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Jet Boy, Jet Girl

So "the good news for Yankees fans" is that A-Rod's recent whining about missing his sleepovahs with Jetah is that might "translate to a more comfortable A-Rod this season," and an A-Rod "more likely to relax and hit when it counts."


Wow! Talk about grasping at straws.


Yeah, file that one away the next time we in RSN are accused of being delusional.


But even more entertaining is how that column goes on to rip the previously always media exalted and lionized Derek Jetah.


You know, we've joked about the Jetah/A-Rod "relationship" befoah, it's only just now dawning on me that the reality of it was actually way moah wiihd


"Back in spring 2001, when A-Rod recognized the ramifications of the story, he immediately drove from where he was training with the Rangers in Port Charlotte to Tampa. Jeter knew A-Rod was waiting at his house, but refused to cut short a meal and made Rodriguez squirm for hours. When the two finally met, a teary-eyed Rodriguez asked for forgiveness."




Jetah's as effed-up as A-Rod is.


I'm in the hitherto unimaginable position of feeling sympathy for A-Rod. I mean he is what he is with his need for validation and insecurities, but Jetah's a sadist fercrissakes.



The question is: was A-Rod wearing a diaper when he drove from Port Charlotte to Tampa?

Oh, well done, Natalie! LMAO.

This makes Manny seem like a grown up. Wha tthe heck is going on over there?

Natalie hit that one so far out of the park it hit my car and dented my fender -- on State Road 36 in UTAH!


Kudos, Natalie. There's no topping that.

I don't think I've ever read Joel Sherman before, but I liked this column. He calls Jeter on a BS line and gives proof that it's BS.

The Daily News column makes Jeter sound like an entitled child.

Beautiful, Natalie, beautiful.

I think Bill means "sadist".

What a joke. The same folks who tried to run A-Rod out on a rail last season are now trying to pin Jeter as not being supportive enough? I can't believe I'm wasting any energy even writing this. The non-issue to issue water to wine tricks the NY and Boston media pull are verily those of the bearded Messiah.

Outstanding, Nat.

Stupid me, I read it earlier and thought, hm, it's only about 100 miles from PC to TPA, why would he need a diaper? I guess I am still in off-season form.

Jeter has always struck me as a phony;
maybe it's coming closer to the surface now.


Yes, "sadist." Knew I should have double-checked that. I always confuse the two S&M's. Thanks for the correction.

Hey, you can't have the S with the M. And have it be enjoyable for both parties, anyway.

...withOUT the M. Sorry.

Those two deserve each other :)

I am a Yankee troll who does not usually comment, but I had to for your post--it made me spit my coffee out with laughter. Well done.

I'd like to join the throng of coffee spitting, kudos sending admirers of Natalie's post.



I got into a meeting at 9:00 this morning, and just got out. And even though I feel like jumping out of a window, Natalie's quip has cheered me right up.

I's like to nominate Natalie's comment to the Soxaholix comment hall of fame.

Natalie, outstanding.

HB... great one today. I linked to it on redsoxnation.net, a great website I wish you'd use more often rather than always going with SoSH.

Wowsa Nat,You cleaned house today. Good on ya -Rich

Seriously, right on. I wish Jeter would be less of a phoney for the press. But, eh, whatcha gonna do?

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