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Won't be the last

Hey, if you missed the Truck Day machinations first hand, the charming duo known as The Red Seat have put togethah a riveting dramatization at 1/300th scale.


Meanwhile, the Truck hasn't even crossed into Dixie yet and already the Matsuzaka is a pampered, overpaid prima donna rowdydow has begun.


It's bad enough to read the standard Gerry Callahan playah hit piece, but it's way worse to have to read one where he tries to "get creative" or whatevah you call that sad attempt at humorous hyperbole.


The thing is, as a right wingah and all, you'd think Callahan would be celebrating Matsuzaka's salary and perks as a majestic example of free mahket capitalism and the global economy at work.


Maybe Callahan is one of those GOP rubes who likes money to be made the "old-fashioned way," you know, like by ripping off Indian tribes.


Exactly. Family values and all.


Well, at least one can wash away the bad taste Callahan's piece leaves in one's mouth with the positive stories about Jon Lestah.


Are you kidding me? Aftah kicking cancah's ass, the kid's going to mow down AL battahs like nobody's bidness.



Godspeed to Jonny Boy. I hope wins comeback player of the year, cy young, and rookie of the year even if he isn't eligible.

Yikes, Hart! While I share your general political bent, you risk opening the worm can with the boys' conversation this morning. I'd rather read about the arrival of Mothra in the AP story this morning than Callahan's B.S. Just knowing the Boys of Summah are ready to tighten up their laces has me all but sporting wood.

Cute Red Seat bit, though...

Just the usual caveat that any given character speech may or may not reflect my own thoughts on any given issue.

Indeed, in some cases, I may be totally ambivalent and/or agnostic, but if an angle/nuance/theme can move the dialog forward and possibly generate entertainment, I'll go with it regardless of where my own head is at.

Yeah, remember that loathesome Marty is a Hillary-loving Dem, something none of us expected.

Just to keep us in the spirit of moving day...Google Maps view of Fenway

Speaking of loathsome Marty, I have two new Yankees fan characters ready to unveil.

Their current working names are "Rich and Connie" (though subject to change).

They wear suits, carry briefcases, and either work for the World Bank or are Trumpesque style real estate developers. Not sure yet.

They will not interact with the other Soxaholix but will be standalones used to represent a particular strain of Yankee fanism.

Oof, Callahan's piece has that brutal, Coultier-esque tongue-in-cheek style: satire Bizarro-Onion style. It's so snide as to be unreadable, character assassination with a bazooka. Give me the insight and intellect of George Will or David Brooks, please. Despite the occasionaly pedantry, at least their humor is on the mark: martini-dry utterances through the Connecticut lock-jaw. Spare us the flabby-jowled sarcasm of the world's O'Reillys!

My mind these days: baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball sex baseball baseball baseball beer baseball baseball baseball baseball.

Character Bill is sure right about Callahan's position on the wing. But he would never celebrate a non-American winning in the global economy because he's a pure xenophobe.... AND just a plain ignorant ***hole.

Thanks for reminding me why I never, ever read the Herald. Christ, and I thought the Globe sports columnists were hacks...

In re: the two new Yankee characters, may we assume their surnames are Kant and Lingus?

As far as GC's column goes, wtf did they expect in bringing over this guy? Honestly, I don't think the Boston media understands that this is like having Elvis sign up to play in the bar band at the local Holiday Inn. It matter a whole lot to the Japanese public.

Finally, having read the Herald and Globe this morning, is it just me or is Paps just a little full of himself?


Excellent satire. Just because it's about the RS doesn't mean it can't be funny.

As Sgt. Hulka once said: Lighten up, Francis.

Excellent satire. Just because it's about the RS doesn't mean it can't be funny.

As Sgt. Hulka once said: Lighten up, Francis.

That's Jason O. Our old, best friend and Big Toe...

I agree with the characters this am...sometime I think that the morning show...hell, WEEI in general is a right-wing talk radio station masquerading as a sports station. Regardless of your political ilk (from Curt Schilling conservative to Bill Lee liberal) it is likely most of us prefer our sports figures and sports casters to play and talk about sports, not give us their political views. Besides the fact that Callahan is the most sanctimonious tool on the radio and the Herald…now that’s an accomplishment

I hope these two new characters don't become the Soxaholix version of Nikki and Paolo!

it is likely most of us prefer our sports figures and sports casters to play and talk about sports

And that goes for other entertainers as well, hello Dixie Chicks.

I mean, yeah, I understand some of the best music is politically orientated, including that of one of my fave bands of all time, The Clash, but, even then I'd rather hear Strummer yell out "This is a public service announcement... with GUITARS!!" during the course of an album than have to listen to him drone on and on everywhere I turn as with our current crop of rent-a-dissenters.

And since when is someone disagreeing with what you say or not wanting to buy your records a form of censorship?

Freedom of speech goes both ways.

Jeez, toughen the fuck up, Dixies et al.

Hey, HB - What's with the criticism of my former Representative Duke Cunningham? Actually, I never voted for the guy, and I celebrated his downfall like it was Yankee Elimination Day.

As for the Callahan article, although the humor was forced, I thought the golf part where it said the Sox hired someone to wash Dice-K's balls was funny. Then again, my interpretation of that is probably different than what Gerry intended...

I did also think the "ball washing" bit was the best part of the piece.

