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We're keeping the dog.

Ah, note to Brit Brit: You're a couple seasons late on the whole shaved head, Cowboy Up! thing.


I thought his mum died a few years ago during an All Stah Break?


Naw, that was his grans, and she didn't die, she was having feinting spells … er, or was that his mom?


Or maybe it was his dog, Checkahs?


Poor Shaughnessy. He runs his first anti-Manny piece of the '07 season a day befoah the late to camp story surfaces.


It's almost enough to make you think that, you know, ol Dan-Oh writes these stories in advance and just mails them in.


Hey, don't be a "stooge." A pro like Shaughnessy would nevah just "shut it down" like that.



To be sure, it's a sign of spring:

1. Where's Manny?
2. Underpantless fading beauty cries out for attention.
3. PHB 郵便それ.


Good Lord, doesn't Brit look like a Naked Mole Rat? Millar was cuter after his buzz cut.

PHB 郵便それ

"PHB postal that."

AKA, "PHB mailing it in."

And thus, lovable yet bilingual LC has started the Soxaholix Mothra to English dictionary.

Was that "feinting spells", HB? Very clever :-)

Wow, does everybody have today off? I never get President's Day off.

Yeah, Bob, I was thinking the same thing.

Had I known most of the readership was off today, I'd have taken a day off from the strip myself.

Not quite as good as having the day off from work, but still

Yeah, since it appears no one in this country is working today, you could have outsourced her temp job to Bangladore, and introduced an Indian woman who looks remarkably like her.

"Hello, this is Lali, how may I serve your customer need?"

Outsourced Lisa's temp job that is.

(Sometimes my brain cramps up and blood comes out of my eyes.)

I'm surprised I get today off, as my company skips both Columbus and MLK day (at least the oppressor/voice-of-oppressed receive equal shrift).

I don't get either of those days off, either.

Spring must be approaching
Now that we speak of Manny
And should I have the right to smile...
[no "president's day" downunder but with our lap dog Prime Minister we may start celebrating the fourth of July (I'll be celebrating it at Fenway Park!)]

i still think brittany looks hot ,,,kinda a trailer trash version of sinead oconner...

Omigod...big article on the Break-up between Jeter and SBL...

Hart - prepare us properly for Ye Almighty Pile-On!

Wait till you see her wig Mike.

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