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Bradford Rulz

Yet anothah wondahful little factoid courtesy of Mr. Bradford's blog: Bench coach Brad Mills has run what veteran Joe McEwing called "the most organized camp I've been in."


I so want to give Bradford a manly ass pat right about now for using his media cred and access to give us the Red Sox news we so crave.


Yeah, it and only took a dozen or so years aftah Al Gore invented the interwebs for a baseball beat writah to get hip to it but, you know, bettah late than nevah.


Speaking of not wanting to wait, from a piece in Baseball Prospectus


"… while any 100-win team has a legitimate shot at the World Series, those with three dominating starting pitchers do better than those with equivalent-but-deeper total talent. If Schilling, Beckett, and Matsuzaka are humming along, the wait for the next Red Sox World Championship won't be anywhere near as long as the last one."


Now that's what I'm talking about.


Next year is this year, again, bitches.



"Next year is this year, again, bitches."

Simply awesome.

My personal opinion is that (presuming he will be a starter all year), Jon Papelbon will be tops of the Sox pitching staff in 2007. Out of those 4 pitchers, we have a good chance that 3 of them do have good years. I am looking forward to this season!

Congrats on the NPR mention, hb! And I'm also salivating at the thought of Ms. Cruz as Lisa in the movie version. But why stop there? I nominate Thandie Newton as Tara, and Uma Thurman as Circle.... maybe Bill Murray for Bill? Of course the green line may have to be played by the orange line to attract the younger demo and keep it reals

I just remember last spring when we had sooooo many pitchers.I think I'll hold off on the champagne till a later date TY.

Thanks so much for the link to Bradford. That blog is amazing, and - along with Soxaholix - is now a daily must-read.

Also, great mention on NPR, hb! Now if only you had Carl Kassel's voice on your home answering machine... :)

Not to over-amp Bradford on our beloved Soxaholix page, but he had an interesting piece a little farther down the page about how Manny actually has never taken offseason BP before this past year. He always pulled it together during Spring Training and didn't do anything over the winter.

Can't wait for "Soxaholix, The Movie". But do you really think P. Cruz can pull off the ascerbic attitude of Lovely Lisa? Two thumbs up on Uma as Circle. Couldn't have cast it better myself. Hart, if you don't play the role of yourself in the show (talk about your Deus ex Machina!) what sort of Hitchcockian cameo do you see for yourself? It worked for Stan Lee - certainly it will work for you as well.



"If Schilling, Beckett, and Matsuzaka are humming along, the wait for the next Red Sox World Championship won't be anywhere near as long as the last one."

If Schilling...
If Beckett...
If Matsuzaka...

Those are three very big ifs to base a season on. Schilling is getting long in the tooth, Beckett hasn't performed anywhere close to expectation, and Matsuzaka is an unknown quantity at this point.

Before I start yelling "Next Year IS This Year, bitches!", I need to see more than just some spring training games. Maybe it's the pessimist in me, but I think everyone is getting their expectations up about the season and I don't see 100 wins this season.

Rich's insides serve him well. Before anyone gets too excited about BP's rose-tinted analysis, keep in mind that this is one in a series of articles called "Hope and Faith", the most recent of which describes the SF Giants' chances as follows: "It doesn't take a big leap of imagination or faith to envision the Giants bringing home actual hardware, in the form of big shiny rings, to 24 Willie Mays Plaza."

You might stay skeptical when the article says something about all of the Sox starters performing at their 75th PECOTA-levels, Manny staying healthy all year, the bullpen pitching at least at league average, and a Noreaster combining with a Yankee Clipper at just the right time and place...

...or a meteor hitting Mr.Clucks :(

Don't forget The Soxaholix prime directive:

This isn't a site for serious baseball analytics. To that end, assume anything and everything the characters say is for entertainment purposes first and foremost.

Caveat lector and all that...


"Caveat lector and all that..."

Huh? I thought it was Hannibal Lector...

LC, was that a "don't count your chickens before they hatch, bitches" post?

That's all I could gather from my pitiful online translator.

Appropro of nothin' - I got some tickets to see the Sox v San Diego at something called Petco Park - 2 nights in June.

Excited downunder.

Downunder - Good for you. Fun park to see a game. Laid back crowd (it IS S.D., after all...) Try the fish tacos.

did anyone see where clemens is going to wait and see how his big three teams are doing before he decides who he's gonna play for? ... i thought i wanted him back yesterday, today...not so much

"...and like a scene from The Natural...Schilling takes the mound...".

Well he is starting to look a little like Wilfred Brimsley(without the mustache,of course)

Sorry Shill-I couldn't resist :)

Wait a minute, wasn't Next Year also Last Year at some point? Yeah, I thought so.

This year is going to be a runaway. Mark my words.

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