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Keeping it half-full

Fresh out of chemo and Jon Lestah comes up with a 1-2-3 inning.


Yeah, fastball already hitting the high 80s but he feels he's only at 85% strength yet.


You think they let Lestah have any of the chronic when he was undergoing chemo?


Hopefully, yeah, but you know what? This douche bag in Texas just singlehandedly set the NORML movement back a couple decades.


Ah, jeez, you know a story like that can totally piss ovah an othahwise perfect day.


Dude, don't let the assclowns of this world bring you down. Focus on the positive … They may have a cure of Beckett's blistah issues and we get anothah look Matsuzaka today against the Mahlins.


You're so right. B is for Yakyu!



From the article about Beckett, this was in the paragraph labelled The Ex-Factor:

[Matt] White, a native of Windsor, Mass., just discovered that land he purchased in Cummington, Mass., includes a large amount of valuable stone used in landscaping that could be worth $2 billion.

Is that really right? Billion? Do people landscape with diamonds or something?

Nope,they're flat paving stones that are in incredible demand for some reason.I saw the story on NECN but for the life of me I can't remember the proper name.

But, they're worth $2 billion with a "b"? Wow. And I thought Jed Clampett got lucky!

Oh, and, uh, great news about figuring out Beckett's blister problem. The Jon Lester comeback just amazes and inspires me.

Yeah BILLION. Of course, it'll cost him a billion to have the stone removed, and that'll only leave him with another billion.

BTW, I saw that "toddlers smoking dope" video, and those kids weren't even inhaling. Jeez, what a waste of weed.

I've heard reports that he'll actually only get millions out of the deal. It costs a great deal to get all the stone out of the ground so he won't see the billions range. Just what I've heard though, I'm by no means an expert on the subject.
As for Beckett, I can't believe that no one decided to do the comprehensive bank of tests on him that the Red Sox did. Seems kind of common sense to do.
And finally, I love Jon Lester.

It's for the children, they are our future...

"I'm willing to be a hero in the dark" - Hideki Okajima

I know that quote is a couple days old and probably read by everyone on the board, but I hadn't seen it here, and I absolutely loved it. Okajima is now my second favorite Japanese beisabol player on the Sox. :-)

I'll add my pride, joy and unabashed man love here for Lester as well. What a great story.

Sorry - still learning these HTML tag thingies...

Long-time reader, first time poster.

Good strip today, but really, I'm just posting to try to close off the italics from Rob.

...and it didn't work. Hahaha.

heh heh, cummington.


italics problem fixed

That is a great quote.

Reminds me, I mentioned that quote to a Yankees fan friend of mine and he had a great Marty reply: "Yeah, well, he needn't get used to the dark, since Matsui will light him up."

Thanks HB (and Mike). I forgot the "/" in my close tag. I'll get better as time goes on.

We'll see about Matsui lighting him up...

By the bye, the Matt White "billions" was a on Yahoo News some while back. And as any beginning accounting 101 student can tell you, there's a big difference between revenues and profits. The expenses associated with digging out that flagstone would be yuge. The ESPN article on White did say he could sell the property for probably $$$ millions after he paid $50,000 to his great aunt to acquire.

Billionaire? No.

Mid-priced starter money for one year? Maybe.

Still more money than I'll ever see in one year. (F-ing powerball...)

Wow, thanks for the info about the flag stones. Sometimes, suburban America is just a weird, weird place.

I'd post I'm busy digging exploratory holes in the back yard....

Monthra-stistics: 2 innings (so far anyway), 2 hits, one walk, 3 strike outs, no runs.

About the fella sitting on the rocks...it's something like 50 acres, and we're talking big-time quarry operation. This is no backyard lantern n shovel exercise.

Lou, I've been working on "Cummington St" my entire graduate career.

Good stuff...a chuckle every time I think about it.

Also great parking if you're heading to Fenway for a game if you get here around 5:30 PM, then you just put 2 quarters in the meter and it's free after 6 PM. 5:30 is usually too early for most students to jump at the free meters and late enough that 9-5ers are vacating plenty of spaces. There's stairs that will take you up to Beacon St and if you cross Beacon and walk through the Red Sox parking lot, you come out at Brookline and Yawkey right at Gate A.

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