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The hap- happiest season of all

You know I just realized the holidays are a lot like free agents: Rarely as good as the hype that precedes them.


No joke, guy. My Thanksgiving weekend could be described as one part Edgah Renteria and one paht Matt Clement.


Yeah, well, you're lucky, because mine was like 3 pahts Dante Bichette and one paht Cahl Everett.


Really the holiday family gathering encapsulates much of the tenor of a typical baseball season …


It stahts off full of hope and promise with so many "so nice to see you's" but usually ends in fingah pointing, animosity and "25 family members, 25 cabs."


Can't hardly wait for Christmas. W00T!



AS always h.b. right on the money :)

I have been wrestling with my thesis through this entire past month (including every day but Thursday). Thursday, I gave myself respite and joined a great college friend who was kind enough to open his home in CT to me for the holiday. I wasn't able to make it all the way to Maryland to see my family and they'll be coming up here Saturday anyways to see me defend my thesis on Monday. So, it was nice not to sit around in my underwear with a turkey cold-cut sub and some instant potatoes flipping channels. 24 hours of not worrying about whether I was going to be able to hand out my thesis to my committee today or not.

The worst part was driving in some really crazy torrential rain on the way home from the backwoods of NE Connecticut trying to find my way back to the highway. Other than that, it couldn't have all come at a better time for me.

So, I had a Manny Ortiz holiday that really came through in the clutch. Here's hoping Christmas through New Year's is your top of the lineup, since it sounds like you just went through the 7-9 hitters, h.b. I'm going to try and keep the hit streak alive through Monday at the very least.

Kaz- that rain was unbelievable! My bro and I barely managed 45 mph the whole way from Groton CT to Boston on Thurs night- and the wind gusts had a good time bouncing my truck around. Good luck with the thesis! Sounds as though today is the home stretch... what will you do to celebrate?

hb- your 25 cabs, 25 family members cracked me up. We had 6 cars for 6 people, and 5 dogs. Chaos and bedlam. But the turkey was phenomenal (brined, I recommend) and we got to bolt before the witching hour where you hate your entire family struck. At least Christmas will be spent on a beach in St. John, not an extended family member in site. Now I just need to shed the winter weight for the bathing suit. :)

When the heck are we going to hear about Matsuzaka?

Oh, and what a wild Pats game yesterday, eh?

We had nobody in for the holiday. It was great. I've established a pattern of not visiting at Thanksgiving or Christmas. It works out great. When we do visit, it's off weekends with less travel hassles, etc.

The fact that no family lives within 600 miles makes that easier to pull off!

16 hours in the car and a 1,000 mile drive to Emerald Isle, NC for TDay with 15 family members. This following two days after a return flight from Bangkok. Great time had by all and I managed to find a copy of 'The Boys of Summer' in the rental house. The only downside - could not pick up the Pats game anywhere on the drive home - which tells me that NFL radio coverage is quite localized. Good luck on the defense Kaz - remember that half of the committee probably has not read your epic.

Right on the money today, h.b.
I tried to convince my wife that we and our 2 daughters could go out to dinner, have a nice meal w/o tons of work and waste. But no, it was better to have 12 of her fam over to the point that I consumed a bottle of Sicilian Red before dinner. I think my blessing was cribbed directly from Apu: "Good food, good curry, good Ghandi, let's hurry"..but it all worked out

Chuckling all the way here. Our usually relaxed, immediate family-only Thanksgiving was interrupted by the arrival of the in-laws (who normally winter in Fla.) and the sister-in-law and family complete with three grown kids and their respective significant others. Sixteen in all. Was nice to see everyone, and the Mrs.' dinner was it's typical A+ - outstanding. Best of all, we didn't have to travel in that crazy rainstorm.

But after all had finally left and it was just us enjoying a final piece of pie and some coffee before retiring, my youngest said, and I quote, "You think maybe next year we could go away someplace, just us?" The motion carried by unanimous acclamation.

Kaz - best of luck with the thesis defense. We're all pulling for you here. Hope you have a Manny Ortez day today. Let us know how it all turns out.

Mmmmmmm, turkey (still)

I've been offline since giving birth to our second child - a new girl for Red Sox Nation. Now I am thankful that the long weekend is over and that daycare is open again for the first born.

Congrats, NolaSox!

May she never know a Red Sox loss!

I thought Poppy would be a nice Sox inspired name but my husband had the honor of naming her.

Maybe when she's a little older we can introduce her to Tessie's grandson :)

Congratulations, Nola! Best wishes to you, Little Poppie (diminutive, feminine form?) and all the family. And welcome back.

Congrats, Nola, and best wishes to the whole fam! Has she gotten her first Sox cap (traditional blue, not pink, of course ;) yet?

Good luck with your defense Kaz! Mine's coming up soon too. Close with a slide of Big Papi and you can't go wrong.

PS Bichette will be on the next HoF ballot

Congrats NolaSox and best of luck Kaz.

I'm so happy to hear that everyone made it through Turkey Thursday with love and laughs. Our turkey was 20 pounds (it was hell to brine) but by the time dinner rolled around I had spent too much time cooking to taste anything. Made me appreciate the leftovers even more.

Hey Kaz, wishing you the best on your big day. It will all be over soon. Three cheers.

glad that everyone made it safe thre the first part of the holidays trifecta. congrads nola and best of luck to you kaz i cant even imagine what that would be like. maybe im spoiled but my thanksgiving was pretty darn ok went to the rents before dinner and then had the inlaws over for the traditional turkey feast. i got to drink way to much and didnt have to worry about driving. im hoping christmas will be just as good

Regarding last week's discussion about fave foods, I found out that Magic Hat goes well with turkey dinner.

See this is a nice string, and here I wanted to ask if anyone remembered when BDD was fun to read... Now I feel bad. Congrats to the new mom and happy holidays to all.

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