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Giant steps are what you take

At last what everyone has been talking about for weeks is official. It's Lugo and Drew in da house.


Yeah, yeah. I dunno if it's because this already seems like old news at this point or what, but I'm feeling decidedly tenebrous about this whole deal.


Really? You're not jacked about Manny-Papi-Drew lineup in the meat of the batting ordah?


It just feels like once again NASA and Red Sox are operating from the same play book.


How's that?


Look, NASA wants to spend years and billions to get back to where they were 30 odd years ago by going to the moon, again. And the Red Sox just spent $70 million over 5 years to get back to where they were when they had a perfectly fine outfieldah named Johnny Damon.


Seems there's a little problem with the vision thing, you know? A moon base? Who cares? An outfielder who's reputation for durability is on par with the foam panels on the space shuttle? C'mon that's all these rocket scientists and the so-called genius GM Epstein can come up with?


I mean where's my Mars mission? Where's my flying cahs? And more importantly, where's my damn closah? Huh? Huh?



I wonder if the big wigs (Boras, other top of the line agents) saw this upswing in free agency money coming. Probably not, just curious if anybody out there's trying to study this/figure out trends like this.
I think it's obvious that the Red Sox didn't know about it.

lugo: 36mil
drew: 70 mil
j. lester cancer free: priceless

First I'm sorry to have missed the NIN reference in yesterday's...HR meetings and all.
I think the new CBA, which raised the luxury tax threshold,(what a term!) among other things has encouraged teams to lay out these kind of bux. Though 34m for Vicente Padilla is insane.....
Theo knows he's no longer playing with hose money and though I've never understood the fascination with Lugo, and after his first 0-4 it will be
JD Boo, I'm willing to sit back and see how it goes from here to ST.

Matsuzaka bid: 51m
Red Sox reported offer: 4yrs., 8m per.

51/4 = 12.75
12.75 + 8 = 20.75m/year "fully loaded" dice K contract price, assuming the deceiver (Boras) accepts the Red Sox reported offer...(chortle, guffaw)

So the Red Sox have set a reference price of 20.75 m/year for Zito and Schmidt...concurrently, this also raises the price point of the likes of Meche and Lilly. You know, "a rising tide lifts all boats" and whatnot.

The Red Sox didn't know about the upswing in FA SP dollars?

Why, they created it, my good man!

Bi-polar lc here:

Happy lc: Drew looks good in the lineup if he's backing up Manny and Papi. Not so much if MR24 is not there.

Dour lc: I'd feel a lot better about this if I hadn't read this a few days ago: "His nickname in the Dodger clubhouse, according to one big league coach, was "Nancy Drew," "


Oh, didn't hear? Eric Gagne is the man. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

I really don't care about the amount of the contract. But a 5-year contract for a 30-year-old who has a three-year downward trend in slugging and has played 100, 145, 72, and 146 games in the last four seasons. He's hit more than 30 homers once.

The Red Sox are the new Yankees.

He also had the DL Drew moniker in Los Angeles.

I like the JD Drew signing, especially if Manny stays. The Lugo signing I don't understand at all.

Couldn't agree with you more h.b. I have major tenebrations about Drew...

but Lugo should be okay...

1 : shut off from the light : DARK, MURKY
2 : hard to understand : OBSCURE
3 : causing gloom

No better word to describe the feeling of Nancy and Julio in 'da Haus.

Lugo's fine, I guess, but I'm hard presed to believe he's a better defensive than Gonzo. Drew? 5 years? A deal that is hard to understand and very likely to cause gloom.

Where's Sylar when you need him?

but he's a good christian. surely that will help

I am willing to be cautiously optimistic about the signings, thinking maybe, just maybe, they know more than I do (despite my natural inclination to be deeply skeptical that ANYONE does ;). Perhaps Drew shows great promise in Fenway in Jamesian projections? However, as lc said, this CANNOT be a sign that we are trading Manny.

Oh come on h.b., no love for the moon station? Just think of the hilarity and hijinks which will ensue (once it is fully established) as celebrities like Lance Bass and Richard Branson and Will Smith clamor to spend a stint there. I think we should book Paris Hilton the first non-NASA trip.

