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Super "Dry"

OK, I've nevah had the pleasure of quaffing an Asahi Super "Dry" before, but right now it's my favorite beeah.


Yeah, I'm gonna go over to the Supah 88 aftah work and pick up a 12-pack of Asahi, you know, just because.


See the way Matsuzaka downs that pint quickah than a BU frat pledge?


No kidding. And does that imagined scene of Matsuzaka pitching in Fenway give you the chills or what?


Even the Yankees' Cashman knows this Japanization of The Rivalry is "something special"


I haven't been this excited going into a baseball season since 2004.


If I recall, that was a pretty good year?


Yeah, it was aiight.



I'll stick with a 20 oz. Sapporo silver bullet.

Does that make me a bad fan?


I miss the days when players could hawk beer on tv. I'm sure the powers that be will have something to say about it.BTW what's AIIGHT ?

I apologize if it had anything to do with the damaged digit :)

Think they'll serve saki at Fenway this year? It doesn't have to be warm; there are cold versions of the stuff you know. And it gives you a nice buzz pretty quickly.

H.B.....quick question for you? Days that you do not use Lisa the Temp, is she available to hire out? We could use some good temp help (and improve the office appearance!).
Perhaps she could pick up some Asahi on the way over........

I'm with lc on the Sapporo (especially now).

Cold sake is much better than warm, and is more appropriate in Summer.

From my experience in the U.S., people on the East Coast drink sake warm more often than not, and people on the West Coast drink sake cold more often than not. But I haven't spent much time back East in a while so my data may be outdated.

Rumor has it, Lisa the Temp is in great demand and we are lucky when we get her services.

I'm with you, Bob, on saki. FWIW it's been several years now since I've been able to drink more than a single beer. Beyond that and I get the shits something fierce.

Billy, it's all about the season back this way. Cold in the summer, hot in the winter.

Sushi is best when one quaffs both the beer and the saki. I'm definitely on the Sapporo train, as well. A good bit of the Asahi that's drunk in the US is actually brewed here, which kind of feels like a cheat to me.

Super 88. I love that place. Good cheap food in the food court, and it's cool to walk through the supermarket looking at all the weird shit that (apparently) some people are willing to eat. That fish smell has never been duplicated anywhere I know - not even the old South Street Fish Market in NYC. (Not that that's necessarily a great thing...)

And I agree with lou, Sapporo's fine by me. Although I'd give the Asahi for the good of the team, and shit...

aiight? (N.B. - Rich, that's urban street talk for all right. See? I'm hip, I'm cool, I'm happenin', I saw "Save the Last Dance"...)

If you need Lisa, please contact me directly. I am her pimp, er, agent.

She types 4 wpm on that creepy keyboard, but gives great grammar.

In re: grain alcohol. My preference, seldom indulged due to youthful disregard for the future of my liver, is soju, a Korean treat.


At Billy Tse's in the North End (very good asian menu and a proper bar, BTW) you can get ASD in a 22 oz. can. At 5% alc./volume, one can do a bit of damage with 2-4 before moving on.

I would really like to see a Matsuzaka/Hughes matchup later in the season.

Kirin Ichiban > Asahi

The aroma of an Asian market never varies whether it's in Boston, Seattle or Houston.

I've really wanted to plan a visit to China and other places in that area, but I wonder, what if that's how it smells everywhere, all the time? Could I handle it?

"I've really wanted to plan a visit to China and other places in that area, but I wonder, what if that's how it smells everywhere, all the time? Could I handle it?"

Actually, at the risk of over generalizing, it does, at least in public places where people congregate.

Korea has a distinctive (to me at least) tinge of garlic in the air.

Japan tends to a somewhat flatter, drier aroma.

China is just kind of a funky smell.

So much for the evocative power of my words. Those descriptions suck.

BTW, I like all the smells, not complaining, just saying. You could easily handle it (2-beer shits nothwithstanding).


Here's another possibility for a new Fenway drink (although it doesn't sound as good as saki to me):


It went on sale yesterday. probably be great with one of my fav japanese dishes, natto:


Hmm, let's see, that's CUT and PASTE, Bob.

Here's the natto pic:


Japanese: Sushi, Sapporo and Saki
Korean: Kalbi, OB Lager and Jinro Soju

Oh man, I'm drooling.

While teaching English in Seoul, my friends and I delighted in Soju-Man: the ubiquitous and rubbery drunken businessmen who wavered their ways down (and or onto) the sidewalks come midnight. As do certain other types of alcohol, soju's drunken state is unique and worth trying out sometime. One can achieve a strange mental acuity while feeling his or her body flop around uncontrollably. The world seems as though you're looking through a translucent tube, such that the immediate focus is clear, but the peripherals are quite fuzzy. It's a warm and comfortable drunk. Getting your hoss on with Korean BBQ, OB Lager and Soju, really spending the night at it, and wandering home in a garlicky, drunken haze is just about the greatest pleasure one can find in this life.

