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The cypress in the courtyard

Now this is rich — After years of wearing sheepskin Uggs, it's only just now dawned on PETA spokesperson Pamela Anderson just what that, er, entrails.


Manny looks good no mattah what he does.


Seriously, the guy's a walking Zen koan


"Only by being late can one be early."



"Just what that entrails."

That's gold, H.B., gold!

Aah yes,Grasshopper-when you can snatch this pebble from my hand...


Hirsute Ballplayers
With too much time on their hands.
JohnNY Damon clones.


Lovable, but what?
Surly? Yes that's what he is.
Two-in-one L.C.

Late to camp he comes
A tale of sick mom he brings
Manny is Manny

As long as he hits
He can have 5 sick mommies
Is it April yet?

I'll have to dig out a picture today.

Right on, David!

So, last week I was in Miami for a political consultants convention. Figured I would drive over to Ft. Meyers on Friday to see some DiceK action on the flip side.

Came down with pneumonia instead. Was laid up the entire time, never spent a minute at the conference or the beach. Was determined to have something productive come of it, got in the car to drive on Friday but felt way too sick to make it to Ft. Meyers.

Only by being late can one be early. Yeah, I see it.


H.B., if you want some pics of great mutton-chops:


Off topic - but this Fark headline was too good to not share here.

[Cool] Topps issues gag Derek Jeter baseball card showing Mickey Mantle and President Bush cheering on the Yankee captain. When Carl Pavano saw the card, he laughed and strained a rib muscle, will be on the DL for one month

Wasn't he already on the DL? LOL

I think the pics are at my sister's house. This may take some time.

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