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Yeah, that'll work

As Bradford put its, the Matsuzaka's elbow smashing into the table moment "almost entrenched itself in Red Sox lore."


Yeah, it would have been the suck if Matsuzaka had injured himself, but I like to think that aftah 2004 Red Sox Nation has put away their joo-joo beads, voodoo dolls, Santeria chickens and all the other talk of curses and mumbo jumbo and would see such a freak accident as just life rationally playing itself out.


I mean leave all that sophistic hocus pocus to the fans of the othah teams.


Speaking of you see this Project A13 site?


Unbelievable. I nevah imagined a day when Yankees fans would go all New Agey on us.


Seriously, what's next, are they going to start selling crystals and dream catchas at the concession stands in The Stadium?


"Oh fecund, hairy-legged goddess, please let A-Rod get a hit — Clap. Clap. ClapClapClap."



I thought Skankee fans worshipped fake gold chains, hair gell, and satin jackets.

Yep, the MFY Yankee fans are smell our hot whiskey breath on the backs of their necks. The Chass article in the NYT sounds just a wee bit paranoid. And, George's daughter is divorcing the heir apparent (thoughts and prayers). I like the looks of the '07 season. A lot.

In re: Lost

Hands down, last night’s show was the best ever. [h.b. if you DVR’d this, feel free to BigBri me to save the spoilers]
Where to begin? Well, it was the long-awaited Nikki and Paolo episode. It was so inside, it made me laugh until I could taste my pancreas in my mouth. How do you not love a show that has a gratuitous Billy Dee Williams cameo? How do you not love a show that introduces characters (N&P) 11 months ago, does nothing with them and then kills them before the 14 minute mark? Or are they dead? Who tf knows?

Sawyer keeps repeating “Who the hell is Nikki?” Exactly.

Flashbacks galore, on and off the “island” . Boone returns. Shannon is still hot. Sun is smokin’. Hurley is fat. The odd-looking middle school science teacher (Artz) even showed up. Nikki overhears Ben. Holy mother of Jesu.

The writing was tight, beginning to end. Brian K. Vaughn was all over this one. Example: two “Razzle Dazzle” references. This only means something to people who listen to XM202. If I explained it, I would sound like more of a tool than I already do. Believe me when I say it was hilarious.

One day closer to OD.


"Forget the contract. Remember the game."

Jumpin' Jeebers, Who in the hell put up that site? And how in the hell did you come across it, hb? You've got serious competition for lc's "Creepy Site of the Year" award.

Argh, once I again I totally forget Lost was on last night.

Damn this short term memory loss!

So true about the creepy aspect of it.

I originally was going to have the characters spend some time riffing on the design look/feel and how it mirrors A-Rod's personality, e.g., cold, clinical, standoffish...

Shouldn't Hurley have lost some weight by now? I mean, he is living out in the sun all day on a tropical island. The Dharma stash of peanut butter and candy bars can't be that deep.

And yes, loved the episode. Just a great job of telling a story, in reverse.


Not to disagree, but that site isn't creepy, it's just plain sad. Sad in a it's-too-bad-grandma-crapped-in her-nightie sense.


lc, that grandma crapped in nightie line is so effin fantabulous!

grandma DID crap in her nightie

Is CHB auditioning for Queer Eye For The Not-straight-haired Guy?

"He wore a long-sleeve, off-white, thin sweater, black pants, and tan moccasins with no socks. On his left wrist, he wore a small bracelet and a watch with a face the size of a silver dollar. No wedding ring (Matsuzaka is married). A little stubble on his chin. His hair was neatly spiked and his average-size hands looked smooth and perfectly manicured."

Bob, I just got wood.

Made me wish I knew the Japanese translation of "curly-haired boyfriend."

lou, maybe you could forward a translation. Loved the Granny-crap line. Guess that's why you and hb have the blogs and I don't. I'm afraid my blog would be sad in a it's-too-bad-grandma-crapped-in her-nightie sense.

Curt's MLB.TV package contest info:


Curly Haired Boyfirend



Boyfriend of curl



Boyfriend of hair of genital organs

class dismissed


The only thing readable about CHB's column today is that he again referred to himself as CHB.

p.s., Dan: it's NOT a term of endearment.

He thinks it stands for Charming, Handsome Boy.

H.B., Soxaholix was mentioned on EEI this morning (regarding that blog contest).

Just the title, but still cool.

We get 38 Pitches, they get A13 bitches.

