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First Barbie and Ken and now this?

Yeah, it's bananas in the Red Sox spring clubhouse while it's all splits ovah in Yankeville.


And, if you can believe it, A-Rod and Jeter, gasp, don't get along.


Shocking. Shocking. Next you'll be telling me Britney Spears has mothah issues and Paris Hilton is a slut.


Too funny how A-Rod says that years ago he and Jetah were "best of friends." Hmmm, I wondah what changed Alex? Could it be that was before you were teammates?


Yeah, it's like how I was a model Catholic when I was like 10, 11 years old. Then I became a teenagah and it was all venial sin this and mortal sin that and I'm like, Father Dude, you've got to be kidding me?


In any case, while it's amusing to hum to the tune of the Yankees dichord, in the end, harmonious clubhouse or not, they'll still be a sonorous clap of thundah come August and Septembah.


You know the MFY trolls will see right through your unctuous shout out above, right?


Just greasing the skids, brotha.



Not being a MFY troll, it bears mentioning that the WS is played in October, not on Feb 20. Nobody enjoys more than I do that little biotch SMBL whining like a prepubescent tween about how he can't sleep over at DJ's house like he used to [see NYT today], but let's keep some limited perspective.

I think Lugo is going to be good for a lot of yuks.


Strips like this get me so ramped up for the season. It's almost unhealthy.

Isn't it opening day yet? :(

The pure unintentional hilarity of Shoulder-dropping Boy's comments about sleep-overs is beyond measure. Seriously? He thinks he's being a manly big boy about telling the truth and then talks about sleep-overs with his boyfriend? Sure...manly. Drop that shoulder, my friend, drop that shoulder.

hate to get off topic, but hb no brady issue in the strip comon its big news ;)

If an "MFY troll" really wanted to troll, he/she probably wouldn't even react to the strip's comments about the press conference yesterday.

They might, again if they were a troll, compare numbers of single parent households created by star players or even drop some lyrics to the Supremes' "Love Child." A comment about the similarities of Tom Brady to Randy Johnson could also be made.

That is, if they wanted to troll. I'm above those petty concerns.

If that Tom-Bridget lovechild is a girl, I get dibs in 18 years.

I guess a game-winning drive isn't the only thing Brady's failed to wrap up lately.

Anyone got Bridget's phone number?

I reckon she needs a good shoulder to cry on right now..

The Vulture

In other off-topic news:

BREAKING NEWS: A mistrial has been declared in the medical malpractice lawsuit brought by former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis after the two defendant doctors attended to a juror who collapsed during testimony.

Bridget M. is approximately 10x as hot as Gisele Buttchin, but I digress...

A-Fraud makes it too easy. Why, in the name of all things good and/or holy would he talk about sleeping over at Jeter's house? Hasn't Jeter run through the most expensive beards alive specifically so this sort of thing wouldn't seem as gay? Good teammates don't out their brethren, because it leads to the Hardaway treatment.

While I was reading the linked story about Bernie being a no-show, I got a call from NY Port Authority, LaGuardia regarding a piece of our equipment they own. I told the woman what I was reading and laughed.

The next few minutes could have been a Bill talking to Marty strip.

What I want to see, really really want to see, is a totally flaming badass in, well, just about any sport. I guess I'd prefer football, but basketball or baseball would do just fine. I'm talking a true All-Star, game-changing, man-loving type.

You know they're out there, they just won't uncloset themselves, either due to the pressure cooker that is the locker-room, due to their agents not wanting them to mess up endorsements, or simply to avoid the ensuing press. But how much would you root for a power-hitting gay guy? How awesome would it be for the Chelsea muscle-boys to move in on the sports bars of the world to root for sports along with everyone else? I really hope this happens in my lifetime.

That is SO cool, SoCal. Love it.

Meanwhile, I didn't do the Brady thing for the #1 reason why I don't pick up on any given story: somebody (or many bodies) have already beaten me to it with some really funny commentary.

Granted, you could say the same thing about many of the pop culture refs that appear, but those are usually just one off's that get tossed out there and don't really figure into the bigger scheme of things the way a Boston sports related story does.

I guess a game-winning drive isn't the only thing Brady's failed to wrap up lately.

We have a winner. And damn if it doesn't hurt like hell, but it's funny. Four yards. Four lousy, stinking yards....grrr.

Dear Jeebus, let April 2nd come quickly.

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