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Goldglover, A spiders touch, such a cold finger ...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Derek Jetah won the Gold Glove at short!?! What the hell?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, well, both Fishsticks Paltro and Cher have won Oscars for best actress, so whad'ya expect?


I dunno, I just expect a little more integrity from MLB than I do from Hollywood.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Ah, integrity … you mean like Barry Bonds single season homah record or Raphael Palmeiro testifying before Congress?



Nat and Kaz..oh yeah..SHADE! See how we suffer? heh.

HB (and even BigBri) - greetings from Down Under. I've particularly enjoyed the banter today and would like to congratulate you both for maintaining your dignity while getting your shots in. Very entertaining and an example to all about how to behave. Nice work, everyone.

Wow, I actually had to do some work today.

BigBrianna, none of this was about the Yankees, you twat; it was about the silly, sophomoric reasoning you applied to the discussion.

love you long time, BriBri


BB - I am not your sweetheart. As for not up to the task? More like not interested. & how many times are you going to bid us a great weekend before we're finally rid of you?

As far a "logic" goes, there really isn't a whole lot of it in what the characters say. They are just having fun and talking and trying to make each other laugh.

Remember when Mike said that Peyton Manning's large helmet could receive Al Jazeera? Well, news flash, the character Mike (as well as the author Hart) does not literally believe that Peyton Manning's giant helmet really can receive satellite signals from Al Jazeera or anyone else.

Fortunately, there is not a moronic BigBri equivalent among Colts fans that we had to point this out to.

As for "flocking to the attack," our comments to you are focused entirely on your apparent inability (repeatedly) to comprehend what this strip is about and why it exists.

Do you also write angry missives to South Park for their topics? I mean serisously, manbearpig? Where is the logic in that? Al Gore doesn't believe in a manbearpig! I bet you could really poke some holes in that episode, biggie. I mean, c'mon, they want us to believe Cartman swallowed all those coins and then just pooped them all back out?

And when Kenny dies in an episode yet is alive again in the next? WTF, that is JUST NOT logical.

I bet you could really push Matt Stone's buttons if you pointed this out to him.

By the by - Buster seems to vote for A-Gon too...


God, Triumph is hilarious. That was a great bit. Thanks for the link.


Deflect, deny, duck, and backpedal. Toss in 'Dodge' and 'Dip' and you'd be an awsome dodgeballer! You've gone from illogical, bitter SAWX fan to flaming pussy in a single afternoon! Truly sad.

You're "I'm gonna make stupid comments about the Yankees, but I don't want to hear any flack from NY fans" is strictly for the birds.

Bottom line, H.B. you (your 'characters') compared Jeter's GG to Bonds winning the HR title. DOn't spin it, backpedal away from it, ignore it, pawn if off, deny it, or duck away from it. I called you on it and you spent the rest of the day in various lame attempts to defend it. It didn't work.

Lou - It was ALL about the way the Yankees (Jeter in particular) were discussed on this blog - both in the content and the comments - and your (various) reasons for holding The Captain in such low regard. One more bottom line - if you don't love (or at least respect)Jeter, you are not a true baseball fan. The guy is EVERYTHING that is right with this game. And if you can't see past your hate for the Yankees enough to realize that, then YOU are truly a twat.

Iceprincess - Have a GREAT weekend sweetheart...

100 comments? Is that a record? Hopefully all the witty responses to BigBri's inanity have generated sufficient page views for you to up your ad placement fees, hb!

Good God, BigLie is like Rasputin...

Die already.


So Jeter is off limits to make fun of?

What is he, all of a sudden the Prophet Mohammed or something? Are you going to rally and burn shit down because we, along with a whole bunch of other people who have been linked above who are not Red Sox fan and who are not associated with this site, don't think he deserved the award?

Are you strapping on your suicide belt, BigBri?

Well, blow me down...

Lidle hit that building because of a stiff wind mid-turn to head back the other way on the river.

Someone buy BigBri some pilot lessons, please.

BigBri is to Soxaholix as unsustainable erections are to Steinbrenner. Discuss.


Point made, thanks for comiung

All 100 previous comments aside, I still can't believe Jeter won the Gold Glove. I'm sure it's because he's a MFY because there's probably like, I don't know, four or five AL shortstops with better fielding stats. I'm just sayin'...

