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And in Boston there was a great rejoicing. In New York, not so much.

If a reliever falls in Fenway and everyone is there to see, it makes one frig of a sound …

Unknown Yankees fan:




Dude is aging before our eyes.

At least, no sweep.


Bite me,Marty :D

Saturday morning bonus! I was pissed at Schilling and gave up on the game. Came back in the 8th when my wife and daughter started screaming. The fruitbat might set a personal record for blow saves this year.

I had the same thought, lc...mariano looked old, worn out. He offcially doesn't scare me anymore.

since it was the wife's b-day, she controlled the day and wanted to go to L.A. to a museum. about noon, she said lets try to watch the sox-yankee game. we went to sonny mccleans for the game- it was just like being in the bleachers at fenway. i was hoarse when i left, all sox fans were hugging and hig-fiving. great b-day for the little lady!

Was at the game last night. Bout 10 rows back from the yanks on deck circle, easily the best seats i've ever had for a game at fenway. Coco looked like the weight of the world was taken of his shoulders after he knocked in that triple.
Further props to coco for the effort in falling back into the pen.
And in closing, Okajima looked great, very impressive!

It's the green uniforms. Fruitbats hate green.

ha ha, suck it, mahts.

so andy pettitte,

yeh it wasn't about the money.

so how do you like all them wins you got with that great run support you wouldn't have gotten here and your great bullpen?


astros fans


Had to study last night. When I saw they were down 6-2 I thought at least I could concentrate. Roommate's a Yankees fan so he must have changed the channel and didn't fill me on what was going on. I was listening to Joe C for today's game and he said that Thompson struck out to end the game. I thought Joe was losing it --- didn't he mean to end the Yankees' top of the 9th, before they closed out the win? No sir!

Oka-jima san
More of glorious relief
Cup floweth ovah.

Four Homers in a row. Holy Shit.


"I can't get to sleep -
I'm crazed over the sweep,
For seeing Manny and Drew,
Lowell and 'Tek too,
Victorious in the series complete."

Then again, the Yankees were injured, so this doesn't really count. If Pavano and Mussina were healthy, this series would have gone 2-1 Yankees. Easy. If Godzilla wasn't indisposed from eating the wrong part of the puffer fish, he would have put at least 5 runs on the board. If Mariano hadn't of had that nasty case of being old and overrated, the sweep probably would have gone the other way. If Corey Lidle was only a little better at remembering to wear his glasses, everyone would have seen him instead of their AA scabs and this would be a totally different story. If that evil wall hadn't have been belligerant that night to Kevin Brown and turned his hand into hamburger, he would have been there and those 4 home runs in a row never would have happened. If the stars weren't out of alignment and the moon wasn't in ascention, the ghost of Babe Friggin Ruth would have been able to take corporeal form and put all you Sox fans in your place.

Yeah, this was just coincidence and dumb luck that so many future hall of famer all star lights out superman starters were hurt, them Yankees gonna get us next time. Mr. Torre is an amazing manager and is going to set things right. You just wait. This is a long season and we know who the real Mr. October is these days.

Alex Rodriguez. hehehehe


On Friday, Rivera looked OLD and TIRED, especially when he took his cap off. His entrance song (Enter the Sandman) now makes more sense now as he looks like he needs a nap.

That was the best game my dad or I have ever been to...it had it all.

I cannot believe the 2 couples behind us decided to leave when they stopped selling beer in the bottom of the 7th...People! It's a baseball game, not a keg party.

Yes, Mike. And if pigs had wings, they'd be pigeons.

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