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Happy Truck Day 2007!

With sincere apology to John Keats, The Soxaholix present "Ode to a Truck" …

Our hearts ache, and a drowsy numbness pains
Our sense, as though of Asahi we had drunk,
Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains
One minute past, and Charles-wards had sunk:
'Tis with awareness of thy precious load,
And being too happy in thine presentness,
That thou, eighteen-wheeled hauler of dreams,
Along the deep southbound road,
Asphalt paved and driver slumberless,
Singest of summer with diesel-rumbled ease.
truck illustration


Hmmm, H.B. quoting Keats, or my Dayglo Abortions lyrics from Friday...


Thanks h.b. (no t-shirts this year?)

Let the games begin.

Since I lack h.b.'s erudition, here is my own modest effort.

There once was a gent from Japan,
Who made baseballs fly out of his hand,
He pimped Asahai Beer
And made perfectly clear
That Theo is really the man.



The most glorious day of the winter. Hallelujiah.

The harbinger of Spring, on the day when DC and points North is staring down the barrel of a serious ice storm. Good odds that truck ends up parked somewhere for most of Tuesday as I-95 is not going to be a pleasant place.

Yesterday I heard birds sing. Today the truck rolls. The darkest days are over.

I get giddy when I think of the first time Dice-K takes the mound.

Just made plans to head to Phoenix for the D-backs series. Very easy and inexpensive trip from Denver. Can't wait.

Better than groundhog day. A true sign of things to come.

Nothing could go wrong today in my world.

Congrats, h.b. -- this time you get props from Eric Wilbur. Yeah, not quite the W.S.J., but he does have a link to cafepress, which is more than what you got from Stefan Fatsis.

If you missed it, the Sunday NYT had an article on Matsuzaka. It was about a 17 inning, 250 pitch game he threw as a 17 year old. George Vecsey also had a nice piece on Mo Vaughn and his activities as a real estate developer.

The Eric Wilbur piece.

Thanks, Kaz... I don't do embedded links!!

Good thing Wilbur gave a shout-out, he ripped off HB twice last week - first with A-Rod/Peyton then with A-Rod's book. Same topics, same day.

happy truck day campers!!!


Have any of you ever attended "Truck Day"? If so, could you get in touch with me? I'm writing a story on the event for a national magazine and would love to have some fan feedback. Thanks.

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