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Guadalcanal Diary

So the latest is Boras didn't even acknowledge the initial Sox offer for Matsuzaka. Whoa, agent dude is ice …


Meanwhile, John Henry implies that Matsuzaka didn't even get word of the offah. WTF? Does Boras have him locked up in a closet or something?


See, now this is where I depaht from the conventional wisdom. Why make the assumption that Matsuzaka doesn't know exactly what is going on minute by minute?


It's amazing really how easily everyone buys into the stereotype of the Japanese as some sort of half-witted adolescents who only want to watch anime and play with electronics.


I mean, shit, even that hit show Heroes has the Japanese guy, Hiro, played as a naive and comic man-child figure. And look at his buddy, Ando? He's equally hapless as a dude so stupid he doesn't even realize his "relationship" with a web strip cam girl isn't real.


But, you know, in all this stereotyping we're forgetting that historically the Japanese have a fairly infamous reputation for a brutal tenacity to achieving a desired goal regahdless of the cost and regahdless of Western views of what is "right."


So why is it so hahd to believe that it's Matsuzaka who is every bit as resolute as Boras in these dealings? Who's to say Matsuzaka didn't feel insulted by the initial offah and instructed Boras to not bothah responding to it? Who's to say Matsuzaka hasn't drawn a $100 million line in the sand?


I mean, c'mon people, you think Matsuzaka selecting Boras as his agent in the first place is some sort of crazy coincidence?


Christ, you might be on to something.


And you bettah hope I am because, look, do you really want to pay $100 mil for a guy who is so emasculated he lets Boras instruct him when it's OK to take a piss?


Think about it. If this guy gets signed and he's facing the Yankees in the Bronx in a late summah, series on the line game, you want Matsuzaka summoning his inner Kamikaze and not his inner anime watching otaku.



I think Matsuzaka is playing dumb to give himself plausible deniability if it doesn't work out.

ahhhhhhhhhh.... the plot thickens

How inscrutable

"he doesn't even realize his "relationship" with a web strip cam girl isn't real."

There you go, ruining all my fun. Lisa doesn care for me... I guess there's no Eastah Bunny and that Santie Clause doesn't shimmy down the chimney on Xmas Eve, too.

Damn reality...

As for the Dice dance that is being done; I believe he will sign.


Yeah...if money wasn't an issue, then Ultraman just MAYBE uses a different agent. He's looking for a big payday.

The fact that Lucchino and Epstein are basically camped in a tent on Boras' front doorstep, helicopter waiting to wisk them all back to LAX and the Sox jet tells me that the Sox will ratchet up their offer significantly. Boras is going to simply milk as much green as he can, and they'll finish it up. I'll wager the final deal is a four-year $13 million a year with several options tacked onto the end, maybe the first couple as player options for $15 million, and then a couple more mutuals for even more...the whole deal will have the remote possibility of hitting $100 million in total with their exercising.

Ah, but h.b. you're forgetting the fact of future Hiro, who dons a wicked black trenchcoat, carries a sword, rocks a goatee, speaks perfect deep English, and is just generally as badass as they come...

To your point in the strip, here's hoping Matsuzaka is similarly righteous...

As an impartial observer it appears Boras is doing the right thing for his client. The Sox's rumored offer was too low (about half of what the Yanks offered Pettite, and for more years). This idea that the posting fee needs to figure into the $100 mill value is preposterous from a player's perspective.

Epstein and Lucchino better pull some serious Jack Bauer maneuvers if they don't want the Sox organization to end up with tamagoyaki on its face.

"I'll wager the final deal is a four-year $13 million a year with several options tacked onto the end, maybe the first couple as player options for $15 million, and then a couple more mutuals for even more...the whole deal will have the remote possibility of hitting $100 million in total with their exercising."

I hope you're right dave. I have a feeling, though that the FO might very well go off the deep end on this one...

Excellent post, H.B. I've been thinking essentially the same thing. This whole "honor" bullcrap is being played way out of proprtion.

The real question is, which of this cast of characters is Tetsujin 28 and which is Jimmy Sparks holding the remote control?

Is Theo Dr. Bob Brilliant, manipulating everything behind the scenes?

And who will eventually be revealed as Secret Agent Dick Strong?

Billy Mahty - "Impartial Observer" Heh. Your business cards say that, too?

On another note, pretty silly clip of Kei Igawa, hb. Suppose Boss is gonna make him cut his locks? Cutting off of your topknot was a great disgrace to the Samurai...

Bob - Secret Agent Dick Strong? Funny!

Natalie - Was thinking the same thing, myself. Hiro looked pretty badass with that katami and soul patch. Let's hope we're getting badass Mothra, not sweet and simple Hiro on the mound come the season. I suspect we will.

Do you think we could pay him 0.002 cents but tell him it's $0.002 "cents"? Did Boras ever work for Verizon?

This post is to inform the proprietor of the soxaholix.com website that today's strip demonstrated an outright lack of diversity.

Two white males enagaged in a conversation with no ethnic minorities represented simply perpetuates the eurocentric patriarchy that is the major source of global strife and inequality.

You have been warned.

Just because someone can throw fire down the throats of the Yankees "modern-day murderers row" *snirk*, doesn't mean he's savvy to the American contract negotiation game. Nobody would claim Bobby Orr wasn't tough as nails on the ice, but even he got snookered by a crooked agent.

Look at this: Matsuzaka wanted to post, badly. Seibu did it on his behalf. Seibu is in line to get more than half their payroll for last year just to let him go. I'm sure Seibu fans aren't too fond of him coming back here and looking like he couldn't get a job in the US. And now that the market is set, if he DOES return and tries to post next year, they've already set an astronomical bar that would make even the biggest free spenders think twice.

I'm sure Daisuke wants as much dough as Boras can get for him, but he also has the risk of having to go back to the Central League and deal with his teammates, the press on why the deal didn't get done, and of course potentially lose out on the majillions of dollars if he breaks down like so many people predict. Meanwhile the Sox walk away clean with a built-in evil mastermind to blame in Boras, and can go back to negotiating with MLB-proven commodities.

Personally I do think Boras is keeping Daisuke in the dark a little bit and he's overplaying his hand in any event. Boras is used to playing teams off each other - here the only other team in play is Seibu, and from their point of view it's better if Daisuke leaves. Just as important for an agent in getting the money is getting the deal done, period. Boras is no good to any player if he's going to hold out for astronomical money and not get them signed anywhere.

Just a thought - people outside the US frequently wear Yankee hats because they're the highest profile team. It's possible Daisuke's choice to sign with Boras was in large part because he'd heard his name a lot before.

i just heard gordon edes report on wfan that gabe kapler is going to announce his retirement and take a managers job for the red sox greenville team

confirmed by the globe... couldnt have happened to a better guy... you go gabe

Kapler ... great guy to have on the team and I'm glad he got to be part of the 2004 win. Hope he does well as manager.

Will there ever be a more bizarre home run than Graffanino's in Toronto when Kapler got hurt rounding second and needed a pinch-runner to complete the circle around the bases?

I can't help but have the feeling Theo is being jerked around by those guys. Dice is unproven, period. Let's be the ice cold MotherF*%&#@rs and stick with our original deal. If D-Mat doesn't make it work, he'll have dishonored his fans and will undoubtedly have to preform SEPPUKU to regain honor.

Let's not break the bank on this one.

The plane! The plane, boss, the plane!
Matsuzaka's on it!

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