anyway its nothing more than an old pitching staff getting older if i recall back in 03 the sox handled him pretty easily i cant imagine he got better

Nah, Waldman sounded like Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally."

Hey, at $950 K per start, if he wins half of them, he's still cheaper than Pavano...

Long duck Wang
Phil Franchise


Red Light
Mr. "I respect the game"
The $103 million dollar question
Quark or Lester

Should be interesting.

Wow. What a great move by Cashman! That's why the Yankees are the class of the league. Nobody saw this coming. That ole crafty Steinbrener still has it. I guess I'll stop watching now since the Yanks all but have the WS wrapped up.

Seems like a lot of sour grapes here. Had Roger signed with the Sox, you all would be doing back flips. The Yanks pitching staff has had holes, but everyone will be healthy again and with the Yankees batting line up of:

and a starting staff of:


and with all the injuries/bullpen problems the Yankees have endured the Redsox only have a 5.5 game lead. Cruise control is not set on easy ride, better get ready for a long season.

Beaurez, you underestimate how much we loathe Rogah, for reasons that have little to do with 2007 and everything to do with, oh, roughly 1992-96. Had he signed up with the Sox, most people would've treated him like exactly what he is, a hired mercenary. There would've been some satisfaction is hurting the Yankees by stealing a player they need far more, but nobody would've been turning cartwheels.

I, for one, am relieved that he now will never get that one win he needs in a Sox uniform to pass Cy Young as the club's all time winningest pitcher.

beaurez.. thats an old pitching staff and a getting up there line up... and if you are a reader of peoples posts here you would not have seen many happy campers with roger in a sox uni

I like how Yankees fans have to come here and tell us all the names on their team, like we haven't already sent them packing 3 times this year so far and then kicked their ass when they got home for 2 more times.

Good times, good times.

Those 5.5 games are bigger than you think, Beau. The past couple of seasons, the AL Wild Card has been won by a 95 win record. The Yankees have to finish the rest of the season 81-50 to do so. Insurmountable? Hardly. But that's a 0.618 win%, the equivalent of going about 101-61 over a whole season. The 1998 Yankees were about the only Yankees team since '62 to cover that kind of run. Before all of the Yankees jump on the water-retaining back of Rogah, you should probably read up on what this past month has done to your chances if history is to teach us any lessons.

Well, I can agree with y'all that *I* wouldn't have been particularly happy to see Ro-jah in a Sox uni this year, but the overall mood in RSN might have been different. There would have been a lot of nostalgic, Prodigal Son type stuff being said... until of course he started playing, and getting battered by AL lineups, etc.

So, I'm *extra* glad that he's not coming here. I would have had a hard time stomaching the hyperbole. However, I can't say I'm psyched that he's going to the Yankees. With their run differential so far, it's pretty clear they don't need Cy Young starters to win a lot more games. Roger will probably help. Then again, if he can't make it out of the 6th inning...

Relax, Kaz, the Yankees were in a much worse hole in '05 in May (11-19) and still won the division. Give it time.

Clemens sucks. You can have him. I didn't want him in a Sox uniform again. There is plenty of bad blood there. This only fans the flames even more which is great.

Sox-Yankees ALCS would be great. I don't want to face the Twinkies in a 5-game series anyway.

Sox-Yankees ALCS would be great. I don't want to face the Twinkies in a 5-game series anyway.

After this past weekend, I'm not so sure I wouldn't mind it happening.

How fitting to check out the comment section when they were at 21 - h.b. loved the Winston Churchill quote!

Kaz -

Yeah, I agree, it is helpful to have Yankees fans come in here and remind us the names of all their players. THEY HAVE HAD SO MANY STARTERS THIS YEAR I CAN'T KEEP TRACK.

To finish with 95 wins, they do have to go 81-50 the rest of the year. But the probability of that is roughly on par with the Sox winning 110 games. Just winning a lot of games is not going to get them the AL East, it's just going to make them respectable compared to an ugly start.

The real question is: can the Yankees win 95 games between now and the postseason? Clemens or not, to beat the Sox you gotta catch up and surpass them. This isn't just a 5 game lead we're talking about, this is a 5 game lead for a team that's playing 700 ball.

With all due respect for the mistique of the Yankees and all the other crap that sells their caps, I don't see this happening. One the one hand, their starters ain't kids anymore and aren't going to hold up more than 5-6 innings most days. The bullpen is going to get worn down and there are going to be a lot of blown saves (and it's not like Torre is easy on his bullpens). On the other hand, 800 ball from May through October is beyond what better Yankees teams have done.

I guess, if I was Torre, I would be asking Steinbrenner to line up a second and third bullpen to be hired after he blows out the arms of all the guys currently on staff. That's the only way they are keeping up with the Sox at this pace.


