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I give you my sprig of lilac

Bill (thinking to himself):
"We were laughing. He just collapsed."



R.I.P., Freckles.

Thank you.


"He would have made a good doctor." - Sherman Potter, 1973

Thanks for being part of the family,Dennis.You were one of the good guys.

You captured exactly how I looked this morning, h.b., when I read the news. The sadness continued when my 12-year-old Son asked me about who DJ was as he was watching Sportscenter.

Deadspin had a link to the following video from '87. Bird with the ridiculous steal, but it was DJ's finish that made it.


Wow. How sad. Even though I was a Lakers fan (my form of teenage rebellion), I really respected the Celtics. DJ wasn't flashy like Magic, but he just got stuff done and I really feared him.

Thanks HB.

A beautiful elegy in a single panel.

Good Bye DJ.

I remember watching the game and the clip speaks volumes about DJ. Notice after scoring the basket, other than a little hitch in his step he immediately turns and defends against the inbound pass by Isiah (I think it is Isiah). No celebration, no finding his permanent marker buried in the basket support, ....

Yeah, DJ was one of the greats: classy, hardworking, understated. He let his play speak for himself. I can't claim to be a huge C's fan, being a Boston kid, I loved them growing up and still root for 'em, but not like the Sox, Pats or Bruins, but I remember DJ as being one of those quiet glue players that turn a great team into a championship team. Seeing the news yesterday was a real gut shot for me.

He's probably got Len Bias doing wind sprints right now.

I remember that game too. Passing back under you basket in that situation is just about one of the most boneheaded moves ever.

Thanks for the hoops DJ, you've earned the peace.

What keeps running through my mind is Johnny Most's call ... "Bird stole the ball! He passed it in to DJ ..."

I was a Sixers fan, and more so a Celts hater. Hated DJ - he was solid and usually helped deliver wins. Heck of a player and a classy guy to boot.

not really a basketball fan but easy to be a fan of dj.s. a class act for sure

I'm not sure if it's more of a shock to me that D.J. passed away at such a young age, or that he's not already in the Basketball Hall of Fame. For the past seven or eight years, I'd always assumed he was in there. I kept looking for such a reference in all of the obituaries I read and kept wondering why they would leave out something that important. Some of those voters are missing a good bet because his selection should have been a no-brainer. - Paddy24

I remember that steal and pass and basket; saw it when it happened.

I also remember a discussion about an all-ugly NBA team. DJ was nominated for it, with the comment "How can you leave off a black guy with freckles?" But he was one of the great ones. Bird doesn't throw around compliments like that lightly.

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