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Sorry, folks, I've hit the proverbial brick wall with respect to creativity. I've got nothing, nada, nil. Hopefully, this will pass and my muse will return shortly. (No, I didn't watch Lost, so no Lostaholix strip either.) — H.B.



You didn't miss much on Lost. I was sort of counting on Lostaholix to justify the hour I spent watching last night.

NOW what am I going to do with my day?

I'm really getting tired of the flashbacks. Really tired. Yes, Kate can fall in love. Woo. Plus, I really dislike Nathan Fillion. If nothing else, he reminds of the bad, bad last season of Buffy.

If I could sit down with the producers, I would tell them to focus. It's been how many episodes since Sun and Jin fell into the water?

All that said, I did mostly like last night's episode.

Bob, you could go improve Wikipedia.

In fact, I recently nominated my article on The Soxaholix and just today it received "Good Article" status! The implication being that I've written an article that is well-formed, discusses the subject fully, and is one step away from being a Featured Article (usable on the front page of Wikipedia to highlight the quality of the site and may be featured in CD/DVD releases of the top articles of the encyclopedia).

I couldn't have done it if I didn't have such a great site to write about, h.b.!

Oops, forgot to mention: only ~1500 articles of Wikipedia's 1,500,000 articles are of Good Article status so far. There are another ~1200 that are Featured Articles.

Wow, that's cool, Kaz. Thanks, again.

And I should clarify the "hitting the creative wall" statement. I've actually got a ton of stuff kicking around in my head for new characters as well as a total site redesign. The redesign in particular is occupying a lot of mental CPU cycles and is what I'm most interested in right now (to the detriment of the daily strips).

Wow! Congrats and great job, Kaz.

H.B., I think the Hotstove season may be a great time for the "Roshomon" treatment. Perhaps a threesome of simultaneous trade/deal thoughts going through the heads of Theo, Larry, and John Henry.

Kaz - Freakin' sweet, man. Congratulations! You did a nice job on the article. (Easier to do when you really like your subject, huh? Easier than a doctoral thesis, anyway.)

Miss my Lostaholix today - was hoping to get caught up on events via the characters. I wound up working really late for my client last night and didn't get back to the hotel in time to watch. :-(

Bob - Roshomon effect. Sweet reference. Kurusawa was a fucking GENIUS.

Roshomon and 7th Samurai are my two favorite Japanese films of all time.

You're welcome, h.b., and thanks to the rest for the kudos.

You're absolutely right, Rob. It's easier to write about it when you like the subject. On the thesis front though, I had a meeting with my advisor and it looks like we've got a good plan in place for the last month before my defense. A little bit to suit his needs, a little bit to suit mine. December 4th is my big day at this point. Copies of my dissertation go to my committee on Nov. 20th (just in time for them to gather cranberry sauce on the cover before they actually read it).

Looks like it's full speed ahead.

Whether I want it to right now or not.

Best of luck, Kaz.

Hey it happens... we love your blog... we have plugged it a bunch in the RSN Group on myspace...

Was I the only one hoping that when Jack saw Kate, he would yell "The Red Sox won the World Series!"?

Hahaha, great point, Beth!

That never even crossed my mind, because I had completely forgotten the timeframe of the show.

hey hart

i'm feelin ya here.

happens to me too.

ESPECIALLY this time of year.

i just REFUSE to write one more word about the Roger saga, the baggy saga, why everybody on my stros except roy, lance and wheeler gotta be released and why carlos lee is the hottest FA EVAH...

and me i lost (hahahaha) interest in that show LONG ago.


hey hart

i'm feelin ya here.

happens to me too.

ESPECIALLY this time of year.

i just REFUSE to write one more word about the Roger saga, the baggy saga, why everybody on my stros except roy, lance and wheeler gotta be released and why carlos lee is the hottest FA EVAH...

and me i lost (hahahaha) interest in that show LONG ago.


hb, your invocation of nada has me worried...don't try to off yourself like the old man in Madrid in Hemingway's "A Clean, Well Lighted Place." He was thinking about nada before he left the bar.

