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The Matsuzaka Era Has Begun

Gotta love the mania: 70 membahs of the media were present for Matsuzaka's arrival at camp.


Yeah, and I wondah how many of those 70 filed a report suggesting how ridiculous it was that 69 other chumps showed up to covah the non-event?


So I was a bit shocked to see that Matsuzaka was sporting a spare Toyo tiah.


Well, you've seen the way he puts down the Asahi Supah "Dry".


Maybe Dude-san should give the Supah "Lite" a try?


I dunno. I think it's kind of cute and Ruthian.


So his lockah is going to be right next to his fave dude, V-Tek.


Yep, and you know right now Quadzilla is studying the hell out of his learning Japanese phrase book.


What do you think the first Japanese words Captain Catcher will learn? "Throw the gyro"? "Keep it low and away on this guy"?


Well, that, and "Surrender to the power of Christ and you shall be saved."



私の脂肪質の陰茎の氏をかみなさいRodriguez 。

This almost follows in the same vein as yesterday's conversation...and to be fair I don't care what god/higher being/power/spirit if any my sports players worship/believe in, I just want them to play...and if possible, keep it to themselves. I will give the occasional pass to a player who does something tremendous if they feel it necessary to thank their higher power...but please, not every time they open their mouth...please, I'm still a recovering from 16 years of Catholic school.

I, too, thought The New Guy looked liked he had been training with Ben & Jerry out in SoCal.I think it's about time we get used to the hordes of newspeople.


Bite the person of the penis of my fat quality


...funny as always, though.

Mike, thanks for the translation. The misuse of English words in Japanese advertising and clothing always cracks me up. My sister in Japan sends my son clothes with odd phrases "Crazy Tiger" and "Naughty Kidz" PJ's with woodpeckers all over them. My all time favorite is Pacori Sweat.

Dice-K can surely provide Tek with directions to the Promised Land.

Mike, I used an online translator, and that's as close as I could get to, "Bite my fat penis, A-Rod."

I like the translation better, actually.

ISofDE, thanks for the time sucking link. I especially like the "Starbutts" venti, grande, big-ass

It's the reincarnation of Oil Can Boyd!

Something tells me the Quadzilla/Matsuzaka relationship is going to be a beautiful thing

''Matsuzaka would later tell Japanese reporters he was pleased to learn that his locker was next to that of Varitek, his favorite player, with Hideki Okajima, Boston's other Japanese import, on Matsuzaka's other side.''

Having considered a number of very lame alternatives and having ruled out Gamera(giant turtle, friend of the children) I think Rock may be onto something: 'Oil Can Matsuzaka' - just rolls of the tongue, don't it? And just what it is it about the modern athlete and 'surrendering to the power'? I blame Curt Warner!
PS Thanks to Yazbread for Chicago sushi tips.

彼の頭部でそれを投げなさい Oil Can

Jeez, I killed that thread dead ...

How about Malt Matsuzaka? Di-sake? Sapporo 'Suzaka? Dice-Kirin? Ashai-And-A-Miss?

I need coffee before I can be witty.

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