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Lostaholix (The Duderus Epsisode)

So I waited 3 months for that?


Yeah, something tells me NBC and Heroes are feeling pretty good right about now.


The pre-hype said this was going to be one of the best episodes of the season — If that's what qualifies as "best" then this is second half is going to feel a lot like watching the Red Sox after last year's August Massacre.


This episode lacked any sense of mystery and creepiness that marks the best Lost episodes. This was pretty much all action and backstory, and, honestly, I could care less about Juliet's backstory.


So let me get this straight. Droopy-face Ethan and Recruiter Man want Juliet because she got a male mouse pregnant but Juliet's all bummed because "it didnt' work" until her sister says, yeah, well, it did work because I'm all preggers …


So does this mean Juliet's sister is really a dude?


Probably, because that so advances the overall storyline and dovetails nicely with polar bears, black smoke, and Clockwork Orange brainwashing chambers. Not.


And is Juliet one of the most flaccid female charactahs evah to appear in a TV series? I mean I've seen mustached nuns at parochial school who exude more sexual energy. No wonder the horny husband dumped her frigid ass.


Yeah, and how about the whole "Boo hoo I wish me ex husband would get hit by a bus because, you know, I'm spineless and can't do anything on my own without deus ex machina."


I guess Juliet never got the memo on women's liberation.


Well, at least the previews suggest next week we'll get back to the other Lostaways.


Yeah, hopefully Locke and Sayid's shock and awe black op against The Othahs will redeem the last night's misery.


Let's just hope that after the initial battle the Lostaways have, you know, an "exit strategy."


And a goddamn "plan for the peace."



Maybe the characters should start watching Heros...

"Lost" jumped the operating table last night.

I don't watch Heroes, because I don't want to get all caught up in it, and then get X-File-d or Alias-ed or Lost-ed, when the creators start believing their own shit don't smell.

Last night was lame at best, I could go on, but the whole Ben thing is really empty.


ugh, saw the first few episodes and not one since, network tv has been awful for years. How long does this show have to be drawn out? Get it over with. I'll take PBS and the Discovery Channels anyday...and NESN of course.

Heroes so far has been really good at wrapping up minor plots and moving forward. I hope they keep it up...

Jayteal- re: Discovery Channel. You a Deadliest Catch fan? AWESOME, riveting show. Season 3 starts on April 3. Woot!

Brilliant, hilarious, thank you h.b! I didn't even watch last night's episode because I could give a rat's ass about Juliet. Give me the hotties, Sayid and Sun.

I stopped drinking the Lost Kool Aid when I read that Ben/Henry Gale was originally scheduled to be in a handful of episodes. Once they saw how creepy he was, they signed the actor for more episodes and begin rewriting.

That burst the bubble. There really wasn't a large master plan with a defined beginning/middle/end.

I appreciate how exhausting it must be to wrap all the storylines, maintain the aura of a larger meaning and tuck little thing into every episode like Said on the TV in the recruiter office, or have planes crashing overhead. As a former TV writer, I know how it sucks the life out of you and even the best team of producers can't maintain the vision of the creator.

And like they say, you have your whole life to create your first novel (pilot and original episodes). The next novel (season) you have six months. (For a recent example, see the Harry Potter series. Book 1, fresh and fun. Books 2-6 bloated and boring. Holding out hope for #7)

Good one, Hart. Pretty lame last night. Hell, I fell asleep with 15 minutes left in the episode.

I really wanted to like Juliet's character, but this tough-as-nails, is-she-good-or-bad woman on the island is suddenly determined to be milquetoast; the "ooh, I can't because my ex might be upset" backstory really ruined her for me. Too bad too, because I sort of thought she was a semi-hottie. Give me good old "punch-em-in-the-mouth, go-ahead-and-fantasize-about-me-like-I-was-Lisa" Kate any old day.

lou, you're missing out on a pretty good show in Heroes. Intriguing plot line, interesting characters, and as Natalie said they wrap up things a bit each show so you can keep moving along with the story. You can catch up if you change your mind by going to NBC's web site. They have all the season's full episodes available online. Really worth a look, IMHO.