So here's an election result that even mikeya will be happy with: In the race for Nebraska State Senator, District 18, Scott Yahnke (rhymes with Spanky) was soundly defeated. He had no party affiliation but we can only assume that he ran on a platform of corruption and evil.

hb- the only decent thing about Lost last night was a scantily clad Kate, which I could easily find on the web without sitting through 20 minutes of commercials and unresolved plot twists. I'm think I'm going to spend my Wednesday nights more wisely. Its a real shame. The show really had potential, now its turning into joke.

kaz, I was going to give you a hard time about slacking on your thesis and writing wiki pieces instead. Fortunately it sounds like you're totally on the ball and that the halls of academia are preparing to have their way with you. I keep thinking of Hansel and Gretel...like you're one of the kids sticking the chicken bone through the bars of the cage and the old witch is wondering why you haven't gotten fat enough to eat. Only soon (Dec 4th or shortly after) you will escape!

Whenever I need something cheap and easy to have a laugh at, I go straight for the Ricky Gervais podcast. It is so easy to find an angle to produce "humour" at the expense of Karl Pilkington that is should be illegal.

I was waiting for the scene with all the Others gathered around the vid screen watching Sawyer & Freckles doin' it. Lost is my mistress and I've fallen for her. I will buy her an apartment and promise I'll leave my wife for her...
Did anyone notice "Day Break" will be showing teasers of Lost during every episode...damn them!!!

Ya, well, sorry about the big build up to my friend being on Lost last night. Looks like his "page of dialogue" ended up in the hatch along with Mr. Eko's soul. Anyway, I kind of like the episode, although I still don't understand a cage that the caged person can crawl out of at will. I won't miss Lost during the hiatus, but I will be probably be glad to see it back on February 7.

Now, a haiku

"Lost" has gone away.
Back on February Seven
Truck Day? Yeah Buddy!


Surly, lovable, poetic.

BTW, that's a delighful Klon Padd.

Lou, the cage was for the polar bears...while genetic testing has given them the ability to live in the tropics...it hasn't yet given them tremendous climbing ability it seems.

Therefore the top of the cage didn't really matter.

Evidently, the Others haven't thought about the monkey abilities of Kate....mmmm, Kate's flexability...garglghghghghg...

Have a beer or 3 and some tequila- That should help!

Oh, Luis. You should know that Absinthe is the preferred drink of Soxaholix.

I'm sorry, Bob. The correct *question* is: What is Absinthe?

Schilling should be ashamed of himself for Jeopardy yesterday.

Crap, I missed it! What was Curt's "Rice-A-Roni" thing the Herald wrote about yesterday?

Oh, Bob...

Don't you know? "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder."


Hey, here's a time-waster for everyone:

On Mars, I just had my 27th birthday!


Woo-hoo! On Mars, I'm barely twenty.

But my toenails are 38 inches long.

This site never fails to amaze :)

I am jailbait on Mars (16). Sweet!

To contribute to the day's silliness, here is the funny going around the office right now:



Well, it's no surprise - the Democrats are in (per your last column)

Democrats are liberals, and liberalism leads to people not living up to their potential.

Maybe the government will pay you without working.

According to Olney at ESPN, the Red Sox are the highest bidders for Matsuzaka.

...which means the Seibu Lions will turn it down

Then again, I'm only 3 on Jupiter

But if they turn it down, Matsuzaka has to play another year in Japan.

maybe Foulke is going to take his place since he turned down his option... And, um, Bob- that's not your toenail

Buckner, if that were "anything else," I'd be on the first rocket to Mars.

... and you'd still be visible from Earth

BTW, Buckner, thanks for sending the ticket stub. Just got it in the mail.

Sheff's going to the Tigers, for three pitching prospects. Looks good for both teams. The Tigers will be a powerhouse.

Now Sheffield and I share two things:
1) a birthday
2) a disdain for the Yankees

He's been so disgruntled since being replaced in the OF. The Grrs already have 3 OFs. Is he really going to be gruntled again as the DH?

HB's got Nada Three! XD

im jonesin man im fucking jonesin

Does the $42MM for Rights to Matsuzaka count against the luxury tax?

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