Natto? Looks like it belongs in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. My own preference for hard to find Chinese food is jellyfish. Chilled, thinly sliced, some shreds of carrot and cabbage, and rice vinegar. Truly delicious (in all seriousness).

Yeah, I'm a big jellyfish fan myself. Lots of Vietnamese places have it, though always as special and not a regular menu item.

I'm assuming that's because it comes and goes and isn't always available?

Dave S. - Just a great comment! I would gladly buy you as many Jinro Soju's as it took to get you telling stories of your experiences overseas. Lou, you are welcome to join us.

Sounds awesome to this Denver-bred hick!

Anybody like shark fin? It's more of a textural thing than a taste delight.

It took me a looooong time to warm up to the delights of sushi, or anything raw for that matter. After spending a few summers in college working at the Portland Fish Exchange, unloading fishing boats at 4am, I had nightmares for years. It was almost a decade before I could eat any fish that hadn't first been fried to a crisp.

Sapporo is da bomb diggity. As the kids would say.

Rob-thanks for the enlightenment,I'm a little behind things here in Harwich. Raw fish? I'll stick to my Sill like a good squarehead :)

looking forward to saki bombs and ootoro in the roof top bar :)

Hey Rob...from the sound of it, I'd wager that LC has both a much broader and deeper knowledge of Asia than myself. I'd be happy to join you in plying him with the good stuff! The next time the Sox play at the Stadium, we can all hit Little Korea at 32nd street before or after the game and make Soju-men of ourselves on Fifth Ave.

Watching that commercial got me very excited for Sox baseball this year. My heart got that same anxiety/excitement flutter that I used to get for Jack Bauer in the earlier seasons of 24.

Dave S(ujo-man) -- You're on! Lou, how about it?

Rob, Dave, Lou, you guys should have dinner at Mik Sok on Comm Ave, Color on Harvard Ave in Allston, or Buk Kyung I (Union Sq, Sommerville) and II (Comm Ave).

They're my fav Korean places around.

Oh, BTW, Blanchards in Allston carries the Jinro brand of soju.

So what's the VERY BEST sushi restauant in Boston?? &/or Chicago? Information required for planned trip in June-July. Toro!! Mmmmmmm!!

My fav sushi in Boston is Oishii, and the newer one on Washinton in the South End is actually big enough to fit more than 3 people at a time.

Almost forgot about Uni. It's attached to Ken Oringer's acclaimed fine dining restaurant Clio. It's amazing.

Thanks Bob!! I'll definately give them a go!

Sushi places in Boston in order of common preference:

everything else

For half-priced sushi (if you're just looking for decent sushi without breaking the bank), there's Zen 320 in Brookline Village.

For "oh my god, I've never had so much sushi in my entire life" & other decent Japanese foods, there's Minado's in Framingham/Natick and their all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.

Thanks Kaz. I'm figuring on breaking the bank or at least giving it a go. Bear in mind I woke up to this discussion of sushi and sake (I'm a schochu fan myself - with ice and slied cucumber believe it or not) and so I'm thinkin' tuna belly by 7-00am.

If price is no object, I'd argue that Oishii and Uni are FAR better than Fugakyu and Ginza, both of which have slid downhill the past couple of years.

But that's just my opinion, filtered through a wonderful haze of saki and beer.

Bob - My son is a recent grad of BU (COM '06), and he took his mom and I to Mik Sok. Very good! Be proud to have you join in as well. Maybe we should all plan something around "downunder's" upcoming visit. I'd be happy to let you order. Jason O. will have gotten his big raise by then; probably should invite him along and liquor him up so we can get him to pay. :-)

Apart from a few nights at Fenway Park I'm free!

"Dave S(ujo-man) -- You're on! Lou, how about it?"

Would that require me going to Yankee Stadium? I haven't been there since 1963...

Other than that, sign me up.
gamsa hamnida

Bi Bim Bop is on me..


I think it'd be a blast. Just keep us informed on dates, times, etc. Just click my name for my personal email.

What's your ETA soxdownunder? Maybe we could also have a few (many? drinks at the Baseball Tavern before one of the games you're attending.

Ariving Boston on 30 June approx., depart out again about 5 July. Games v Texas & Tampa - oh well, I got 5 yankees games last time 2002(LOST 4!!). I'll keep you posted once all is in place.

I'll check on Lisa'a availability

Ill ask her, Lou. I'm seeing her tonight.

I was at the Tokyo Dome and saw Matsui play.

The blokes in this picture and I drank Super Dry:


and everything was simply awesome...

go bears!


When do we start calling him "Oil Can Matsuzaka"?

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