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Saru mo ki kara ochiru

I know it's hard to believe, but the Boston media is sounding the death knell on the Matsuzaka deal.


Meanwhile, of course, there's nary a mention that Matsuzaka has already made his farewell appearance to fans in Japan.


Right, and while I'm not an expert on Japanese culture …


Well, not counting your forte with Japanese lap pillows, bura-sura shops, and the Yazuka mafia.


True, I do have my zen moments, but my point is, from what I know of the culture, there's no way a dude like Matsuzaka makes an official farewell to fans only to say, "So, sorry, only joking" despite what Scott Boras has to say on the subject. It'd just be too much loss of face and all that.


I agree. This deal is wrapped like a Boston roll and it's just waiting for the wasabi to be complete.


Author's Notes

The link to the JapanBall.com story on Matsuzaka's farewell came via email from Our Pals at The Red Seat.

The title of today's post is a Japanese expression: Even monkees fall from trees. I'll leave it's meaning/use in this context up to you.


Boras needs an electric massage

You know the Seibu Lions front office is talking with the Yakuza about sending somebody over to make Boras get this deal done. Wouldn't that make a great plot for a movie?

Does that come with a happy ending?

It's becoming increasingly clear to me that both Boras and the Boston sports media are of Indian descent. Bunch of (undersized) dicks...


I am eagerly awaiting lc's next Japanese reverse-reverse translation bon mot.

Praying the Doug and Bill are correct. Too many people on both sides have too much invested for this not to happen, or so I tell myself before bed each night to ensure sweet dreams...

For my money when the local media says something is a "done deal" or "almost certainty" I know it's going to fall through (see: Rod, A and Trade, Manny) and when they say something's dead I expect it to happen within the next 24 hours.

I think this is the Boston media having nothing to talk about so they frantically say things are in trouble. They know that if it does fall through they look smart and if it doesn't no one (that they care about anyway) will remember that they predicted doom.

When you're calling a coin flip, you can always be right by making both claims during the time it takes to flip the coin.

Boston lands Matsuzaka!

Matsuzaka deal runs cold!

See! We were right!


Ditto what Jack said. It's almost humorous how often the final outcome of a deal directly contradicts what the "experts" have said is going to happen.

BTW, that Indian condom story is pretty amusing (unless you're from India). 90% of Indian men are 1-2 inches shorter than "international standards."

I happen to be a member of the International Standards Commitee, and can tell you that it really doesn't take that much to measure up.

"I happen to be a member of the International Standards Commitee..."

Okay, Bob, but the real question is: Is your member a member?

For myself, I'm definitely an outlier on that particular Bell Curve. Left or right side of the bell, I'm not tellin'. Go ask Susan. :D

I wonder if the Drew signing had something to do with softening Boras up a bit. I'll be very, very surprised if Ultraman isn't pitching at Fenway next year.

I also wonder when we're all going to stop discussing the idiocy of the media. I'm as bad as the next guy. My dart board at home is a picture of Mike Lupica's face, and I honestly fantasize about him having death matches with various other moronic media types (Lupica vs. PHB is a personal fave: I see a simultaneous head butt that fuses their faces to together). I guess that just when we expect that they can't dig that hole any deeper, they do.

My rule for the media: the closer you are to a story the more you know they really don't know what they're talking about and apparently don't care to get the details right.

“No one can enter into an agreement that would circumvent the posting process.” What I read would seem to be a way of getting around the posting process. The commissioner’s office would investigate. If you speak to the Japanese commissioner’s office, which we have, any kind of arrangement, this or any other, would not be allowed.”

-Lou Melendez, MLB VP Int'l Operations

"Bis interimitur qui suis armis perit" (He is doubly destroyed who perishes by his own arms)
-Publilius Syrus, "Sentences"

i wonder if we'll need to give gagne to much money before we get a break on ultraman...

あなたが買わなければならない理論は-自身の利点の私に…意味を成していないが、Daisukeを得るためにようである伸張の引いた。ナンシーはちょうど傷害の傾向があるヘッド例である。私は私達が隆起の日本から私達の人を得、彼がハムの戦闘機の下で来年直面する必要がないことを考える。 幸せなNatalieか。 lc

reverse translation:

You must buy, as for the theory - in me of itself advantage…Meaning is not formed, but the extension the way in order to obtain Daisuke it pulled. Nancy is the head example which exactly is tendency of the injury. I us our people profit, think of that it is not necessary for he next year to face under the fighter plane of the ham from Japan of bulging. Happy Natalie? lc

orginal, um, thought

The theory that you have to buy Drew to get Daisuke seems a stretch, although it doesn't make sense - to me- on its own merits. Nancy is just an injury prone head case. I think we'll get our Man From Japan on the bump, and he won't have to face down the Ham Fighters next year. Happy Natalie? lc


As a pig in shit, lc!


Japan makes me sad.


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