Have they ever picked a batting champion that didn't have the best batting average? Did Jeter win that too? Or is that another one of those "bullshit awards" that "don't mean anything"?

im a sox fan since i can remember. always hated the yanks. i respect jeter to the max-but no way the gold glove, and bigbri has his award- he' a typical yankee fan- a dick!when i run into them in vegas, i move to another table. all the joints in all the world...

What is he, all of a sudden the Prophet Mohammed or something? Are you going to rally and burn shit down because we...

I haven't laughed so hard since the Soxaholix' moment to acknowledge Jete's Hank Aaron. (That still cracks me up.)

LAST POST!!!!!! heh heh

h.b. - Word to the wise: arguing with a Yankees fan is like the divine right of kings. Like time and tide, they think for no man.

In this case, you are trying to convince a Yankees fan of... eh... something. I lost track of the pinhead arguments he brings up and you respond to. You gotta do what I do, ignore the Yankees fans and just speak the truth. Giving them the finger is better than engaging, because they understand the finger and not much else.

There are certain facts we can admit to in regards to the character of a Yankees fan and their existance which explains, to the extent possible, their peculiar state in the wider affairs of this world. They are the only creatures whose natural predators are speedbumps, as the infections caused by dragging their knuckles eventually lay waste even to their ape-like constitution. Much like a parrot, they can repeat only what they have heard spoken by higher life-forms, being unable to articulate even the simplest of expressions verbally. Unless the Yankees have someone on staff to tell the fans Jeter is good, their instincts eventually take over and they will eat him. Moreover, the fact they speak incessantly should not be taken as demonstrative of an actual inner dialogue. Were they to stop speaking, the excessive amounts of slobber generated by their foul glands would literally drown them. In short, the Yankees fan is a throwback to an earlier time in man's evolution, before we walked upright and communicated in meaningful ways, and someday we will need to take steps to curb the population.

Arguing with such throw-backs earns no person points in terms of rhetoric; just as there is no honor in fist-fighting an infant, there is no victory to be claimed arguing with a Yankees fan. To win, you must know better than to argue at all.


//LAST POST!!!!!! heh heh//

Is it?

sorry lc, 9-15pm in sydney - gosh what a day of blogging it has been - and another sydneysider posts - and the execrable bb causes such drama and pathos - and your own excellent blow by blow description of what it all means (I liked 'the customer is invoking the first names of (in turn) The Son of God, his mother and the husband of his mother' in particular) -there is rending of garments for the lost lost and however much we all really admire him (my partner says he has the best neck in the major leagues), well Derek Jeter just sucks!

Mike H...at least you're not, you know, generalizing about a population or anything. It must be that all Yankee are just like Big Bri.

I'm sorry for saying this, but I think all this arguing is rather pathetic. You're carrying on a heated tirade about.... a comic strip? Really. There's more to life than than Gold Glove awards and bitter rivalries. Let's just remember that the Yankees didn't fare to well in the post season this year, and the Sox couldn't even make it to the playoffs. Both teams are going to have to do a lot of shaping up before next spring. No matter what awards they have / don't have. So save the fighting for something that really matters.

save the fighting for something that really matters.

Jeez, that was more insulting to me than anything BigBri has ever said.

Thanks for caring, Meg.

Yeah, Meg. Nothing is more important than the Red Sox, and hatred of the Skankees rates second.

As my girlfriend knows, sex is third.

And where again do Lost and sci-fi TV fit into the hierarchy?

And, Meg, come on. What are folks going to argue about if not the Gold Glove, conspiracy theories about MVP voting, and the ongoing romance between the Yankees SS and 3B (I have proof, I swear it)? You'll notice that the discussion turns political on occasion here and that the back-and-forth is just as passionate. But if all we did was talk politics and world affairs, it'd be awful depressing.

915, 924, 947, 1016, 1044, 1112, 1121, 1201, 1222, 1233, 1250, 1250, 1351, 1432, 1538...these are the times bigSty, commented. The times between "rubbing one out" get further and further as the day goes on. Obviously has no job if he can be online all day. And no life.

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