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The space between

You've heard the news I imagine.



Says now he's "a Red through and through."


And I'm blue now, it's true, it's true.


The nuts the size of Saturn no longer orbit our world.


The comets have such a space to cross,


Such coldness, forgetfulness.


Through the black amnesias of heaven.




Author's Notes
Circle's final 3 lines are from Sylvia Plath's poem "The Night Dances" from the collection Ariel.


"A Red through and through"?

I bet he doesn't think that when he's comparing the women at Xavier to those at Boston universities.

Hey, don't be dissing Midwestern women. I married one ;)

No love lost for Brandon here, but we could have used him last season...

Good career decision to stay in the NL.

Couldn't care less about his crappy cover band either.

Brandon had an outstanding year last year, but it seems strange to extend him at $11 million a year for two years...going in two years from now. I can appreciate trying to anticipate the market, but it's rather a gamble for a guy who enjoyed a fair amoung of luck in his best season (.274 BABIP) and led the majors in innings pitched. Then again, the Reds aren't really well known for the acuity of their baseball moves.

Lily von Schtupp, re: Bronson's pitching: "Is it twue about the way you people are 'gifted'?"

Susan/Circle: "And I'm blue now, it's twue, it's twue."

um, as out erstwhile friend Jason might say: "Baby, he's NOT from Havana!"

34 hit batsmen in 383 combined innings and then just 5 in 240 innings last year?

Wow, the Reds pitching coaches must have really improved his control...

Or an entire team of guys bravely armored in catching equipment can't save you when you step in to that box...

I'm thinking Jason would say something more like this:

"Lupus non mordet lupum."

Damn site gets better everyday.

Not that I blame him, you know what they say about the national league:

"Ut Romae, operor ut Romanorum operator"

No,it's more like-"Estne volumen in toga,an solum tibi libet me videre?"

And now for something completely different. Read the Globe's story on Harvard's decision on a new Presdent?

//The Corporation, as the board is known, will present its recommendation Sunday to an elected group of about 30 alumni, the Overseers, who must approve it, according to one of the people.//

Is it just me, or is that really strange? Like Free Mason strange.

Harvard IS strange. But I am totally excited that they are looking to elect a woman. Drew Gilpin Faust has gotten pretty good reviews all around...

Well everyone has been very restrained today - no mention of yesterday's death in Florida (I will refrain from placing the name in play). But I just noticed that Ian Richardson died today. If you were a fan of 'House of Cards' and its sequels, he probably endeared himself to you as 'FU'.

Rob in CT:

Gov: I didn't get a harumph from that guy

Random dude: Harumph!!

Gov: You watch your ass...

And right now I'd take Harvard over Duke.

I'm afraid I only ever saw Mr. Richardson as Mr. Book in Dark City.

My fav ANS quote overheard yesterday:

"She was an attention whore, fuck her."

"Too late for that now, man."

"Not what I meant. Not what I meant."

yazbread; She Who Must Not Be Named was mentioned end-of-day yesterday.

I believe Yaz somehow inserted a priest into the conversation (and the body).

That came out of left field.

Kaz. Not Yaz.

That was really low, J.O. Really low.

/Duke fan since my HS friend walked on the team in 1994

And now...Zsa Zsa's husband is claiming he's the father. The whole thing is just bizarre. I am sure Dominick Dunne will eventually get to the bottom of things.

Jason - Niiiiice! "You use yer tongue pertier than a $20 whore..."

Have a great weekend everybody. Thanks to all for consistently enlightening, bemusing and putting up with me.

Truck Day is Monday!!!!!!


I've got a big ass truck

It's got a 383 that's been built right up

It's lowered right down to the ground

It'll beat every cop in this fuckin' town

My truck eats Fords and shits out Chevies

We smoke fat doobies and drink cold bevies

From Extra Bases:

"In what has become a sure sign that spring is just around the corner in Boston, "Truck Day" will finally arrive on Monday.

The Red Sox confirmed today that the team's equipment truck will leave Fenway Monday at approximately 1:00 p.m. to begin the 1,480-mile journey to the team's spring training facility in Fort Myers, Fla.

According to the Sox press release today, the truck will depart from Fenway Park at the players’ parking lot entrance on Van Ness St. The truck will be followed in procession by Fenway ambassadors, Red Sox staff, and Wally the Green Monster tossing gifts to fans from a flat-bed truck."

Who all is going? I just might be there.

I wish i could be with you to share Kaz - I've never attended a truck day celebration before.

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