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As heard on NPR

Rider on Green Line:
FYI: The Soxaholix site was mentioned in an NPR piece on baseball yesterday. You can listen here. That combined with Matsuzaka's first outing, made for a pretty good day.



F*9k Howard Stern, h.b. is the New king of All Media.

Yes, Mee-shell (Norris), there is a Soxaholix.



'Profit do your soxaholix here just' - well said Lou.

And well done Sr Brachen for making the news. And thanks for the link to NPR, a site I have not previously visited (athough we get 'All Things Considered' on the wireless).

I do love a Sunday (AEST) post!

Hey, congratulations Hart! That's just great. Let's only hope Big Bri doesn't listen to NPR (yeah, fat chance!). Hate to see him/her dive back into the fray. :)

Just listened ... very nice that Phatsis continues to keep up. I like his bits on NPR on Fridays.

I'm waiting for Bob Mondello's review of the movie version of Soxaholix. That's when things are gonna get real interesting... Who's playing Lisa? I vote for Penelope Cruz.

I heard the NPR mention and that's why I'm here. This is a fun site. Way to go, dudesan.

Mark Daniels

H.B., is that the same WSJ reporter who did the story on you and the strip?

BTW, congrats!

Penelope Cruz as Lisa just boggles the mind.

Yes, Bob, same guy, Stefan Fatsis. Can't thank him enough for being such a supporter of the site.

Two of my favorite places to get the scoop: NPR and Soxaholix! Congratulations hb..."life as a Boston Red Sox fan" is right!

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