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So now we come to you, with open arms

OK, I'm secure enough in my manhood to confess to tearing up several times during the media Matsuzakathon yestahday.


Seriously. Maybe Matsuzaka was his Cindy Lu Who and his haht grew three sizes that day after years of being grinchy and stealing clubs' roast beast?


Boras/Boris... Hmm what an eerie coincidence?


Now speaking of odd juxtapositions …


You know I love it when you talk dirty.


Ah, as I was saying, how's this for irony: We learn that Matsuzaka "is an oversized man-child, a playful (if not Mannyesque)" kind of guy and who places a high priority in keeping his personal life private and finding a "comfortable living environment" for his wife and child.


So, of course, it makes perfect sense that he signed with Boston, because, you know, it's not like we have any issues with that or anything.


Are you kidding me? After Old Ironsides, hopelessly weak presidential candidates, and jimmies on ice cream, what this region is most known for is how we go out of way to give our sports celebrities lots of space and lots of nurturing.


Truly. And our media is the exemplar in this regard, especially when it comes to oversized man-childs being oversized man-childs, who, as we know, are lavished 24/7 with a bemused jocularity by sportwriters like Shaughnessy and Callahan.


The next six years are going to be so seriously serene.


Yes, and to ensure it, as we speak the smaht Red Fans are creating layers of redundancy in the nefarious supply chains leading to their preferred illicit and lawless mood altering drugs.


As they say, don't bogaht the sticky green monstah.



NESN seems to be pushing The Monster as the official nickname. I can go with that.

I thought they said during his press conference that that was his nickname in Japan.I could be wrong though,those things bore the crap out of me.

The region is also known for driving the American Revolution as well.

In general, the founding fathers from NE were much more belligerent. The FF's down south were on board in terms of principles/ideology, but had to be cajoled/driven by the NE contingent.

Middlekauf's "the glorious cause" gives a good description of this.

I guess we could call him Midori (the green monster on Nintendo).

But didn't Theo refer to him as Dice-K about 300 times yesterday? I think that's management's preferred nickname.

If any of the characters ever use the term "Dice-K" please launch a DOS attack on the site and take it down and put it out of it's misery.


When asked about how it felt to throw pitch off the mound at Fenway, Dice-K's supposed response was "My nickname is Japan is Monster"...I think the translator was bogarting the Boras bong on the way to the press conference. I like how Dice-K knocked over Henry with a pitch at Fenway, then laughed like a little kid. Pedro wouldve drilled his white devil ass.


I like Midori(literally and as a nickname):))

sorry for the Dice-K's h.b...you posted while I was typing. I guess the unexplainable need to tag him with a nickname has led some of us to fall into lockstep with the likes of the Dirt Dog (Special K?!?)...shudder...

Oh and NESN is bumping a rebroadcast of a BC basketball game tonight to show the WBC final with The Monster. Tonight at 8.

My question is: who is the programming genius that thought re-running a BC hoops game was a good idea?

Oh, and JFK and RFK weren't all that weak as presidential candidates.

I guess we could call him Midori (the green monster on Nintendo).
It's also a lame ass girlie liquor. No thank you.

But didn't Theo refer to him as Dice-K about 300 times yesterday? I think that's management's preferred nickname.
They weren't using a nickname - Dice-K is how his name is pronounced.

Ouch...Journey references...now you're hitting a weak spot...speaking of sheddin' a teah...

Oh, and JFK and RFK weren't all that weak as presidential candidates.

True, but considering these characters are in their 20s, JFK/RFK are as ancient as the Adams clan (who also held their own politically albeit a century and a half ago.)

Meanwhile, there's the more recent infamy of Teddy, Tsongas, Dukakis, Kerry and soon, Romney to contend with.

It ain't a pretty picture. (Though Tsongas did look cute in those speedos.)

Who the hell translated for 6PC at that pressah, my reverse translator?

It was funny listening to EEI and the fishwrap scribes bitching about having to sit through translations, and all. Having had my fair share of double translated meetings, it's just pah for the course.

