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We may have Nixon to kick around some more

Yeah, and if he takes it …


Whaddya mean "if"? Since other clubs have met Trot Nixon's free agency status with the same level of excitement that greeted Kevin Federline's "Playing with Fire" album, methinks Nixon might strain his bicep reaching for the dotted line to sign on.


Good point. So if they have Nixon, sign Drew and don't move Manny, whoa, that's a boat load of outfielders.


Yeah, if the Sox can't move Manny, they may have to pull a Putin.


Seriously. I can see it now … "Ah, Mr. Ramirez, the knee is bothering you again, eh? Well, I've got just the thing. Try this 'magic' tea known to cure all that ails you."


Yeah, Dr. Steinberg prepared it just for you, Manny. Drink up, now, atta boy.



I'm not sure Radioactive Manny would be any match for UltraMan-suzaka.

Especially now that he has a side-kick in the bullpen.

That "pull a Putin" line sounds vaguely erotic.


I pinch a Putin every morning. Always feel better for it afterwards, too.

Gotta light a match...

Uh, Manny, please meet the Sox new team physician, Dr. Kervorkian (sp).

"A boatload of outfielders".Is that anything like the overabundance of pitching we had last spring?

Radioactive Man says under his breath: "Looks like we're in trouble, Fallout Boy."

To which Fallout Boy replies...MUST..PULL...MY..PUTIN...

Will Nixon bring his wife to the signing? Will she be wearing a "proper, Republican cloth coat?"

Or will Nixon sign with the Yankees? (Only Nixon can go to China, you know)

In the spirit of the Eastward-looking direction of RSN, I think Trot should change his name to Nikon, and he'd be raking it in.


side note: I'm a little disturbed overall at the normally savvy regular commenters on this site (and you hb, as well) that no one is as absolutely fucking exited as I am about the second season of Rome, which begins in just a month.

end side note.

This is great and all, but, um...we are going to sign a closer and back-up catcher. Right?

Jason O - Rome II, can't wait. Best show by far last year. When Lucius Vorenus entered the arena to bail out Pullo's ass, I could barely choke back the tears (pathetic on my part, I guess).

// Will Nixon bring his wife to the signing? Will she be wearing a "proper, Republican cloth coat?" //

No, but [Randy] Johnson will be picking up Cashman by his ears.


Oh Joy! Finally, the Red Sox make an effort to keep an actual BASEBALL PLAYER instead of an great hitting slouch. I'd rather lose with character than win with pampered freaks.
I so hope the Nixon Era is not ovah!

Fuck that, that's some of the dumbest non-BigBri shit I've read. Losing with character is still losing. I don't give a shit if Gandhi's batting cleanup, it doesn't make losing a September series to the Yankees any more palatable. If John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer could each give us a .320-35-120 season, I'd say sign their asses up as the new 3-5-6 hitters (Papi can still bat cleanup).

Losing with character, Jesus. That's Kansas City talk.

Sad news to report - the originator of Ultraman has passed at age 69.


Nixon wasn't offered arbitration -- Neither was Loretta, Kapler, and Mirabell.

But who was?? Keith Foulke! Woo!

They probably know he wont accept it and we'll get some poor team's 1st rd pick when he signs with them -- I just hope he doesn't accept just to spite us.

Wonder if not offering arb to Nixon and Kapler means Ramirez isn't going anywhere.

Mirabelli's no surprise. Loretta seems to be on his way elsewhere as well.

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