You know, I put up with considerable shit from this site. But latin making it into the strip (Deus ex machina) makes it all worthwhile.

I got the distinct feeling that they kept showing details of the Clockwork Orange ripoff specifically so intertube geeks would screencap, post, and argue over what the images and text meant. When they walked in the room, we knew that it was some sort of funky brainwashing chamber. There was no other reason for them to dwell on funky biblical-looking verses and images of honey bees for 3 full minutes.

The characters comments aside, I actually enjoyed last night's episode -- But as I've stated before in this space, I've been in the "just kick back and watch and not get too caught up in it" mode for a while now.

It's the same way I approach watching the Red Sox.

And, like with the Red Sox, part of the fun is bitching and moaning about how awful everything is going.

I hope heroes doesn't become to soap-opera-ish. There's been a lot of standing around talking lately, and not enough flying/stopping time/regenerating. When are these people actually going to join forces to save somebody?

I just like how on so many levels the show's title becomes increasingly appropriate over time.

I still have a soft spot for Friday Night Lights.

Joe in Philly, I'd say any shark-jumping in the Harry Potter series occurred after the 4th (the tightly-plotted-mystery aspect of the series disappeared IMO), but I would NEVER refer to Prisoner of Azkaban or Goblet of Fire as bloated or boring.

And with no reference point for Lost, I disappear back into the mist...

Rich- Oh ditto! FNL is so well-acted and well-scripted and I adore the gritty cinematography. One of the best shows on TV...

David Pinto has a point about Heroes.

I'm starting to worry that their SFX budget is empty or that they've started to acquiesce to the 18-40 female demographic.

If I have to watch Claire prove her ability to one more person, I'm gonna start praying that Psyler gets to her sooner rather than later. Let's see more "putting it to good use" like they had a few times in the beginning.

I like to think we are building to that "putting it to use" point- that the past 5-6 eps have been about establishing back story... I wish they would let go of the Matt the Cop storyline. I find him and his wife and the blond FBI agent sooooooooooooooo fantastically boring. The reveal of Claire's dad, while predictable, has me excited for future eps...

Anyone else have Nathan on the money line as Claire's dad? I had it figured as soon as I saw the French Cuff on the shirt during the week's ad.

I'm with you Natalie, I'm hopeful that this fulfills the need for much back story and gets things back on track for future episodes. Let's get Hiro his powers back pronto! (Wouldn't mind finding out his executive sister had some sweet powers of her own, either.) Hmmm, maybe Papelbon is another of Nathan's bastard kids...

I don't watch a lot of TV and certainly am not getting caught up in some show. The last time I did was with Teenage Mutant Ninla Turtles when I was a kid, and I guess you could say I was a compulsive Beavis and Butthead guy in college.

Comparing scripted drama to following the Red Sox though... I get concerned about the idea that something as chance-driven as a Red Sox game can be compared with something so marketing and media driven as Lost. I mean, they have action figures for these poor castaways, there are books talking about all the crap, etc. It just makes me crazy thinking about all the differences...



all that stuff exists for the Sox too. Maybe they're not so different after all.


This Just In. The Sox post and win a 10 mil bid for the unknown unusually short closer "Hiro" who actually does seem to possess a "disappearing" fastball.

Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in her Florida hotel room.

Wonder if she was in Ft. Meyers?

Lost wasnt too good but I've enjoyed it more now that ive stopped trying to figure things out and just let it happen. Heroes is really good. i think TV right now is better then ever...but I only watch a couple of shows. 2 1/2 men cracks me up, Im amazed they can say some of the stuff they do, but I love it cuz I just know some xtians are going nuts!

I read Anna was given cpr...do ya think they fought over who got to do the chest massage?

The way I hear it, Bob, Father Meyers was in her.


Was that rimshot a sound effect, Kaz, or what Father Meyers did to her?

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