In all, yesterday was a very satisfying day all 'round. 6PC is a cool character, and his wife will not be an unwelcome presence in my psyche.


I gather from a fair bit of anime watching that Dice-K is very close to the pronunciation of his first name. The "su" bit of his first name is almost chopped off, like you get halfway into the syllable and then jump to the "ke".


But I hate Dice-K as a nickname too, so eff that. Something involving the word "Monster" is infinitely preferable.

I agree there's no need for the phonetic spelling. We learned how to say "Mueller," and we can do the same here.

FWIW, ESPN.com has a survey up for the preferred nickname for Matzusaka-san. I'm pleased to report, at last look, my preference of Mothra held the lead. The suggested nickname of "Matt Clement" sort of made me chuckle, though.

I still get a kick out of Dukakis looking soooo uncomfortable during that staged tank ride. Kind of the proto-type for Dubya's "Mission Accomplished" flightsuit fly-in

Bush's carrier appearance was intended to congratulate US forces for the successful invasion and march to Baghdad. It makes perfect sense for Bush to do that, i.e., congratulate the military on an important milestone. It's been done since the Peloponnesian war.

Holy crap, know I know that JO is simply a provocateur.. backing MFY and Bush on back to back ( and, uh belly to belly) days. (apologies to John Sterling, who sucks by the way.)


[i]True, but considering these characters are in their 20s, JFK/RFK are as ancient as the Adams clan (who also held their own politically albeit a century and a half ago.)

Meanwhile, there's the more recent infamy of Teddy, Tsongas, Dukakis, Kerry and soon, Romney to contend with.

It ain't a pretty picture. (Though Tsongas did look cute in those speedos.)[/i]

All very true and stuff I thought of, too. I was actually going to make a joke about non-bullet proof politicians instead, but I couldn't make it tasteful.

Okay: "Other than that, how was the theater, Mrs. Lincoln?"

Not okay: "Yes, Mrs. Kennedy, we have your rental car reservation and we hope it's okay that we've taken the liberty of upgrading you to a convertible."

And I totally agree about Dice K versus Daisuke. No need to go phonetic.

Well, I guess [i] and [/i] aren't the coding for italics in the comments.

lou, I'm not so much backing Bush as respecting him in this specific instance for specifically acknowledging people who put their lives on the line before he became President, and will continue to do so after he is building a library. Which will undoubtedly have an exhibit on how to kill the goldwater/reagan/thatcher legacy.

FWIW even liberal bastion NPR made the same point about Bush's carrier deal and has some pres historian on ATC listing off a bunch of previous examples from US history and beyond.

That "mission accomplished" though really has come back around to haunt the Bush administration, though.


will get you italics. has been deprecated in HTML4+

"bunch of previous examples from US history and beyond."

I'm not buying it. Flying in in his flightsuit costume was pure self aggrandizement for a dimwitted selfish honk.

Lou, I kinda think that has been pretty typical throughout history, the self-aggrandizing bit from leaders and generals.

I mean, look at Castro in his fatigues!

It's part of the reason people go into politics, ego stroking.

These days it more and more seems the primary reason. Which is why we have the candidates we have, on both sides of the aisle.

On the other hand, I would say that most modern (i.e., post-1600) leaders don't tend to wear a codpiece while self-aggrandizing.


Daisuke drops the puck at the Bruins game and the B's beat the Devils. Good start.

I find myself recoiling especially hard today from comments from Yankee fans. I have no concern for what you think about anything regarding baseball...or politics for that matter. We signed him, the spotlight is ours, stay away.

And right on cue to support my above post about pompous politicians from both sides of the aisle I read that John Kerry is in Iraq to bond with the troops or some such nonsense.

Evidently, he's not being greeted with much enthusiasm by the troops.

Hmmm, I can't imagine why?

For a great read...well beyond the imagery of Bush in a flightsuit with the "Mission Accomplished" banner behind him...is the text from his speech that day:


The substance of his speech leaves specious that "Bush's carrier appearance was intended to congratulate US forces for the successful invasion and march to Baghdad". True, he did that, and plenty. But the thrust of his speech was a different aim, and the Accomplishment suggested spanned much more the end of "major" combat operations.