Huh? The team spent $70M on Drew so Shilling could have someone to pray with? JFC.

"but he's a good christian. surely that will help"

I think I just puked up my breakfast in my mouth. That's all the we need, a GC.

What makes a Good Christian, you ask?

1. A love of our Lord Jesus Christ;
2. A likely DWI conviction;
3. Trouble with that pesky kiddie Pr0n on your computer;
4. A bad coke habit;
5. She said she was 19, officer.

Welcome aboard, Nancy


I am very disapointed in the Drew signing. A huge mistake IMO. I thought pitching wins championships. Why couldn't we have paid Zito that money? Drew is notihng more than a bust IMO. He sucked it up for a contract type year last season. He has a laundry list of injuries and is just an above average player. Certainly not worth 14 mil per year.

I will be more than willing to cast the first D-cell battery...

I think you have to consider the market this year. Maybe us enlightened fans that hang out here would be ok with Theo sitting out this free agent market because it's crazy, but the season ticket holders want to see action. Theo's not making the rules here, and from a marketing perspective not playing the game is not an option.

I'm with Natalie on the cautious optimism.

Lugo's fine, I guess, but I'm hard presed to believe he's a better defensive than Gonzo.
At best Lugo is a wash defensively (not as sure handed, better range) and I'd like to really stress the 'at best' part there. At the plate however Lugo is a huge upgrade over Gonzo.

One other thing. Just got the bill for my season tickets from the RS (the Sat/Sun package). From what I can tell, there are 4 or five more games in this "special " "weekend" package than there were last year. Shockingly enough, the additional games appear to be "getaway" midweek games.
Tanks fa' nufin, Luscious.

Now I know how Nancy is being funded at least.



Check out -


Jesus - we might have the reincarnation of Carl Everett here with his literally reading of the bible. No toy dinosaurs for that kid.

Time for a quick pray -

Dear Lord,

Please help Drew get 600 ABs this year and please keep him healthy for the next five years. And while you are at it, how about at least a division title this year?

I'm not 100% optimistic about these deals either, hb. 70 million canolis/5 years for Drew seems beyond excessive, and it feels like Renteria all over again. Losing Gonzo at short and replacing him with Lugo feels even worse. Gonzo was fairly useless at the plate, granted, but he was Gold Glove-worthy (too bad GG voting has turned into a beauty contest). Infield defense was a joy to watch last year.'07 doesnt have much promise for the same.

Hopefully the Matsuzaka deal happens, Paplebon makes a smooth transition back to starter, Schill has one good season left in him, Beckett comes back with some consistency, Wake lasts the whole season, they sign a freaking CLOSER, Manny decides that he wants to play...etc etc.

Something tells me, with so many question marks, '07 will be the year the 'I can afford monster seats, but I have no idea what a sack fly is' crowd gets thinned out a bit...for good or ill.

Boy, if they used to call Drew "Nancy" in LA, is it any wonder he exercised his option and got the hell out of town. He'd fit in out here immediately if the first thing he says at his press conference is "Man, I could not stand Grady's southern drawl any longer."
Drew vs. Johnny Damon. One of them was called Nancy Drew and one of them throws like her.

I don't see the $51 mil posting fee for Dice-K strictly as "salary" per se. It's more comparable to a one-time capital improvement expenditure, similar to building the Monster seats or something. Spend that money to get Barry Zito? Please. Zito is zippo.

One thing they did lack last year was offense up and down the lineup. Drewgo should help in that regard. They also had some trouble with OF defense, and that should apparently change with Drew. Alas, looks like they'll be a lot sketchier up the middle in the IF.

I'm with the cautiously optimistic crowd. Gotta sign Matsuzaka, though.

Look don't get me wrong this is an upgrade over an aging Trot Nixon, but the price tag is ridiculous!

Did the front office just hit Megabucks? Are we in a new era of spending? If this signing won't affect retaining players or signing other quality players then I will be a bit less negative.

All right, so they'll be better offensively if they don't have any injuries and don't trade Manny (and arguably even if they do trade him). I'll pray for Coco and Tek to regain form and make it even better than my current hopes. They're worse defensively at SS (though Lugo has better range, seems he was worse hands). How is Pedroia in the field? I don't really know.

