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When you wish upon a car

So this is behoah your day, but there was this show back in the 60s called "My Mothah the Cah" …


Yeah, I think I've seen that on TV Land once. It's awful.


Hey, since it's all the rage to remake old TV shows, they should so bring that show back starring Manny and his mom as the cah.


You know, I actually think it's a good thing in the long run that Manny is always Being Manny.


How's that?


Think about it, all of his shenanigans act as chum in the watah for the media shahks.


All the Shaughnessys and Callahans et al get to circle round and round getting a taste of blood and writing their various diatribes about how offensive Manny is …


And meanwhile the rest of team is completely left alone.


Exactly. Who knows what othah crap the media would churn up if they weren't always distracted with anothah Mannyism?



h.b., Nice reference to a lost feature in the Jerry Van Dyke oeuvre.

Wait? did somebody say "lost"?

In re: Lost

First, let me say that I enjoyed the episode, although, notwithstanding my superabundant life experience and education, I didn’t understand much of it.

We were promised the answers to three important questions. Huh?

Here are the only questions that were answered for me.

1. Doc is willing to pay a 10-spot for a bottle of cola from a hairless eight year old Thai boy who is only capable of screaming the word “Jack”.

2. Some Chinese woman have magnormous mammarian attributes that exist independent of the Law of Gravity.

3. Jack’s tattoo is (strap in kids, who saw this coming?) CAPABLE OF MULTIPLE INTERPRETATIONS.

4. That crazy Greek chick was smokin’ hot. [Never mind- that was on Deal or No Deal, while I was bridging the gap between FNL and Lost].

5. The creepy island is really just a ride at Six Flags Over Toldeo.


I haven't had a chance to watch Lost yet, it's on the DVR waiting for me. (I was dragging my ass yesterday, and felt certain I'd fall asleep during one of the commercial breaks, so decided to wait on viewing.)

Meanwhile I had to skip reading the rest of your comment, lc, just in case there were any spoilers.

no worries, h.b. I seldom convey any real info.


The whole Jack backstory was annoying... Suddenly out of nowhere, we get a Chinese woman who likes to show off her rack who is a tattoo artist (but not really) and she has a brother in a gang that will beat the crap out of you if you talk her into giving you said tattoo... wtf???

And as expected, I'm a little let down by the "answers." I only counted one answer: they kidnap the childern b/c they don't want to subject them to the big social experiment that is the island. Not so earth-shattering...

What were the other answers?

Nothing to add re: Lost as have never seen an ep...but how crazy-good was Friday Night Lights last night? I think that is one of the best shows on TV. I WILL get my hands on Landry's Crucifictorious tee-shirt if it kills me :)

My Mother the Car. Yikes! She was a 1928 Porter (a ficticious car). The show has been hailed as one of the lamest sitcoms ever. But it did have Avery Schreiber - so there was at least a minor redeeming quality to it. The Golden Age of television was gone by this time.

Here I was, defending Manny..."it could very well be true that his Mom is sick"...and then we find out that he was car shopping. I guess he could have scheduled the car thing AFTER he got permission to be with...you know what, who cares? Like they said on NESN, Manny needs 10 days to get ready to hit. Remember, "fair" doesn't mean everything is the same for everybody but that everybody gets what they need. I love the roller coaster that drives in 130 each year.

That's my free associating for the day.

Goodness, I just can't roll my eyes hard enough at BDD. Tabloid Red Sox news? Blech. Just like vermonter, I love Manny and I love Manny being Manny. My inner fourth-grader is just shouting, "Manny is great and BDD stinks."

BDD has become the CHB of the blog world.

I'm going to back up Natalie here. The best shows on television right now, in order:

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. (tied) Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars
4. Lost
5. Spohstcentah

Okay, the last one was a throw in, because CSI no longer warrants a top-5 finish.

There are two things that are sure things in this world: death and taxes.

There are three things that are sure things in this world: death, taxes, and Manny being Manny.

Correction: no.5 is Rome.

I love Friday Night Lights. Though I haven't seen this week's epi yet. I'm behind on everything this week. I think 24 is the only show on my weekly, regular viewing list that I caught this week.

Meanwhile, one of if not my all time fave best scripted drama for TV, The Shield, is returning for another season despite the previous season which ended last spring being billed as the finale.

The actors and writers said they felt they didn't have enough closure and missed doing the show.


It's funny, too, because I think it's the first time in my life that I actually missed, I'm talking about pining for a TV show after it ended the way I have The Shield the past year. It just didn't feel right that it was over.

And then it wasn't! Too cool.

Rome, no question. Brutus's character making the full transformation from wuss and assassination pawn to being born again hard in this season, culminating in the final decision to stand his ground. Alas, the Republic is dead.

And I'll call your gyroball and raise the pitch that Rivera is developing with Guidry. A slider? A change? Only the Deadly Skull knows...

The downside to Manny being Manny is that he doesn't seem to recognize the value that Spring training has to a player going on 35. I recall (refuse to look for stats) that Manny had an embarassingly slow start to the season last year. I would expect an even worse start this year. [Happened to look at Celtic and B's standing this morning. Yeech! Pro sports (they still are pro teams, right?) are pretty bleak between the Pats and the Sox.]

I cast my vote for Rome but my daughters would cast their votes for Idol. :)

So we have more Manny being Manny and now Curt Schilling goes free agent at the end of this season. This is why suicide hotlines aren't staffed by Red Sox fans. If I called them right now and a Sox fan answered he'd probably say something like, "what are ya waiting for?"

The way Schilling has performed in the past two seasons, I'm glad the Red Sox aren't doing anything now.

It's a classic risk vs reward example.

And now Schilling has extra motivation to have a great year if he wants to try and command big $$ as an FA.

Manny being Manny:
Lifetime batting average: .314
Lifetime slugging average: .599 (7th alltime excluding drug cheat)
20 Grand slams (second only to Gehrig)
43 multiple home run games (15th all time excludinig drug cheats)
43 home runs in season 2004 - now that was a good season
Unquestioned World Series MVP 2004.
Went 4/4 with 2 HR one night at Fenway in '02 to the unbridled joy of two travelling Australians.

Go buy the car(s), Manny. Enjoy 'em.

Oh yeah, and 1,414 rbis. 100 rbis in a season: 10 times - just behind good old Goose Goslin (your kidding!)

I looked it up.

Hey, you guys hear that Dennis Johnson died?

Bob, that's awful news. He was my favorite player when I was a kid.

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