I agree that the speech and the appearance was originally meant to imply a whole lot more.

Really, it was the equivalent of all of celebrating the WS victory in '86 a wee bit prematurely, except worse, of course, because Presidents and their handlers should know better.

But of all the Bush gaffes, that one wasn't the worst IMO. Nothing tops the Katrina stuff. Indeed, I think that was pretty much the end for him with regard to public support.

Bush just wanted to see what it was like to put on a military uniform for the first time...

As I recall, Bush was actually flying the plane from the coast to the carrier, or he had least had his hands on the contols for a short while. His co-pilot landed the plane - certainly that is a skill that is not easily retained. I always thought the purpose of the trip was to let Bush catch up on the flight time that he still owed from his Texas Air National Guard days. But I could be wrong.

"It makes perfect sense for Bush to do that, i.e., congratulate the military on an important milestone."

With all due respect, Jason, that's the biggest pile of horseshit I've heard today - and I've spent most of today in 'Steering Committee' meetings. The congratulations of the troops was nothing more than a convenient opportunity for self-aggrandizement. Every time I see that picture of him in that flight suit looking every bit the "warrior" buckling his swashes, I can't decide whether to laugh, cry, or just vomit.

I saw it at the time, and continue to view it, as nothing more than a callous political media stunt. To suggest a more altruistic purpose is either naive or foolish. I expect a more considered view from you than this, Jason. You disappoint.

Well, IMHO "The Monster" should absolutely be considered permanently retired as a Sox nickname.
Consider the following, from redsox.mlb.com:
"He was known as 'The Monster' and fans will always remember how he dominated on the mound," said Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino, "but those who knew him best will also remember Dick Radatz as a kind, caring human being who never stopped giving to the people of New England with whom he shared a special bond. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Red Sox family are with the Radatz family at this difficult time."

Just my 2 cents.


PS: Great strip h.b., and BTW "first time, long time;" (so ponder the implications of that, you mfy fan bozos...)


I didn't know that. Would retiring it be better or would bestowing it upon Daisuke with the knowledge that he isn't the first to have it in team history be better?

Do civilian leaders make political statements? Yes.

Is it a good idea to credit the US military publicly when they reach a major objective? Yes.

These two elements have coincided, regardless of political party, since the beginning of our Republic. It's an essential feature that a politician will draw attention to military success.

It has the primary benefit of giving credit to the people who deserve it.

Don't conflate opposition to Bush and his policies with the way our political system has always operated.

BTW, JFK and RFK had a lot to make up for, given that their dynasty was founded by an anti-semitic man who licked Hitler's boots.

(Offense intended)

Old Joe Kennedy had his faults that's for sure. But one of them wasn't keeping his kids out of harm's way when there was a war going on.

right, had his faults, he and Henry Ford giving money to the fledgling Nazi party..."faults."

Time to bring the tone of the board back down to where it belongs:

God, I love Circle talkig dirty on casual Fridays!

...OK, back to the "serious" political banter.

Dude, the Kennedy family tries to show itself to be green even while they fight the idea of a wind farm in their beach house view. Tooling on Mayor Quimby is like shooting fish in a barrell, and a diversion from the larger point, which is, if you have read what Bush had to say, that he cynically utilized a military success to promote a political agenda. The propoganda machine was in full swing there, and your suggestion that Bush was either merely giving the military a well-served "attaboy" or innocently paring it with a tried-n-true politcal move of "recognition cum political plug" is kind of joke. If you can give me some real precedent that matches the cynicism of Bush's speech (in a military flight suit, "Mission Accomplished" banner, on a friggin' aircraft carrier) - and please, don't even think of the Gettysburg Address here - I'd love to hear it.

Hey, J.O., stuff it. Bush was hoping to bolster his numbers more than congratulate the troops. The carrier was going to dock the same day (where he could have boarded from land) but he/his handlers wanted to put out a stronger image and so they had the carrier go into a holding position so he could fly out in a jumpsuit, dress the troops up in color-coded deck suits and get a banner aboard the control deck. Hell, they even held up the event to get "magic light hour" sunlight to glisten on the president's face.