This reminds me of that commercial where all the people are trapped in a cable car and the guy tries to save the day by having everyone think positively. The idea Yankees fans believe they can talk a city of fanatics out of booing a brain case who sucks when his ego is blown shows how deluded they are. Next they will be asking people to breathe slower so there will be more oxygen to get to his brain.

At least our atheletes can write complete sentences. I thank God every day I did not grow up in Brooklyn. Between this and their notions of outdoor commodes, I have nothing but comtempt for that den of human depravity.


Project A13 sort of reminds me of Heaven's Gate and not only because it's highly probable an alien founded both.

All of you are really cracking me up today. The Heaven's Gate comparison is savvy.

Oh, and thanks for the EEI info!

LC, you should have your name link to your blog instead of your email.

Bob, thanks for the suggestion. I don't want to leverage off of h.b.'s traffic, though. I don't think that's fair. Honor among thieves and all that.


Lou, sorry to argue, but the greatest Lost episode ever is "Psalm 23". Last night's was great, though - like the producers and writers were saying, "We know we've put you longtime, devoted fans through a lot of bullshit this season. Here's our way of thanking you."


mi traffico es su traffico.

A rising tide lifts all boats and all that...


Now for the translation:
mi traffico es su traffico.

my traffico is its traffico.


Red Sox fan site calls Yankee fan site sophistic...sort of like Ted Kennedy assuming the mantle of "conscience of the Senate."

The Bradford piece belies Boston's unspoken fear that $103 million was profligate. I hear this all the time in Boston bahs.

New Age? Heaven's Gate? Jonestown? Scientology? Branch Davidians? All welcome.

I'll praise L. Ron's name and take a sip of kool-aid while reloading in preparation for the next wave of FBI agents in order to 1) win the WS and 2) see the Red Sox fall.

If that's what it takes.

Surly pero lovable.

A better translation:

Surly con todo lovable.

Ah, chinga.

Que punatero.

Jeez, I hope my gutter Spanish slang didn't shut down the comments...

Or did Jason rub his crystal so hard while chanting to the new age goddess that he succeeded in making you all disappear?

Perhaps, HB, it's only because the Boston Teabag Party is over.

OK, that was funny, Dave. Tip o' the cap to ya.

Dear ABC Television,
Imagine my surprise when I tuned in to watch Lost and it was replaced by an old episode of Twilight Zone. Strangely though the actors were from that same Lost show I was tuning into. Please return 1 hour of my life back to me asap, or at least the amount you charge your sponsors for a 30 sec. spot. Thanks, Monty

Jeez, I hope my gutter Spanish slang didn't shut down the comments...

Not to worry, hb. I imagine that many (like me) were busy with the second chance ticket sake that started at noon.

What a f-ing joke! I tried for an hour to get through the "special" virtual waiting room for the tix with about a dozen windows open in hopes of scoring a couple seats -- any seats. Nada.

I hate the way they handle ticket sales. Who the hell do I have to sleep with to purchase a couple tickets to a f-ing game, anyway? If it's Luscious, then forget it, I'll just stick to NESN on the cable, or maybe the MLB-TV package for day games. Suppose I'd have a chance at winning Curt's drawing?


"Sake"?? I meant "Sale", of course...

Hmm. Maybe I did mean sake - sounds pretty good right about now. What a sucky (sake) day!

Yeah, I long ago gave up on ever getting tickets by any normal channels.

I either hope for some deus ex machina deal or I just give my left nut to the ticket brokers.

I got your Deus ex machina right here h.b.


//Who the hell do I have to sleep with to purchase a couple tickets to a f-ing game, anyway?//

Uh, Rob? What do your breasts look like?

Uh, Rob? What do your breasts look like?

Ha! Skinny and hairy, Bob, in spite of what Edgy Reggie would like you to believe.

I will say, though, that I've got great looking legs. Chalk it up to my NCAA track and field days and hours of time spent on the squash courts. 'Course that was beers and beers ago... :)

lets see... the next big postseason performence by slappy ... uh when does that Hal Bop (sp)comet come around again. hope you got your purple capes and new reissued nikes.

So what's the deal with the Illuminati symbol on the A13 website? I'm seeing the fnords, man!

No FNL Comments? The show rocks! You gotta love when the dorky guy gets the hot girl....no matter how old that story line is.

Aaron - Fnord is the mortal enemy of the Vatican Warrior Nuns.

Everybody knows that, can't you see?


An haiku by Manny & David:

Rizado haried el novio escribe
Ee Nueva York que el blog es apenas
¡Tres más sueños extraños!

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