Nice Lost ref BethH. The two new characters will probably be more like Boris and Natasha.

Does that make Marty "Fearless Leader"?

Anyone remember "The World of Commander McBragg" from Rocky & Bullwinkle?

"Quite!" The greatest catchphrase ever.

HB...I think it was more the radio station boycotting their music and stations/DJ's promoting that their listeners destroy Dixie Chicks CDs that had them crying censorship. Not that it was censorship strictly. Perhaps it was a bit fascist in intent, and depressing to consider, but certainly a far cry from the real deal.

They did the same thing to Elvis and The Beatles, and I don't recall either of them crying about it over and over and over.

The irony, of course, is that those in the entertainment industry who don't kowtow to the liberal party line are routinely ostracized or branded as nut cases by their peers.

Dave, what happened to the Chix can be neither "fascist" nor "censorship" unless the gov't is behind it.

We have the term censorship from the Roman "Censor" which was an official position in Roman Republican government. The Censor could bascially fuck anyone up that he wanted to based on the Censor's mandate to maintain public morality.

Hence: Censorship. Private citizens and private organizations could not then (nor can they today) practice censorship.

That's certainly true, although for the Beatles and Elvis politics had nothing to do with it: it was the sex, HB, the sex and refer that kids would smoke after listening to that, that, devil music! Didn't you see the swivel in his hips!? The SWIVEL IN HIS HIPS!!?

The last thing I want you to think is that I'm defending the Dixie Chicks or the 1.9 million records they sold off the racks in liberal stronghold city Starbucks and what not. The fiddle I play for them fits in the palm of my hand. And seriously, the soft-censorship that goes on these days comes from both directions. You have the lefty PC-police and the righty Patriot-police, both waiting to pounce on anyone who might say something to offend the other's side. It's a little fascist on both sides, and to me, a shrill joke at all of our expense.

Now see what you started, HB?

(Uh, Dave, that speech was just a little too well thought through and polished. You been practising or something? You could be a speech writer for Gov. William J. LePetomaine.)

Dave S.: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

Taggart: God darnit, Mr. Dave, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

Agree all the way, Dave.

Meanwhile, I actually think the Dixie Chicks album was very solid and the song "Not Ready to Make Nice" was an absolutely perfect response to the situation and superb song in every way.

It's the whining on and on that I found annoying.

They should probably hook up with A-Rod and then they can have a big cry fest about how misunderstood they are and how tough life is for them with all the animosity.

Then A-Rod can show Natalie Maines his dropping the shoulder move...

...sorry, posted before I saw yours J.O. While the etymology of "censor" certainly reflects the state-driven process, censor in its current usage has expanded beyond government-only entities: to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable (as has fascist for that matter: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control).

Actually, you might have noticed that I didn't call it censorship before, but the little check into its definition has me thinking it was. Simply, radio stations censored their DJ's from playing Dixie Chicks. That's their free-speech right, and I'd die to defend it. But censorship it was, even if it wasn't executed by a guy in a toga.

h.b.- check out the movie Shut Up & Sing. It gives insider perspective to the whole Dixie Chicks slamfest by country radio conglomerates and fans... What is interesting is how NOT AT ALL whiny they manage to come across during the whole ordeal; what's fascinating is how the experience crystalized in them a desire not to be beholden musically to a traditional country fanbase and set them in motion towards reinventing their sound. Fully stated personal bias: I think The Long Way Around is one of the best albums I have ever heard, and Shut Up & Sing is- politics aside- an incredibly provocative look at what artists do to stay fresh and find new fans... The bonus is that it, to my mind, fully lays to rest some of the mythologizing of their "whiny-ness" that the press perpetrated.


I'll take your word on it re the film showing the not whiney-ness of the DC's, but having watched the Grammy's the other night, I thought their snarkiness was, if not whiney, than certainly declasse.

But I'll give them the benefit under the rubric that whenever artists come out from behind their craft (be it music or poetry or literature) they most often seem disappointing to me.

Sorry Dave, no dice. Words mean things.

You may feel that country fans and radio stations were heavy-handed, insensitive or stupid (or any other of dozens of adjectives) but they can not by definition be either fascist or engaged in censorship.

Using the words "fascist" and "censorship" allow alarmists to intentionally conflate actual constitutional violations vs. 3 women who pissed off their fan base.

If federal/state/local government tries to suppress the 1st amendment it's a massively serious problem.

What happened to the Chix is off-the radar-screen trivial.

h.b.- I totally agree with you re: celebs and coming out from behind their craft to be disappointing, and there is some of that in the movie. I just thought it was a really cool glimpse into the creative process in the midst of an artist's reinvention. Missed the Grammys... what did they say?

Sounds interesting Natalie. I just added it to my Netflix queue.

It looks like Matsuzaka has more to worry about than Callahan...

The Feds may go after Dice-K for Asahi ad.

How friggin' retahded.

Kaz, you beat me to it by about three minutes. All I can say is


Nice to see that, with all other problems solved, the government is moving on to the real threats to our society here. This is the problem with these career bureaucrats, (and Resnick is in a position that cannot legally be appointed by a sitting President); they advance so far up the ladder and are virtually immune to losing their jobs that they start huffing a little too much of the office vapors.

I know DiceK is paid out the @ss, but I'm willing to take up a collection from the congregation to pay off any fines for this nonsense.

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