This president more than any other has been glamour over substance in every way and the facade finally cracked when Brownie was out doing a heckuva job in Nawlins and got caught with his pants down (but sleeves rolled up, just like his handlers told him to do by e-mail to make it look like he was hard at work).

Sling mud at Joe Kennedy Sr all you want but 70 year old politics had no bearing on those of the sons and they certainly can't distract from the dealings of today (which is why the characters consider the area politically weak when some of the strongest and most influential politicians have come from NE of NYC). Then again, Bush Jr was born in CT, so maybe Circle's on to something...

Man, J.O., defense of Bush Jr. That's a new low. The man is slime and is completely lost at the helm of this country (announce a press conf for before Xmas...ooops, now it'll be January...what the hell are they doing in the Oval Office these days? Staring at the walls praying for 2008 to get here?). Hell, he couldn't even run the Rangers right and still got a huge payday by duping citizens and having cronies looking for political back-scratching invest in his management team...then flipping it all just after the labor strike.

Ugh. I'm going back to work on my thesis corrections.

The thought of comparing "Mission Accomplished," even in the context of "don't even think about it," makes me ill.

So, Jason, the sons must pay for the sins of the father? Huh. I wouldn't have expected that from you. At least no Kennedy actually shook Hitler's hand.

I think we need a ruling by the Men of Square Table about visiting the sins of the fathers upon their sons. If it is allowed, we can talk about all the dealings that Bert Walker and Prescott Bush had with the Nazis. Those two financed quite a bit of Hitler's war machine. As I recall, Prescott Bush was actually charged under the Trading With the Enemy Act for assisting the German war effort. If there is a Man Law that says the sins of the fathers are off limits, then we can just focus on the weaknesses of the current generation.


The sins of the father are off the table. Your dad it, you didn't. You're responsible for what you did.

On the flip side, your dad isn't responsible for what you did, either.

I support and appreciate the actions of the US military on my behalf.
Official recognition of those actions is entirely proper. Madison, LBJ, Clinton, Reagan or Bush, no matter.

'Ryan ...' just created a Man Law. The table has spoken. The sins of the father can not be used in any criticism of a son.

On the baseball front, ESPN says the Sox picked up Brendon Donnelly from the Angels for Phil Seibel, a minor leaguer they had claimed off waivers from the Mets. Donnelly's old (35) but that's got to help the pen.

To bring the topic to a full Circle (ha!), it just boggles the mind how colossally bad Kerry was as a candidate that he couldn't beat Bush. Granted Katrina hadn't happened yet, even so.

I actually like to see a lot of swagger and pomp from Presidents.

To me, the worst thing a President can do is project weakness, hopelessness, and cynicism.

A certain guy in cardigan sweater comes to mind in that regard, but I won't name names. :)

Of course, I also like that bravado/cockiness in my sports stars as well, so I'm biased toward it.

YES!!!!!!!!!! Thank God we landed "Mothra' for the SOX. I don't care if the whole world calls him Dice K. I'm calling him MOTHRA!

Any thoguhts on the Donnelly acquistition?

Something about the Donnelly acquisition that reminds me of Donnie Moore, ie, another Angel to blow it to the Sox. Bad Karma.

Actually, I still think the karma on this Sox team is not really healthy. I realize that real Karma isn't discovered until a July losing streak, followed by some fisticuffs with Slappy & Co., and then a long winning streak. But I'm worried.

Why the fuck did we let go of Orlando Cabrera? Dead pull hitter, great glove...sigh...

So on Donnelly: Gone by May 1.

how fun will it be to see the long awaited rematch-- Mothra(dice k) vs. Godzilla (matsui)... buzz the tower

So, "This president more than any other has been glamour over substance in every way..." was written by a guy who is "going back to work on thesis corrections" (as in he doesn't have his doctorate yet) and yet goes by the name of "Dr Kaz".

Seems like the pot calling the kettle black, but maybe that's just me...

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