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No news is, er, no news

So if guys like Epstein and Belichick being tightlipped with the media is, as Shaughnessy writes, "a waste of everyone's time," then what is a Shaughnessy column discussing said tightlippedness — A double-super colossal waste of everyone's time?


Truly. So what evah happened to the Manny being gone by the weekend and signing of J.D. Drew?


Yeah, and even the Sox will offer Trot arbitration rumah proved false in the end … Say goodbye to the original Dirt Dog. Kills me to see him go.


Yeah, well, instead of thinking of him as gone, why not just think of Nixon as having yet anothah stint on the D.L. I mean we've had a lot of that ovah the years.


C'mon, guy, don't be a hatah. Trot was the man.


I tease because I love. I'll miss ol' pine tar helmet as much as the next fanboy.



ive said it before and ill say it again... trot is the example i use to show my 8y/o how to play the game. tough, gritty. not a look at me kinda player. no bs. he just went out and played the game for the sake of team and the game itself. trot you'll be missed

Ennui, thy name is Shaunessey


I couldn't agree more with mikeya2k1. Trotty was a player (in the good sense of the word), and an honest one. He was a very solid fielder, came through on more than one occasion at the plate, and did his job like the working-class baseball player the Sawx used to emulate....

Alas, poor Trotty, we knew him not well enough....

Trot Nixon and Bill Mueller are still my heroes. They played sick, they played banged up, they had an indifference to personal circumstances that is rare these days of free agents and millionaire salaries. They played for the team and should be remembered for being a lot more than Dirt Dogs or sports stars, they were part of our lives about 6 days a week during baseball season for many years.

You always know baseball players are only going to be around as long as they stay productive, but that doesn't make them leaving any easier. I still miss Millar, wish he would have gotten his swing back.


I can give Nixon no higher compliment than that he reminded me of Paul O'Neill. Playing hurt, toughness, et al.

The similarity becomes freaky when their career lines are compared:

O'Neill: .288/.363/.470
Nixon: .278/.366/.478

i guess even a sox fan cant be bothered by that comparison

They even had notably bizarre fielding errors in their careers. O'Neill had the muffed ball that he kicked to the infield in frustration, Nixon had the catch that he handed to a fan before realizing there were less than 3 outs.

Good luck, Trot!

It's almost lunch time. Shall we all have an Official Soxaholix toast to Trot Nixon at the local pub? I know I will...!

To Trot!

...all this talk about Trot in the past tense. What, did he die?

like dewey before him dave s

Hell of a player, that Trot. Hopefully he'll put together a good year for whoever he ends up playing for, if indeed he does. I'd also like to share my good news--I've got front row tickets near the dugout to the Yanks/Red Sox spring training game this March. Damn thing sold out in about 5 minutes. Can't wait...

I'm sure that wherever he ends up, Nixon will continue to play the same hard-nosed and team-oriented game that has defined his career to date.

High praise indeed from Jason O. A buddy of mine recently saw Paul O'Neill riding with his family in one of those hired horse-drawn carriages in Central Park. Another fan recognized him and called out his name. O'Neill looked like the happiest guy on earth...just kind of amazed and humble at the recognition, which he must get constantly while he's in New York. He's simply a classy, down to earth kind of fellow, and I suspect that Trot's the same way...the kind who'll sign autographs until the kids all have one.

Since it's slow here today - and speaking of signing autographs. How about this guy - found a box of fan letters from his playing days in the 90s, so he answered them, 15 years later.

COD - That was a great story. Thanks for it.

It's an hour before my thesis defense and I'm reading Soxaholix.

Thanks, h.b. I needed to remember there were more interesting things to think about than all this crap I've got jammed up into my head right now.

When I next write, it'll be Dr. Kaz, Ph.D.

Woo hoo!

Oh, and I'll probably be drunk.

Isn't Dr. Kaz, Ph. D. kind of redundant? Best of luck and congrats, Kaz. May your area of specialty bear ripe and full intellectual fruit. And money. Actually, mostly money.

COD...that article was perfect for a slow Monday. What a great read.

Awesome, Kaz!!!!

cod, thanks for that link. now thats what baseball is suppose to be about. thats the reason for the peoples passion for the game

who doesn't love Kaz' priorities?


Review Committee: "Thesis defense, Kaz. Go!"

Kaz: "Fuckin' Manny"

RC: "I beg your pardon?"

Kaz: "I mean, fuckin' PHB"

RC: "Wha? Who?"

Kaz: "h.b. made me say that"

RC: "Oh, we get it. Congratulations Dr. Kaz. Have a nice day."

Kaz: "No problem. See you in the Series"

Dr. lc

prob a bit late but good luck kaz


I know it's fun to pile on him, but I don't get the vitriol.

Paging Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Dr. Kaz....

so i promised ycou guys a drunkenpost and here it is.

after a 4 hour seminat and defenese, I finally got to celebrate the good news. I still ahve to make many changes (not Manny changes! woo hoo) to my thesis but the oral defense is over.

Techinically, I'm not a Dr. yet, but feel free to throw the title around. It'll prolly get old in a month but for now it's fun to say.

Lou, your skit is how I wish it had gone down.

In the meantime, I'm blasted on Sam Adams Origins. You have got to get yourselves a bottle of this stuf ... 50 proof beer. It's made like a port wine or sherry instead of carbonated like a lighter beer. Best stuff I've ever had...ok, maybe not, but man, the flavor is outrageous in the 2005 bottling. Helps to have a brother in the liquor industry I guess.

Well, if you can't get your hands on that, buy 3$ bottls of champagne and practice your sabering...that shit is just amazing to see and easy to do...as long as you know that it's the right kind of bottle to do it.

I'm totally blasted right now and I'mg oing to bed. Take it easy, Soxaholix.

Dr. Kaz....out.

Dr. Kaz! YESSSSSSS!!!!

Congratulations, old man. We couldn't be happier for you. May you sleep long into the day and dream of large women.

Thanks for sharing the good news.

Congrats from the Cape Dr.Kaz. Take it from a homebrewer,that Sammys Origins is incredible when you can find it.Again good on ya mate :)

Good stuff, Doc Kaz. Wonder if there's any way to snag one of those Sam Origins in Omaha. I'll let you know.

Rob, that's one of my fave lines from "Princess Bride".

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