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A rivalry only a hikikomori could ignore

Are you kidding me? I'm sure Lucky was all "you know it's that punk kid Theo who wants to trade you right, Manny? Not me. The Larry loves The Manny. "


Heh. But, seriously, we need to cut Lucchino some slack. I mean when you read this ESPN piece you realize how crucial he was in the Matsuzaka pursuit.


Yeah, OK, I'll tip my cap to both Larry and The Dentist on that one.


This whole Japanese adventure is going to be the nads, you know?


Absolutely. And it looks like Matsui is gearing up his own electric nut massage in this interview snip


Interviewer: "What about facing Matsuzaka? Will you hit his fastball?"

Matsui: "When he throws me a good fastball…I'll swing…it will go deep…into the Red Sox bullpen…and into Okajima's glove, as he's warming up."


Christ, I love Matsui for saying that. Bring it on, dude-san.


This is shaping up to be the best summah evah.



Matsui's been more comfortable talking to the press ever since he started those Kelly Clarkson-endorsed Proactiv acne treatments.

Gojira is going down.

Now if he only had muttonchops :)

Forget that shit. The Dow's up 61 at open, thank Christ.

Luscious helpful? Goddamn it, there goes my New World Order.



Kaz, I think you mean "deep".

Dave, if you mean deep into A-Fraud, I agree.

"This is shaping up to be the best summah evah."

I got nothin'.

Speaking of muttonchops...and Asians...

Dawson reunited with father - US Olympic skier Toby Dawson was adopted after being separated from his parents in a crowded market at the age of 3. Because of his bronze win at the olympics, his father saw him and recognized his son from news stories after Turin. Dad has some great muttonchops going.

The full story can be found here.

I hate to admit it, but I like me some Matsui-san. Last year, when he went down like Paris Hilton at an Oscars after party, I felt bad for him. Dice K is still going to ruinate him, I'm just saying that he's a good bloke.

Yeah, I think Matsui is my favorite Yankee.

Of course, that's like saying chlamydia is my favorite STD, but, you know...

I've always considered Matsui to be more like genital warts than chlamydia. Again, maybe it's just that moonscaped face of his.

What's not to like? Matsui smokes Marlboro Reds and he has a huge porn collection.

Once I was in the locker room tunnel between periods at an NHL game, and Al Iafrate was sitting on an equipment trunk, jersey off, with a cup of gatorade and a cigarette...immediately my favorite NHL player of all time.

hb, you mean Damon's not your favorite Yankee?

Damon was hardly my fave Red Sox, so not much chance of his status changing with the Yankees. Same can be said for Clemens.

I guess I'm lucky there, it would doubly suck having Damon in Pinstripes if I'd really dug him the way I do, say, the Manny Ortez.

Hey h.b., the electric nut massage link isn't working for me. Why am i so curious, I have no idea.

You don't suppose JohnNY gets one of those electric nut massages while doing his naked pullups do you?

The nut noogie link appears fine. But, anyway, if not, you can read more about it in a previous strip:

"We've had ball slapping, so why not crotch noogies, too?"

So, has the "Give Matsuzaka a Japanese Movie Monster Nickname" meme bitten the dust? I was really hoping "Mothra" would stick, as a RSN counterpoint to Matsui's "Godzilla." That would've been teh awesome, as the kids say.


I'm in favor of Gamera.

"Gamera is really neat,
And he's filled with sweet sweet meat
We've been watching Gamera."

My apologies to Joel and the Bots.

Rock, I've been rooting for Gamera for some months now in this space. Trouble is, and it goes for giant turtles generally I think, that it is so hard to get at their ...well.. doritos.

子供の友人 (with apologies to lc)

Mothra かGamera か。皇帝しかH.B. この論争を解決できない。

(Hmm, my fingers are out-of-synch with my typing for some reason.)

I'll trust the emperor's judgment on this but I fear (s)he may have something against turtles.

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