Let's put all this Clemens discussion on hold and consider Matsui's induction into the Meikyukai, the "Golden Players Club."

Why am I envisioning an induction ceremony involving golden showers from $2,000/night hookers while jerking to manga?

For all you Lostaholix out there, ABC has announced when the show will end.


Too lazy to link? 48 more shows spread over the next three years, then it's done. For me it's been done for a while... although seeing Jimmy-boy put the chain neck tie around Daddy-dearest was pretty sweet. Still, Jack doinking Juliet over Evangeline Lily? Augh! and he's a Columbia man, too!

Kaz, you're crazy. Beaurez is right on the money. Ths Yankee pitching will get better. Their hitting will be fantastic. It is by far and away the best in the A.L. The Red Sox will not score runs. Lugo is a bust, yet he's leading off. He went 240 at bats between home runs. Varitek, Coco, and Pedroia can't hit either. The Yanks can lose A Rod, Jeter, or Damon, and they could still win. Could the Sox win if Manny or Papi goes down? Theo knew there was a lack of depth last year, yet did nothing to improve the team. It should be plainly obvious that we need THREE position players. Will Theo learn from last year's debacle? I also don't see the starting pitching keeping up the incredible pace. One team has tons of runs and pitching reinforcements to look forward to. The other by now probably realizes that it's not going to score many runs at all. - Paddy24

Jason, I don't really want to know what you envision as you jerk manga or contemplate the reasons behind those visions.

"rainy days and mondays (and paddy24) always get me down"
gotta pat myself on the back for the carpenters reference :)

The Carpenters reference makes a lot of sense considering that paddy figures the hitting is too thin and the pitching makes him want to hurl up all his meals.

Did anyone notice that Anibal Sanchez has been sent back down to AAA?

This doesn't absolve Theo on it's own, of course, but it does remind one that it in most cases it takes several years to evaluate a trade.

Elsewhere, while I'm not drinking the Jim Jones Kool-Aid that Paddy has, I do caution about being to cocksure regarding the current standings.

Can easily see the Red Sox going on an 0-4 run while the Yankees go on an 4-0 run and, then, well, they they are, breathing down our necks.

I'm never cocky about the Yankees until they are eliminated. Mathe-frickin'-matically.

The 0-4/4-0 run scenario sounds plausible and scary, but less of the second when you consider what it implies.

On the 0-4 there are two RS wins bookending it (else it would be 0-6), so it is really 2-4. On the 4-0 side there are two Yankees bookend losses, so it it really 4-2.

That's 2 games in the standings, not 4 as it sounds initially.

paddy, small sample size caveat, ahoy, but:

Stat: Rank in league (Rank in AL)

AVG: 9th (4th)
OBP: 4th (2nd)
SLG: 10th (4th)
OPS: 7th (2nd)
Runs scored: 10th (5th)

Forgive me if I'm not pushing the panic button yet (though, yes, I think we're due for a pitching regression, I think the offense will also be a bit better--and they've already been good on the whole).

And yet they still win, paddy.

Go suck an egg.

h.b., here's my argument for the line change I suggested in last week's strip.

Relevant lines: "Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream" OR "Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two". 13 syllables each.

Whereas "Launch one up in the wind out past the bullpen" is 11 syllables. My suggestion might have undue stress on the "bull" syllable, though.

hb i did see that about sanchez ..actually the globe on sunday(i think)looked at a bunch of the trades made recently and made a case that the red sox have not necessarly came out on the bad side of any of them

Could the Sox win if Manny or Papi goes down?

Well, considering they're constantly trading seats with Milwaukee (?!) for best record in the majors while Manny and Papi have extra-average numbers, I think the answer so far has been "yes". I think we have more to worry about if we need to start relying on long relief because our starters can't get out of the 5th.

And yes, I noticed Anibal got sent down, because I drafted him in my fantasy league. I had money on him having a big year. Alas. Though this Henry Owens kid looks to be a sleeper. Call me a sucker, but Florida seems to be the place where the great pitching black hole ends up.

I also picked up Claudio Vargas, but via the inscrutable ways of the Yahoo free agent system I somehow ended up with Kei Igawa while a division rival got the big V. Go figure. I'm not in too bad a spot, what with Hallady, Beckett, Burnett, Glavine and Maddux rounding out my top 5.

And the losing pitcher in New York is the ice man - Mariano 1-3. He he he.

However, I won't stop looking over my should until they are -to quote a sage - 'mathe-friggin-matically' eliminated.

A wise decision, downunder. 132 games to go, and it only takes six for that lead to vanish -- it could happen in a week. We've come back from worse, and I still see this going down to the wire. It will still be Yankees and Red Sox in September, as it should be, because the rest of the division remains filler. More to follow tomorrow (without the bombast)...

As it should be? Says who?

Meanwhile, thanks, Mariano!

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