This sure been a great offseason to be a free agent. They're paying insane money to everyone (and not just the Sox).

Matsuzaka (please, dear sweet Lord)

I'm kinda scared of the pitching staff as every last one of those people has question marks. Schilling--old? Matsuzaka--untested. Beckett--can he reach potential and bounce back? (I want to stress how hot and cold Beckett was last year...he'd have these insanely good games where his curveball buckled everybody's knees and follow it with 3 home runs in 2 innings...at least he was healthy all year and reached a nice innings pitched milestone.) Wakefield--injury from last year a problem? Papelbon--will he be effective the third time through the lineup AND last a good 7 innings in his starts?

Obviously there's reason for optimism if say 3 of those guys pan out, but I am still wary. I have no idea what to expect from this year right now.

And, uh, yeah, some more bullpen and a closer, please?

Sorry for the double post.

Did the front office just hit Megabucks?

While listening to ESPN radio this morning I heard Jayson Stark say that baseball expected $4 billion dollars in revenue but ended up with around $5.5 billion. If that's correct then it goes a long way towards explaining all the big $$ contracts.

hows about wake to the pen and lester as the #5 starter


The winning MegaMillion numbers from last night:

1-4-8-9-27, PowerBall 04

Today is another one of those days that, believe it or not, I don't share the thoughts of the characters, or rather character, Doug, in today's strip.

I'm fairly excited about J.D. Drew. and I'm plenty open minded about Lugo.

Do need a closer, though.

Let Papelbon close again.

Starting rotation could be Dice, Wake, Schilling, Lester, plus some 5th starter. Plenty of good could come from that.

Papelbon coming into a game late is like insurance. You could use the money on the front end but it's better to know something bad is never going to happen.


//...plus some 5th starter.//

Mike, I bet Beckett's feelings are hurt.

The thing about Drew is that he really can hit, and he plays excellent defense. And his health issues may be overblown. I was reading earlier that most of his time on the DL has been a result of impact injuries to his hands via HBP. So hands busted by pitchers have been the main reason for his perceived fragility. If he's sound...and unless he's some kind of Job, chances are he won't get hit by another train...he should hit, especially in Fenway Pinball Park. Lugo...meh. The guy's an average or average + shortstop, taking defense and offense into consideration together. Is that worth $9 million? Who cares. It's not your money.

I believe there is zero chance that Papelbon will be in the bullpen. Do we have a hot starter prospect in AAA that they might be thinking of breaking in as a closer? Maybe they are onto something here...

The Orioles back in the Earl Weaver days always eased their prospects into the rotation via a year or two in the bullpen.

Johan Santana is probably the most successful example of bullpen to rotation transition in recent years. Santana spent a couple years as long reliever and spot starter before they committed him fully to the rotation.

If Papelbon wasn't an established starter before he was a closer, I'd expect less of him in the rotation. As is, I'd spot his upside at 28 starts with a 3.65 ERA and, say, 9K/9 and 3BB/9. His downside maybe sees an ERA north of 4 with about the same K rate, but more homers and walks. And yes, I'm talking out of my ass. Mostly. Smells like cabbage.

So, does the Drew signing mean that the Wily Mo Pena Era has already ended? Man, and I was so looking forward to those 50HR/120RBI seasons we were promised after we coughed up a perfectly serviceable No.4 starter to acquire him.

Drew's not as bad as all that. In fact, when he's actually healthy enough to play he is quite solid in the OF. Good power. Not worth what he got, but who is? This morning someone told me that Lilly was going to get 10-12 and I had coffee come out my nose. Prolly true though. Heck, the Pads just agreed to pay 10 for the priviledge of having Maddux hang around their clubhouse -- wheeeeeeeeee.

Hahaha, I like how at then end of the comments you guys try convincing yourselves that Drew is a good fielder, and not really so fragile, that his "health issues are overblown" etc. As a Dodger fan, I remember trying to believe the same things a few years ago when we picked him up. Good luck, suckers!

//Good luck, suckers.//

Funny coming from someone whose team's manager is Grady Little.

Happy 50th birthday to Larry Bird!
We need to clone him so the Celtics can quit sucking.

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